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Rainbow Layer Cake (16 Monthsish + Catch Up 5/20)

I am now thoroughly convinced that all birthdays should have rainbow layer cakes. In other news, Alex races, I break, Emmie boobaloo’s! I’ll explain!

Did you catch the last Catch Up? It was all about Mother’s Day!

I also posted an update to my Guide for Clear Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy Prep on Friday. If you are having a scope, do yourself a solid and check it out. Yesterday was World IBD Day!

Catch Up 5/20

1). Alex ran his first half marathon!

So proud of him!

The weather was threatening to mess everything up all weekend, but in the end, the rain cleared and the sun came out. I wanted so badly to be there with him at the finish, but Emmie and I stayed home. I’ll explain why in a minute.

I am so so proud of him. When we met, he was a sprinter only. Around the time I started doing distance, he started considering running. But it wasn’t until we moved here and even a year or so after the move that he ran. He has worked hard, and he did the vast majority of his miles alone and through all sorts of weather.

2) I really don’t want to take the spotlight away from him, so I’m going to keep my injury update short and sweet. I go in tomorrow to see the doctor. It doesn’t look good. I’ve been on crutches the past week. Having crutches with a baby on the move sucks. Alex has helped so much.

We are keeping entertained inside.

I’m done with running for the next few years. I had some amazing runs the last week I could do it, and they are going to be what send me off. But I can’t keep doing this (crutches) and my body just can’t seem to support the activity.

3) Emmie has been clingy and fussy like crazy recently. She will be amazing and then will grab my legs and just soooooooob. Which isn’t fun with crtuches/hurt back. It isn’t good for my back for me to pick her up, but right now that is just the option. She has bypassed Drama Queen status to Drama Empress levels. And God forbid you take away her giant unicorn. Basically, she is Pre-Toddlering like a champ.

We are learning to/working on “jump” this week, which is basically just bending our knees and springing. Alex’s aunt gave her a book called “Jump,” which she keeps bringing it to us.

She is starting to recognize other being’s faces in a “where is Monty’s nose/ears/eyes” way. She picked them out and I didn’t have to show her ahead of time! She also finally has acknowledged that she has a tongue. She stuck her tongue out for a friend when she was like 5 months old, but since then has refused. Finally, I got a little tongue action 😀

#younglove or #stayawayfromthewalkerbuddy

She is also really really not into being in her car seat at the moment. Which is highly problemmatic as it is the only way I can take her anywhere…

In food news she had her first kid’s meal that she *actually* ate the other day! Grilled cheese! Earlier in the week, she accepted quesadillas for the first time. So we are warming up to melted cheese. She was not a fan of mac n cheese from a restaurant, though. So opinionated.

4) This weekend was busy! We had swim (she had the #besttimeever), two birthday parties (we had the #besttimeever), Alex’s race, and groceries in the pour rain. Luckily I only had to crutch a little bit in the rain. While Alex was at the race, we switched out my winter clothes and I culled old things from my drawers and reorganized.

Homemade rainbow cake and beer. #heaven

This upcoming week is a week of doctors for me (PM&R, Psych, Remicade, OB/GYN). Alex will be holding down the fort again (thank goodness for research weeks).

“Working hard? Here let me help you.”
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