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Race Days, Dessert Tea, and Healthy Holidays (Friday Favorites)

And a happy Friday to you all! (or any other day of the week that you might be reading this).  Today’s post is going to be a little shorter and the point because I feel a bit like a windbag of late and the change in weather has given me a bit of headache. Also the cat is laying on my hands and it is making it rather hard to type. This week, like the one preceding, has been full of its ups and downs, but, like yesterday, I want to focus on the goodness surrounding me. So let’s launch into some Friday Favorites, shall we? Thank you, Heather!

1) Wednesday, which also happened to be the one month anniversary of the Chicago Marathon, I received all sorts of conflicting messages from the kinetic gods: Upon returning home from my chiropractic appointment, I received my mail official acceptance into the Boston Marathon, the latest issue of Runner’s World, and my continuation of care from the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctors (for the chiro/specialists). 

Boston Marathon acceptance on the same day as my Continuation of Care letter for my spine injury. Conflicting messages, no? #injuredrunner

So that was a bit weird. And then I opened this fantastic package:

JHill Designs Race Map of the Chicago Marathon! I can't wait to hang it up on my wall!

My race map from JHill Designs! Conflicting messages or not, I am taking these all with a sense of hope and also just love for what I have done, what I will do, and acceptance of where I am right now. I am walking a little bit more comfortably, but now there is some new pain that has introduced itself to my leg and pelvis party. I want a chaperone to thrown it out, because it is spiking the punch and playing horrible music.

2) I am more than mildly obsessed with Stash Chocolate Hazelnut decaf tea–a great alternative to coffee or even your afternoon chocolate craving!–and I wanted to order more, so I went on Amazon and discovered that they have a glorious sampler of the most amazing teas:

Stash Deliciously Rich Dessert Tea Sampler

(affiliate link)

  • Variety pack includes one 18 count box each of Vanilla Chai, Vanilla Nut Creme, Black Forest, Red Velvet, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Decaf Pumpkin Spice flavors

UM YEAH. I see not only some of the Chocolate Hazelnut Peanut Butter but also some Vanilla Chai Peanut Butter happening in the very near future!

3) I know that I mentioned this yesterday, but I am already getting the lovely dry skin of the colder months, and the Block Island Organics moisturizer is a god send. My skin just feels so dry and rough, and this moisturizer just makes it feel like a million bucks. You guys know that I only mention things twice when I really really like them! And don’t forget to use code SUSIE at Block Island Organics for 20% off the entire site!

4) So I think it is safe to say that I am in love with healthy baking again. Or at least the spoils of it! After mowing through my apple muffins in a week, I have now mowed through the zucchini pumpkin brownies I made. And in far less time.

Gluten Free, healthy, Fudgy, high protein low sugar brownies? They do exist! Check out my take on Fit Body Bakery's Brownie mix, this time using pumpkin, zucchini, and egg white at

 I’m sorry to all who didn’t win the Fit Body Bakery mix, but use code SP15 at Fit Body Bakery for 15% off and get your own. Seriously. My husband LOVES them. He actually kept trying to take them, but I hid them and meted them out appropriately. Ie he was allowed a few but I got the majority, as is only right.

5) Last night (Thursday), I was invited to go to a Sweatworking event at Mariano’s, a grocery store that I’ve written about on the blog before. I had the best time! To my surprise and delight, Sara and Erica showed up, and it was so great catching up with them as well as meeting so many other wonderful people.

Sweatworking VIP event at Marianos centered around wine, cheese and a healthy holiday!

We sat down for wine and cheese pairings before then trying out several healthified side dishes that would be perfect for the holidays. I’ll be sure to report back with more, but I was so happy to catch up with Sara, with whom I was supposed to have lunch this week but who had to cancel because of work! And to see Erica, who I hadn’t seen since my mom was here for the Chicago Marathon. And well, food and wine 😀

There is always good to your week, no matter what happens. Let’s keep good going!

Brownies, races, and healthy holidays, @suzlyfe's Friday Favorites! #ffavorites #sweatpink #fitfluential Click To Tweet

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What are you loving this week?

Any conflicting messages to share?

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