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Pre Race and Horse Show Rituals #FridayFive

Holy. Balls. How is it Friday again? ALREADY? I’m not ready for this!!!

Other than that.

You know how sometimes you feel like you are leading a couple of different lives, and each one is oddly in sync and oddly at odds with each other? Right now I’m dealing with that. My work blog (Which you should check out, by the way! This week the Chicago Signature Properties Blog (read: me) wrote about closet organization and cleaning your apartment without losing your sanity. Ironically, I wrote the later post before I found myself on the floor scrubbing the grout on Sunday, haha). Some of the posts are Chicago-related, but the majority cover lifestyle items, from the art of the perfect, effortless road trip or (alternatively) staycation, and matters of real estate as well (like moving in, moving out, shaking it all about ;D ).

I would love if you all might continue to take a look at the blog, pin things that you find interesting, give me some feedback, and maybe even suggest some new content for me to cover! Upcoming ideas for posts include apartment-friendly fall decor, traveling like an executive (without needing an expense account), and cozy fall date ideas.  If you were to follow a blog of that nature, what would you be interested in reading about? And be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! I promise pictures of gorgeous apartments, Chicago architecture, and me and other people out having fun!

Actually, that makes me feel way better, and like I actually did my job for once.

And now? Now we party.

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The Friday Five this week is about Race Rituals. As I am now OFFICIALLY exactly 1 month from my marathon (GAH), I thought that this theme was incredibly appropriate. We all have little things that help us feel at ease and centered before we toe the starting line (unless you are made of steel, and then, hand some of that over). As a competitive equestrian for nearly 2 decades, you better believe that I have cycled through my fair share of rituals. So I thought I would expand the theme a little, and give you 5 rituals I used to have before shows and 5 pre-race rituals. In both cases, I would say that by the end of my career, or after several years, I relaxed them considerably, but still, it’s fun).

5 Pre Horse Show Rituals

tide suz Collage

1) Lucky. Lucky was a silver and turquoise necklace that my mom gave to me after a terrible show day (this was before I had my pony, so I must have been 7 or a young 8). That night, she gave me Lucky, and the next day I wore it and won all of my classes. Lucky was worn for every horse show until I was a teenager.

2) May the Horse be With You. Mom always said this before I went into the ring. It was like an OCD thing for both of us. Until I was like 16, and then I was a big girl, but secretly I think it was still necessary at certain times.

This lady. She rocks.

This lady. She rocks.

3) Praying by myself before I went in. This became a big thing for me a few years when I was super sick, and much more religious (I am more agnostic, or spiritual, now, than religious).

4) Shutting up, and singing. I don’t speak. I get in the zone. I put on my Suz at Work face. It’s on. But I do sing. It helps with my cadence. “I Dreamed a Dream” was a popular one. I was very into Les Miz. ABC’s also helped.

I actually hate being sung to, but I allow it because I like him.

I actually hate being sung to, but I allow it because I like him.


5) Doing my own work. I was used to grooming my own horse, mucking my own stalls, etc. My barn in Virginia was far more fancy than my barn growing up, and we had grooms to help us prep before hand. It honestly through me off quite a bit for a while, but ultimately I let them help me out. But before big classes, I often kind of insisted on doing my own work–it calmed me down.

I actually have a few others, from lucky socks, to once I changed, I didn’t unchange for the longest possible amount of time, but we’ll keep it to these for now.

5 Pre-Race Rituals.

I like food.

I like food.

1) Day-before long run/race diet. I discussed this before, but I must also disclaim that I have loosened this up quite a bit this summer. River roast anyone? Morning is always the same, though.

I read blogs with my legs propped up.

I read blogs with my legs propped up.

2) Phys Therapy and stretching. See my warm up–I do this the day before as well as the morning of!

3) Getting my stuff out.

I don't always race, but when I do, I make it look FEEEYACE

I don’t always race, but when I do, I make it look FEEEYACE

Make your life easier. Getcho stuff togetha.

4) Body Glide. BODY GLIDE EVERYWHERE. Also, curling my lashes + waterproof mascara. My eyelashes point down. And sunscreen and deodorant.

5) Compression. Day before and Day of/after. #Keepittight

My after-flatsfriday-flats

My after-flatsfriday-flats

Bonus: Alex massage. I fix his meals, he rubs my feet. It works lol.


me flats friday 1

Happy #FlatsFriday, Happy Friday, Happy 1 month out, Happy Weekend, Happy Dance.

Rituals? Or fly by the seat of your pants? Check out my tips for surviving Taper time!

What new content should I cover on the work blog? 

What are you up to this weekend?

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