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A Quiet Weekend that Spoke Volumes : Little Things In Life


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This weekend was the sort that was quiet, and yet speaks volumes. Why? Because it was filled with things that I love: running, coaching, friends, eating, napping, and being just a little bit spontaneous. And, of course, the classic Suz pratfalls of life.



And some BANGIN new pants 😀

Let’s go in order, maybe?

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I love coaching. You know when you feel like you have just stumbled upon something that is “work” but is in no way work? Like, I get paid to do this? That is how I feel with coaching. I am so thankful for the opportunity for this job, and that they kept my application on file from last year, and took a chance on me. I am so thankful for the ability to run after many weeks away from it, and to share my experiences and knowledge with my trainees, to be surrounded by people learning to love this activity as much as I do. To have people tell me that they looked up my blog and are taking the information to heart, but that they have some questions. And that I am ready to answer them. 

newtons running west loop park chicago suzlyfe

I love running again. My progress, as with all injuries, hasn’t been linear–I’ve had a few setbacks, but my body continues to help me move forward, as it is ready. I love the feeling of being a little bit…anxious! about going on my first continuous 6 mile run since mid-April, and to get out there and to feel great. And then to feel my muscles afterward! 

And to share a beautiful morning on the path with my new friends. 

Eating is usually fun, let’s be honest, but what I love more than anything is getting to spend nearly every meal this weekend with people who I love and adore. Erin and I were meeting up for brunch lunch again this weekend and her husband Neil wanted to join (he had gum surgery and the place that we were going, Meli Cafe, specializes in juices and smoothies as well), and then another friend (Matt) was invited. Alex woke up just after I left (he had worked a 30 hr shift the night before), asked me what I was up to, and I invited him along. So Matt (who had just had his eye dilated), Neil (who had just had dental surgery), Erin (who had just gotten her butt whooped by a tiny crazy blond at Hard Pressed), Me (with all the ish that I come along with, oh, and I had taken a nap between coaching and brunch), and Alex (who had just worked all night and woken up from a nap) made quite a hilarious group for brunch. But it was delicious and so much fun and I love it. 

meli cafe Veggie Egg White Scramble Suzlyfe

I got the same thing I got the time before. I will likely get it again. You’ve been warned.

I followed up such excitement with a 2 hour nap on the couch…. #Ipartyhard and then did some legs down at the gym while trying to (unsuccessfully) watch the Belmont but being so freaking satisfied (excited isn’t the word–more like, content or justified) when I saw the results.

Then Alex and had a date night at a new-to-us sushi place (Ra in the Gold Coast) with a HILARIOUSLY sloshed waiter who then bought us sake (not my jam) at the end of the meal.

viva las vegas roll ra sushi chicago suzlyfe

But we took our time, had delicious food, people watched, got froyo on the way home, and then fell asleep on top of each other to Planet Earth on the couch. 

All my napping caught up with me for a 3:00 first waking, and finally I just kinda gave up. And watched a lot of Bravo 😀 We shuffled to the gym at work so that I could use the spin bike, and then went on a wild goose chase for lunch before ending up with delicious Whole Foods salad bar (and, as usual, I ate half of Alex’s lol). 

whole foods salad bar suzlyfe

A real highlight of Sunday was going to Erin’s panel discussion on Addiction and Writing about Addiction that was part of the Printers Row Lit Fest, and then walking home with her after as we continued our discussion.

erin redeye addiction panel printers row lit fest chicago

I have some thoughts that arose from hearing her and the others talk, and from our chat after, but I think they will be best served by another post. But I was, as I always am, truly proud of my friend, who I think the world of, even if she does let a tiny blond drill sergeant intimidate her 😀 It’s probably why our friendship works so well, lol.

Classic Suz fail? My dinner. Alex’s dinner was beautiful, even if I made like none of it, I conceived of and composed it well (Turkey meatloaf, peas, baked beans, kraut, and grilled onions). I couldn’t decide what I wanted, decided to make a protein pancake, which failed miserably, and was way too sweet and fell apart. Oh. well. 

I’d say sorry for not being more exciting, but, well, you know #sorrynotsorry. This weekend was, in a word, satisfying. It was a weekend that wasn’t spectacular, there were no particular trumpets blaring moments. It was just filled with little things in life that, as we all know, make for the best days. This coming weekend, however, will be VERY different, indeed!

I hope that you had just such a fulfilling weekend. One that showed you a little bit as to what you were made of, even if it was so simple as reminding you that you can get up and get after it even when you are totally zoned out (like Sunday’s gym time). Or reminded you of the simplest, best, moments of life (like that moment when you are running and feeling free). That you had a weekend that gave you the chance to feel like you made a difference for others, that you demonstrated your own knowledge, and it made a difference. That you made someone laugh a bit, or think a bit, or both at the same time.

In short, that you felt alive, and that you lived.

And maybe had some froyo 😀

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What was a moment of your weekend that spoke to you? That stopped you in your tracks, or that didn’t stop you in your tracks at all–rather, that carried you along with it?

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