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Quality over Quantity: Make it Count


I had a really awesome post that I was going to bring forth today. Lots of ideas swirling around.


And some really exciting news about a seriously awesome client of mine. Oh, yeah…. I guess I haven’t mentioned that yet–we wanted to make sure that the relationship was for real before we made it Facebook Official. BUT IT SO IS. You know her. You love her. Here is a hint.


And I had some other topics that I was thinking about discussing. You know, my usual Tuesday stuff.

I'm famous...FAMOUS I TELL YOU


Then I thought, oh, shoot! I should talk about all the cool stuff that I tried last week (like Big Slice Apples and Flipbelt). Or the incredible treats of this weekend (Luckily, I covered some of that yesterday). Or the self care from Sunday (Acure).

I wanted to tell you about some changes at work.

Or the fact that I am learning to trust myself more than ever, to be more comfortable in my body than ever–I mean, multiple, consecutive, complete rest days, during marathon training, while eating everything in sight and sitting on my booty and then 2 more nonrunning days just to make sure that things were healing? EXCUSE ME?


What do you mean, I’m in control of my own self?

But then, I realized, like with my running, I want as much quality in my life as possible. Quantity is fun, believe me, but in the end, quality counts. And if this is my only chance to have quality time with some of my loved ones that I never see, or to eat leftovers piled high, or to go to happy hour in a relatively temperate climate with my husband without either of us thinking we have to rush home to deal with other things, then by golly gee whiz, you know I am going to. A little less running, a little more eating, a little less control, it is all contributing to a more quality me (and hey, likely a bit more quantity, but hello #glycogen). So maybe a bit more of quality noshing, less quality nutrition, if you know what I mean.

And you know what? I ran a 30 minute marathon PR this past October by running 3 days a week. I made each run count. So these hours with my husband, my in-laws, my UVA, my Virginia?

cville collage

I’m going to make them count. I’m going for quality over quantity. But quantity is okay, too, if the 4 hours that we spent at drinks and dinner last night are any indication…. In this case, quality and quantity went hand in hand.

I will have time to try and treat and self care and goodness knows what else and then to tell you about it later. And I want to make sure that I give my girl the respect that she deserves. Because she is killin it, y’all. So love, I know that I was going to out you today, but you are too legit for me to go halfway. 

Now please excuse me while I kiss this guy. (Because that’s what I always though the lyrics to the song were. Not “kiss the sky.”  I prefer to think that people are rather liberal I guess….)

Christmas 2014 E 044

The one with the dark hair, that is, though I did give the other a smooch 😀 Couldn’t you just die???

What are you making count in your life right now?

Is your tinsel in a tangle over something?

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