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Putting Life on Hold + DC Bridal Shower

Every now and then, you just gotta put life on hold, amiright? This weekend, even though I was traveling, I did just that. And I feel much better for it!

Make sure you enter to win the JLab Epic 2 Wireless Earbuds! I traveled with mine this weekend, and they made my plane flights so much more pleasant.

Linking up with Katie and Erin to share my weekend!

I didn’t think that I would be getting any real rest or break this weekend, but boy, was I wrong! This weekend, I just kind of shut the “real world” down for a bit and focused on what was happening as it was happening.


Friday, as some of you saw on Facebook, started off with a bit of a high/low, as I had a great run… until I pulled my hamstring on the treadmill. Typical. Suz. Just so typical. It felt minor, but definitely wasn’t right. I stopped and stretched a little bit, tried to reactivate my glutes, and I was able to finish with minimal discomfort. Regardless, it was on my mind throughout the day, and I taped it and wrapped it for the Cubs game. 

Take me out to the ballgame! Who doesn't love a beer and Cracker Jack? Perfect for a Cubs game at Wrigley Field

The weather was iffy (it POURED right before the game!) but we were able to go, and I’m glad we braved the weather because the game was a knockout and our seats were amazing! Also, I got a bag of Cracker Jack (which I love and adore and think is magical), and I #crushedit.

I love Cracker Jack!

To celebrate the win (the Cubs, but maybe also the Cracker Jack), I convinced Alex to go to a fan store, and we finally got Cubs hats and shirts! I wanted a light blue one, but they didn’t have one that I liked, so I decided to go with pink so that Alex and I wouldn’t be too matchy matchy. 

My new Cubs hat! Go Cubs!

The rest of the evening was chill and we went to Gaslight for hummus and guacamole and to watch the basketball game.

Gaslight has one of the best guacamole and hummus platters! A must get if you are looking for a bar in Chicago.


Saturday, I got up hella early and headed to the airport to catch my flight to DC for my best friend’s bridal shower! Everything went smoothly getting there, and it was actually pretty amazing–only 38 people were on my flight, and so they actually TOLD us to take full rows to ourselves! It was awesome. Also, can I say that the new Southwest Terminal at Reagan is AMAZING? Seriously. it is gorgeous. They have snacks that healthy foodies dream of, and even free iPads to use!

Amazing healthy snacks at the Southwest Terminal at Reagan National Airport in Washington DC.

I wasn’t there to hang out, though–I had MOH duties and my co-MOH picked me up and we went to the house of bridesmaid who was hosting the shower to decorate, set up, and make a jumbo batch of guacamole, which you know I took over. SO MUCH GUAC.

Bridal Shower eats for Cara's Bridal Shower.

You know how much I like to make the food for bridal showers, so I was glad to be able to contribute!

Check out our food spread for Cara's Bridal Shower!

The shower was so much fun, and I had a great time hanging out with everyone–many who I had never met. It was honestly just so lovely seeing how happy my friend was (even though she hates being the center of attention). And to eat Chick-fil-a and Hershey’s with Almonds 😀 

Love these Bridal Shower favors!

A few of us went to dinner afterward before my friend, her fiance, and I went back to their apartment to hang out, go upstairs to check out their amazing view of DC, and then come back downstairs to watch the Olympics. 


Sunday morning, I woke up and played around on the internet before watching the start of the women’s marathon and then hanging out with my friend.

This dog was on the plane with us. #icanteven

This dog was on the plane with us. #icanteven

Then it was back to the airport (again, that terminal!), napping on the plane, and back home for Sultan’s Market salad bar for lunch and the apartment for the rest of the evening!

Sultan's Market salad bar creation.

This weekend, I kind of put life on hold after leaving the gym on Friday. I didn’t exercise, I didn’t do anything too productive. I just felt exhausted (and I was pissed about my hamstring). There was so much that I could have done–remember how I said that I felt really behind on just about everything? I’m not saying that I’m all that caught up, but I definitely feel much more rested, my hamstring hurts less (I’m going to try it out today on a gentle run), and I’m ready to get organized for the week.

Which we know isn’t going to happen, but at least I am “ready” to try. Plan to plan, as we say in my husband’s friend group, lol.

I get to meet some great blog friends over the next few days, Alex is going to take boards on Friday, and we are just going to keep moving forward, every day.

Sometimes, you gotta hit pause before you hit play again #reallife #happiness Click To Tweet

Sometimes, though, you gotta put life on hold before you press play again. I took a rest this weekend, didn’t do anything physically straining, and just recharged.

Did anyone else take a break this weekend? 

Favorite airport to fly into/out of?

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