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Pup-date, Date Night + Two Weeks! (Friday Catch Up 2/8)

I can’t believe Emmie is 2 weeks old! It’s the Friday Catch Up with updates on life (including Ridley).

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Friday Catch Up

1) First things first, thank you all so much for your well wishes for Ridley. When we woke up Monday morning, she was still pretty poorly, and I thought for sure that we were going in for surgery. She was doing better–responding to me and willing to be touched, but she was still lethargic. After about an hour, though, she started to perk up a bit and started to improve steadily. We talked to the vets and decided to keep her home (after she had a poo, which was a good sign that she didn’t have an obstruction).

I made her oatmeal with a little peanut butter (for taste and to entice her) and added extra water to it to sneak in some hydration (she still didn’t want to drink, but she had gotten lots of fluids the day before). She ate that right up, and so after 30 minutes of no vom, we gave her a little more, and with her special hurt tummy diet (oats and eggs) and an improving disposition, we were out of the woods!

It was a terrifying and emotional experience, especially for a new mom, and I am so happy to have my Pupster back in action.

2) After Emmie’s first week, which was all warmer temps and being outside, her second week has been freezing and snowy! And of course we have crap heating in our apartment, so we have been really careful with her at night. Right now she is sleeping in three layers: a bodysuit + swaddle + fleece sleep sack and often a hat! It is very peculiar looking. Kind of like a flipperless seal with shoulder pads (because the sleep sack has arm holes).

One thing that is endlessly cute? Emmie in her furry penguin pram suit. 

3) Emmie had her 2 week check up this week, and lo and behold, my girl is TALL. As in, was described as long and lean with a big noggin. She went up to 7 lb 8 oz from mid 6 lbs at her 4 day appointment, and from 19 in to 21 inches. I don’t remember her head measurements, but I like to think that she is thinking big thoughts in that big head. She also has long fingers and feet. So I don’t know WHO she is taking after there. I have stubby fingers and was definitely NOT lean as a kid. I wasn’t lean in any way until after I lost all the weight after my Crohn’s flares. I did have a big head, though. I won’t say it has helped my IQ much.

Other quick Emmie news? She lost her cord stump and had her first washcloth bath. We waited to bathe her because it was so cold in our apartment. We also started Tummy Time, and with the suggestion of the doc, we are using the Boppy to help her lift her giant head 😀

OMG I have a funny boob story. Mothers who breastfed, you will understand: My boob exploded and shot milk in my daughter’s face. Like she had picked up a hose, aimed it at her nose, and turned it on. I’m not sure who was more traumatized…

4) Mom is babsitting the Emster tonight (Thursday night) so that Alex and I can have a date night! Mom is going back to visit my dad on Saturday through most of next week, so this was our chance. We wanted to go and get tapas at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba (where I went with Sarah), but the threat of a major snowstorm might mean we go somewhere a little closer to home. (Edited: Emmie had a meltdown from an upset tummy and over stimulation, but we still got to CBBR andx it was amazing!)

School is already canceled for Chicago Public Schools, so you know that they are expecting a real storm!

5) I posted about this on Insta, but I had my recheck with my bone health + physiatrist, and we were able to do a DEXA bone density scan right after. The results confirmed our expectations: I am measuring as osteopenic (low bone density). Now, these results have to be interpreted with a grain of salt because I did just give birth and I am currently breastfeeding (both things that sap your bones). We wanted to do it for a baseline (otherwise, we would have to wait about a year and a half before we could do the scan) and point of comparison. 

Basically, it means that I am going to have to be super hella careful as I return to activity (and I am talking just about any activity with impact) and in the future. It seems that our prediction was correct, and I am going to be a recreational runner for the foreseeable future. BUT I should be able to return to running on some level. A few miles a few times a week. 

I’m a little sad (you hold out hope to end, don’t you?) but I’m also at peace with it. Emmie likely wouldn’t want to be in Rob the BOB for much longer than I will be able to run, anyways, and Alex and I will still be able to do family runs. We just have to bring me back carefully, focus on fortifying my bones as I have in the past, and just soak up every mile that I am fortunate enough to get!

And I am off! Alex and I will be on our own for reals (and without him at work), so this is going to be fun. Or a catastrophe 😀

I’m trying to figure out when to post her birth story. I’ve had it written since she was 3 days old, but haven’t posted it so that I could post these recaps! If this weekend is low key, maybe I will post it Monday, or I will just triple post next week (GASP).


Have a great weekend, and if you are in the line of one of these storms, be safe!

Mothers: have you ever had your boob spray milk unexpectedly?

Is it spring yet??

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