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Proud of this House (Blogging Integrity)

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Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

As I walked from my PMR follow up (for my leg) to work on Tuesday, I was reflecting on some recent comments that you all have left for me. Something kept going through my head: that you all appreciate my honesty when I post my reviews (such as Orange Chef and Gardein) of products and such. That thought was followed quickly with another:

Proud of this House

I am proud of this house, this blog, and this reputation, that I have built. I am proud of the trust that we have built. My blogging integrity

There are people who might say that I should say less about my personal life. But then I read the comments from Tuesday’s post and the fact that you all appreciate the fact that I am discussing these topics in the open without making them uncomfortable (you know, discussing every.single.detail), and I know that at least 20 people are grateful for my discussion. 

There are many bloggers out there who are far, far more skilled at, well, everything than I–at creating recipes, photographing, running, training, house keeping, writing, everything.

There are people who make far more money than I do. But I’m happy with the little bit of funds that I made and the fun events and products that I get to try.

There are people who are better blog promoters than I, who “play the game” better, and there are people who stay staunchly out of the game and rejoice in that fact. Yes, I am a part of certain networks. Yes, I do employ certain strategies in my blogging. Yes, I do devote a certain time to these endeavors. But my blogging, my support of others, my reaching out to them, my “game” is never disingenuous or for show. I don’t fake promote my own or other’s work. My blog integrity remains in tact. My voice is my brand.

star wars leia shirt dont hate me suz

Yes, I do sponsored posts and reviews from time to time. But they are always of my own choosing, my own opinion–if I don’t like something, I will tell you in as polite a way as I know, because I respect that this is my opinion and not fact. But I will tell you what I think.


I am proud of this house that I have built. It may be slightly messy, slightly unkempt, a bit amateurish, and full of color, but so is my life. And that is just so–that measure of umkempt-ness, messiness, amateurish-ness, and color, they are all signs of a life lived and a house built from the ground up with these two hands. 

imitation game quote

So my question to you is, who wants to come over for a drink (I make great margaritas, limeades, and whatever else you need), a bite (may I interest you in a turkey burger or a vegan slider?), a roaring good time (because my life is insanity), and some heartfelt conversation (because we are friends, right?). My house isn’t perfect. But I’m happy to have you over any time you like because I am proud of it.

Come on in, the water's fine!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

Are you proud of the house that you have built, imperfections and all?

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