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Princess Leia, IVF, and Savoring the Last

As someone who dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween, I couldn’t not speak to the news of Carrie Fisher’s passing. But I also wanted to update you on IVF and a few other things.

Princess Leia : The People’s Princess

I never thought that my final Thinking Out Loud post for the 2016 would be sparked by the death of iconic actress, childhood “idol,” boundary breaking, outspoken, brash, infuriating, but innately loveable Carrie Fisher. Carrie Fisher meant so many things to so many people.

She was tiny (I saw her costumes at the Star Wars costume exhibit and girl was TINY) but she commanded a presence.

She spoke to us all, in some way: little girls who dreamed of filling Princess Leia’s shoes to alcoholics looking for redemption and an anchor in the storm of their battle with addiction. She was unapologetically herself in life and in acting, and she is one of those people who, to me, will stand the test of time as both the badass and the good girl–she was both sides of the coin.

But she also stood for something more in her portrayal of Princess Leia. Princess Leia’s lines could have been written completely verbatim as they came out of her mouth, but Carrie brought that character to life, made that character something beyond the scope of SciFi fandom. In my mind, Princess Leia was the  Modern Era’s People’s Princess. And now, more so than ever, we need some Princess Leia in our lives. 

Leia was a consummate diplomat, but she would bust your balls in a hot second, and with no remorse. I mean, she cursed out Darth Vader with perfect diction, lip gloss, and a spotless white dress. I might be able to handle one of those things. 

She could handle a blaster, remained cool and composed in the midst of high pressure situations (literally, she almost got crushed in a garbage compactor). She liked finer things in life, but she could also take one for the team and pretend to be a slave girl to save the love of her life. She was of royalty, but she would speak to anyone on the street. If only Leia could have run for President. Suzicorn would have endorsed that.

She knew that situations were dire, but that there was always hope. Originally, she thought that hope was Obi Wan Kenobi, but really? She was the catalyst. She put him into motion. 

And she did it with poise, pinnache, and a dry wit. 

Basically, we all need to be a bit more Princess Leia. 

Carrie Fisher herself was an irascible spirit. With her middle finger to the world, but a peace about her as well. Rest in Peace, Carrie. Thank you for giving us a character to aspire to, one that will never die.

IVF and Other Updates

I headed down to the doctors yesterday morning for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork, and good thing that I asked to talk to the nurse after! I thought I was supposed to start my IVF shots yesterday, but it turns out that we had a few conflicting schedules at work! We have retooled my schedule a bit, clarified a few dates, and now I will be starting my shots this weekend. let’s just say that the New Year will be starting with a BANG.

On other baby related matters, right now Ridley is going to town on a pacifier shaped Kong toy. I am hoping that this toy lasts longer than her other new toys, which have yet to last longer than a day.

She also woke us up in the middle of the night for the first time in a long time on Tuesday night! SOMEBODY NEEDS DAYCARE.

Which I can FINALLY start to take her back to because I GOT MY CAR BACK!!!! happppy dance. After all the car drama in my family last week, after spending 3.5 hours on the bus on Monday (I would have gotten to work faster had I run, so that is just what I did Tuesday to get there and then I ran + Uber pool back), I was over the moon to have my Tally Ho back. And she is so shiny! I give it about 2 months before there is some new dent or ding in her (thanks, Chicago), but for now, I feel like a proud mommy.

I’m going to blow your mind, because, if I am honest, I blew my own mind when I realized that I ran 48 miles in 6 days. I didn’t intend for it to happen, but it did. I had a blast, I ran easy miles, and the miles were broken up, but I averaged 8 miles a day (it is my comfort distance). I stop running and high impact exercise mid next week. But to think, after starting the year on crutches, that I would be running a 48 mile week at the end of the year without any aches or pains? 

Savoring the last miles of the year and my last miles before IVF. Love my @SpyderActive gear! @suzlyfeSavoring the last crumbs and flavor before taking a break #running #fitfluential Click To Tweet

I am proud of that. Proud of how far I’ve come, and proud of the mindset that I have going into this period of non-running: I’ve soaked up last few days like cornbread to the bottom of a pot of chili, and now I am going to savor the taste and take a break. 

Have an AWESOME day. May you find something to soak up and savor.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some final year end thoughts, favorites, or whatever the hell strikes my fancy. 

Throw some end of year thoughts at me!

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