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Pre-Thanksgiving Catch Up (Injury Update, Fun with Friends, and Yums)

As I hope you will be spending the next group of dates cramming delicious foods into your mouths while surrounded by the people you love most in the world, I am coming at you with an early catch up crammed with lots of other updates and recaps!

Remember when I said that this wasn’t going to become a blog all about my pregnancy? Well, when you are only posting 1-2 times a week, you are going to get pregnancy updates! But also some injury updates for you (even though those also come with some baby flavoring).

Let’s start with the weekend. Alex did work, and I continued my cooking! Four major recipes in four days (to keep it fun and manageable). I made:

I made all in the slow cooker, though I did get tired of waiting with the Caldo Verde and transfered it to the stove top, but you can totally do it in the crockpot/slowcooker. 


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After I was finished, the fridge looked like this!

And that cottage cheese carton isn’t cottage cheese 😀 I would say that we are ready for the Yoshter to make her appearance, at least with regards to food.

We also spent some serious time in the nursery this weekend. We raised the mattress in the crib so that I won’t have to reach so far, unpacked all of the clothes that we have and the new gifts from our registry, and started to take stock of the things that we still need. 

We finished off the day with an early trip to Tarascas, and I got my new favorite dish: their chicken nachos.


GUYS THESE ARE PERFECTION. Huge chunks of tender chicken, pico de gallo, guac, and their chips, which are the best. 

We closed out the night with Hidden Figures and some ice cream! #suchagreatday

Sunday was chill but great. I had meet ups in Logan Square with a bunch of influencers that Landon Lacey Jewelry is working with, and then Alex made the best decision ever and got us Frances Deli take away. YOU GUYS WE HAVE A SERIOUS ISSUE.


We were so full that we just had an ad hoc dinner, lol!

Oh, and I dug in with a little show called Mindhunter, which I finished Monday morning. IT IS EXCELLENT and I highly recommend it (but that is definitely not UVA that they go to!). Watch it and then read the Karen Vail series, and you will be in criminal profiling and psychology heaven. 😀

Monday was a fantastic day in several unexpected ways. Ridley’s beloved walker got her schedule akimbo because of the holiday, and so I had to take Ridley out. Because I had my 6 week doctor’s appointment the next day, I decided to walk (carefully, and not far!), plus the poor dog had to go out! I had some tightness in my hips, but the discomfort was bilateral (both sides). I had to do it again a few hours later (Ridley was having a moment), but, again, I was super careful and conservative. 

Guys, it felt so good to be outside without the encumberance of crutches. It was a gorgeous morning, and though I was moving gingerly, I was just so esctatic. 


That afternoon was spent surrounded by new and old girlfriends as Landon and I had a business call, and then two visits with blogger/influencers that we are doing special pieces for. It was “work,” but really? It was just hanging out with the girls, talking jewelry and sharing stories and having fun. It was also amazing to see Landon doing her thing creatively and just having an amazing time–I think we both realized how much we want to make days like that the norm, rather than the exception!

Allllright, let’s get to the doctor’s appointment.

The good news is that I am off the crutches full time. The bad news is, the women’s bone specialist is being really cautious about my treatment. She wants me basically getting back to household chores (cough, already doing that, on a light basis) and going up the block over the next 4 weeks. I understand her caution, but I also know that I have NO inclination to be back in the situation that I’ve been in or the last 6 weeks. So yes, I am going to proceed with GREAT caution, though probably not as much as she would like. 

My decision to be a bit more active than not was actually reinforced during physical therapy (there was an opening later that day that I snapped up). I explained my plan (not going farther than a block or two at a time, crutching if I get sore, etc), and she agreed that as long as I use good judgment and err on the side of caution (thus why I am taking my crutches with me to SC, though I am not planning on using them a ton), She thinks I will do well!

Fingers crossed. And don’t worry, I promise I will be careful and good. I am getting to the point in my pregnancy that I was going to pull back, anyway, so I am aok with this. But I have to have movement, I need to start taking care of some things around my life, and I want to enjoy the end of my pregnancy at least a little bit.

There go my feet!

Today, I am actually doing something super fun and awesome: recording Diz Runs with Suz Part 2! It is crazy that it has been 1 1/2+ years since I was on his podcast, and since I no longer am part of the coaching mastermind group, we just have missed each other. We are overdue for a chat, and, as Denny said, we might as well record it! I can’t wait to catch up with him and also talk about the changes in my life and my perspective towards running and the role of running in my life. Also, that little marathon question…. stay tuned!

I am PUMPED about our trip to Palmetto Bluff. My brother is picking us up from the airport, and Mom is meeting us at the barn so I can see my buddy Brian (who we’ve had since I was 13!) before we drive the rest of the way out to PB. Then it is LEMMMMMEEEERRRRTIME. Plus some Babymoon time for Alex and I. So we will get about 2 hours of babymoon time, lol. Julie and I are trying to set up a time to meet, and Saturday afternoon, one of my old running buddies is going to take maternity pictures for Alex and me!

OH and the baby shower now has a venue, thanks, again, to Landon. She is my guardian angel right now 😀 I owe her many, many bottles of wine 😀

 Alright, I’m off, mostly because Ridley wants a cuddle, and I can’t say no to her. 


Stopped by home to get leggings for phys therapy. This is what I find. #lemmerzoo #dariddles #savasana

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(Psst, if you love Ridley and Zoe and baby pics, follow me on my new IG @lemmerzoo. I am going to take it private before long).

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Happy happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Even if you aren’t American, I hope you take some time over the next few days to give thanks and express your gratitude for the loved ones in your life and your many many blessings. Life is always going to throw us curveballs, but that is why we are part of a team. I love this holiday!

And chocolate 😀

Talk to you all later!

xoxox Suz

Is anyone else obsessing about brunch right now?

Staying at home or traveling for the holiday?

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