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Pre Blogfest Thoughts : My Mission, Fertility, Men in Tights

Today is going to be a return to random Suz of old. I just need to get some things out on “paper.” You dig?

Linking up with Amanda today for Thinking Out Loud!

Sweat Pink and Fit Approach with Suz at Blogfest

The Sweat Pink Ladies in Charge, Heather, Beth and I in front of the Espy’s Set up

I guess the big news is that I leave at the ass crack of dawn to head off to LA for Sweat Pink Blogfest and IDEA World!

Rise and Shine cat.

Don’t you just love 5 AM flights? I honestly hope that I have underwear packed…. I am so excited to see so many of my blogging friends and also to make new ones, but I am not going to lie, I wish Alex was going to be there. I don’t know if it is the fertility meds ACTUALLY working or what, but I just feel kind of clingy right now.

We've got a Stage 5 Clinger here...

Speaking of fertility meds, I just finished my second cycle of Clomid (trying to get me to ovulate). We did the first round, and my body basically was hahahahahahahhaahhahahaha NO (literally, no change in my hormones. At. All). But anyway, I had my last dose on Tuesday but I COULDN’T FIND IT. Cue searching frantically, calling the doctors, having them page the person on call to call in TWO FREAKING PILLS for me. And then the phone number for the pharmacy not working. But ultimately we got them, I took them, all is well.

And then the miscreant pills fell out of my notebook yesterday. I had checked that damn notebook.

face palm alice in wonderland

You know when something is wrong with your body, and you know itBut nothing really hurts. Just like every now and then. That is what is going on in my Sacro-Iliac Joint. Like, I know that something is off. But it wasn’t fixed with rest, it doesn’t hurt when I run, it just kind of gives a little peep throughout the day. So I’m going to be careful this weekend with the workouts, but unless something major changes between now and next weekend, the half is going on as planned.

fingers crossed

Speaking of the half, I bought Alex a (used) Garmin! HE’S A REAL BOY NOW! #soproud Now that Team Challenge is over, after the half we are going to try to run on weekends together, which I’m pumped about. The other day, he even mentioned that, if he is still into it this winter… we might need to get him some winter running gear. I don’t know if I’m ready for him to be in tights yet.

men in tights

If you ever need to get yourself pumped up and reinvigorated, go back and listen to or read a past note from yourself. This week, I’ve been going podcast crazy, so I’ve gotten through tons of episodes of my favorite podcasts, including DizRuns. Well, lo and behold, I came to my episode. Which I hadn’t listened to yet. And remember, I’ve got lots of emotions in my body, lots of balls up in the air, and I was just feeling really vulnerable at the moment. Then I listened to this conversation that I had between Denny and I (totally accidental).

And the whole thing just gave me chills. In the midst of all of this chaos going on, it was comforting to hear myself talk, the passion in my voice as I was talking about running, marathons, getting through training, Crohn’s, my approach to coaching. I don’t know what the longer effects of listening to it will be, but for the moment, it was what I needed. 

Recommitting to your mission, fertility meds, and men in tights, check out @suzlyfe's #thinkingoutloud Click To Tweet

So go and find a post, a letter, a journal entry, that is you talking from your heart, and just absorb the passion and recommit to your mission.

That is what I am going to leave you with. Find a way to recommit to your mission. To remind you of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you want to go about it. 

No questions today, just shoot from the hip and tell me what is on your mind!

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