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Live Life Fully: Prana Clothing Review with Sweat Pink


Thank you to Nicole, Jill, and Heather for the link up parties!

I am the definitive ambivert.

If you asked me to describe myself, my life, and my approach to health, fitness, clothing, even my food, I could never give you a one word answer. I have always been the “x, but y,” type:

Classic, but with a twist.

Logic, but with a sense of humor and a dash of nonsense.

Comfortable, but with at least one piece that feels grown up.

Serious and focused, but ADHD as all get out.

I practice yoga, lift weights, run long, and sit on the couch with the best of them. I love structure, but chafe when constrained. I hate being told what to do, but I hate being in trouble, or choosing “incorrectly” just as much. Whatever, I’m the Suz. I am who I am. And I have never been prouder to say that.

But for all of my complexity and contradiction, I am a simple girl at heart: I want to be able to live my life with as much fullness as possible: full of spirit, love, laughter, joy, hope, delicious food, activity, and stillness. And I want to do so comfortably, and (as we know is a tall order in Chicago) warmly.

In my yoga practice, I have learned to cultivate what is called the “ujjayi pranayama,” or “breath of fire and victory.” Pranayama is the practice of controlling one’s prana, or breath, which in turn signifies more than simply the act of respiration. Though not a chi, or a chakra, your prana is connected to the spirit, the “life force” inside of you.

prAna is also a clothing company, one that focuses on enabling and encouraging the pursuit of breath, life, spirit, and vitality. “Clothing for people who live life fully, play long, and travel well,” prAna creates mindfully designed products built to last, move, and explore, but also to look and feel beautiful.

prana sweat pink suzlyfe

As someone that is constantly juggling a life of activity and work as well as freezing cold temps, I naturally gravitated towards the cozy Mena sweater, which is made from 100% organic cotton wool. I love shawl collar sweaters and great detailing, so I was obviously all about the buttons, scooped hemline, and ridge-like weave. And that characteristic wool sweater “itch”? Not an issue here–the interior of the sweater is brushed and lined so you don’t feel like you are wearing a haircloth. I wore the sweater to visit the Red Bull Art of Can exhibit in Millennium Park with Alex on a snowy weekend day, and was cozy and happy the whole time–even with my big puffy jacket on.

prana sweat pink suzlyfe 2

Classic, but with a twist; serious, but with a sense of humor.

Give me a classic sweater, in a nice neutral color, and what do I pair it with? A vividly printed tight, of course. The minute I saw the Roxanne tight, I knew that I needed to have it. The graphic design, the fabulous color, and bluesign fabric, and prAna’s famous quality made this choice a no brainer. And why the heck not pair it with a sweater, throw some boots on, and head on out? I’ve done it before! And it even inspired me to get back to my own practice and give my body some love and respect that afternoon with a good stretchout on my own mat. All I had to do was throw on a tank, which I could easily have had on underneath my sweater the whole time.

Want to learn more about prAna? Follow up with them here:

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Want to get some of your own pieces so that you can be ready and able to pursue your own adventures (be it in leggings or cords)? Get 15% off your entire purchase with my code: pspf14sl

In order to fully participate in life, you have to breathe your own breath–you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you. You have to find your own passions, your own way of making it in the world. In order to do so, you have to reach a place of comfort in who you are. From there, the clothes no longer make the man but facilitate the pursuit. I can’t wait to see where I try to go next. And you can bet that I will be doing it my own way–sometimes that will be in my running shoes, sometimes in printed pants on a mat, sometimes in printed pants and a wool sweater.

I mean, how can you mess with me then?

After all, #idontdoquiet. You shouldn’t either–in clothes or life.

Use my code and get 15% off your entire purchase! pspf14sl

How do you live life fully?

I was fortunate to receive clothing in compensation for a review, but as always, all thoughts are my own.

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