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I am sorry. I have failed you all quite miserably. I realized yesterday about an hour after my post when live that I should have included the following image in it.

baby fist pump 2


Can you ever forgive me?

So this post is essentially a superfluous thinking out loud post. For a thoughtful thinking out loud post, see yesterday. For absolute nonsense, see today.

I don’t have much for you all today. I wish I did. But I’ve thrown a lot of heavy stuff at you all recently. And yesterday? I spent the day updating the building and apartment description copy for our website. I did about 20 buildings. I’m kind of master at it, what can I say.

brush your shoulders off

But after a while, you realize that there are only so many ways to say that you can “work out in the state-of-the-art fitness center…or get work done in the 24-hour business center.” Among other quips. Alex had a pretty rough shift the night before (he’s still on those weird 30 hour ones), and it was nice out, so we went on a walk, swung in a swing, and then (and a big shout to Erin for getting me hooked) we went to Naf Naf Grill on the way home.

This is a previous iteration, and a normal size. Underneath all the veg is chicken.  Last night was this x2. Alex will back me up.

This is a previous iteration, and a normal size. Underneath all the veg is chicken. Last night was this x2. Alex will back me up.

I ate what might be a record sized portion for myself (The picture shown is about 1/2 of what they gave me last night, I’m not joking). Which isn’t the best idea, comfort-wise, but a) we know I can’t stop and b) damn it was tasty. I got the chicken schwarma bowl with all the things and Alex got the steak schwarma hummus bowl (base of hummus, then everything else loaded on top). Also, their pitas are the stuff of dreams. Literally, you could sleep on them, they are like pillows. 

But all of that is basically to say that I am just not in the mindset for a super helpful or YAHOOOOO post at the moment. My foot/ankle still hurts, I’m limping everywhere, and it just is a little bit of a bummer. Not complaining, seriously. A bummer, but not a complaint, if that makes sense.

I just need to get this little cumulative injury cycle nipped in the bud. And if that means a week-a week.5 of not running and being super conservative in my movements? Hell yeah, I’ll do it. Plus, it’s not like I can run on it, anyway, sofights you go! As I talked about on Tuesday–this is part of training with a chronic illness–> training conservatively, being flexible and patient, and listening to your body. Meanwhile, I am going to focus on strength training and keeping movement and physical flexibility as best I can without antagonizing the tendons. 

We all know that life is about your reactions, not your problems. FIGHT YOUR FIGHT. 

To lift the mood around here (because I don’t want you all to think I’m all blarg–again, bummed, but not down!), I have some things to make you happy clappy clams going into the weekend.

First off, inspired by the fabulous Weber dinner Alex and I enjoyed last Thursday: my absolute favorite commercial song of all time:

My second favorite commercial song of all time:

A song that I adore and that the previous song reminds me of:

You are welcome.

And the most important question of the day (which some of you saw on IG yesterday):

what do you wish you were doing right now

And perhaps the best picture I saw yesterday:

funny cat vacuum cleaner

What lifts you up when you are feeling bummed, but not down?

Do you like ridiculous songs like me? 

What do you wish you were doing right now? Other than wishing you were a narwhal.

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