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Making the Most of My Weekend Post MRI Results Shock

Whelp, my MRI post was actually meant for today, but it went up a bit early! Chalk it up to crutches brain, lol. If you missed it (considering I rarely post on Sundays, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did!), please go back and check it out. Today’s post will be a little look at the rest of my weekend, which I tried to keep as “Suz” like as possible.

Thank you, Katie, for Marvelous Monday!


Friday started off mostly fine–I went to the gym and (painlessly) did my time on the bike, then headed to work. The cruel joke of all of this is the fact that Friday, my pelvic area actually felt pretty decent! I walked to a favorite lunch spot for a delicious spread, worked on a few projects, and basically just waited for my MRI results.

When my PM&R doctor called around 2:15 with my results, I’m not going to lie, I pretty much fell apart. I held it together as best I could while on the phone with him, then texted Alex as I waited to hear back from the doctor (who was going to get in touch with my chiropractor, who I was seeing at 4). After I talked with him again, I closed my office door, called my mom, and just let the emotions rush out of me. I think it is best to say that I was in shock, dealing with the frustration of wishing I had been on crutches the whole time (as I had thought that I needed to be), and processing what this would mean for Boston. 

Upset gorilla meme

To be honest, the last thing that I wanted to do was to go to my appointment, but the PM&R wanted me to talk to the nutritionist there, and so I knew that I had to go. But really, all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball. After picking up my crutches, I cabbed to my appointment (which I walked into, crutched out of) and then cabbed home so that I could get ready for my Brick Betty event. I’m actually glad that I went to both my appointment and the trunk show, as my chiro was so worried about me and the trunk show gave me a chance to see some friends as well as kept me from crawling into said ball.

I felt pretty funny, being at a Crossfit gym in gym clothes, selling gym clothes, and on crutches. I guess I should get used to it, as I have another event coming up December 14 at the Old Town Orangetheory location!

I had ice cream and wine for dinner. Don't judge.

Then I came home and had ice cream, wine, and peanut butter for dinner, but I did have a side of Kashi and egg whites, because yes, I am that person #nutritionisimportant.


This was my first day on the crutches and my first day of trying to stay 100% quiet. I would give myself a B+. I stayed quiet (no cardio or anything like that) but I’m still having trouble convincing myself that I need to use crutches in our tiny apartment, especially because it doesn’t hurt when I walk! So that is going to take some getting used to, but I’ve told Alex to be my enforcer. But sometimes, you just gotta pee!

I also took advantage of my new #lazy status, and when Alex stole my computer to use the internet (preventing me from writing my update, as many saw on FB), I took a nap 😀 Then we went to West Egg for brunch and stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up some things for dinner before I plopped myself back on the couch.

Netflix, Alcohol and ice cream, the things of dreams. 

I went to the gym and did some back exercises with lower weights. More than anything, I just wanted to start the practice of going to do weights rather than letting myself sink into the “I can’t do ANYTHING” sob story. Rather, I’m still being gentle with my body as I figure out what I can and shouldn’t do.

For dinner, we had chicken and the Autumn Root Vegetable Salad (requested by Alex!) before he disappeared to continue work on his big project and I got back to watching trashy TV. BTW, The Real Housewives of Atlanta… I can’t even.


Alex and I went out to lunch, then I crutched over to meet Sara for coffee while Alex went for groceries. Funny story, boy texted me while he was at the store to tell me that he had gotten lost (I know those stores, so he generally just follows me around. When I got back, I worked on some new client plans while Alex and I did some Christmas shopping from my throne (aka the couch). We also worked on some logistics for the week.

Crutches meme

I had originally planned to crutch around the city as much as possible, but let’s be real a) crutching takes forever and b) it’s exhausting. As much as I want to remain as autonomous as possible, I also have to be real: not only does it take forever to get places on crutches, it is tiring, and my walk to work is not necessarily crutch-friendly. There are areas where the pavement is really torn up (on the bridges), and there are a number of ramps and/or stairs. We do have a car, but the parking area for it is actually through my work, though not in that building and involving numerous stairs and ramps as well. Thus not only does it do me no good if I am at my apartment, but it does me no good when I AM at work! So today I am going to talk with my boss to see if I an get a parking space for the month that is actually in the building, and then talk to my apartment building about renting a space there for the month. As long as my car is at the apartment, I will be able to get to coaching, as there is plenty of parking there, though I might have to pay for it. 

Ryan Gosling Crutches Meme

Alex is going to be on service for the entirety of the time that I am on crutches, so we are likely going to outsource cleaning for the next few weeks, and we’ll do our best with groceries. I might finally have to take up those grocery delivery offers, lol. 

Beyond my recovery, it is most important to me that I not lose myself in this. I may not be able to tackle all of my Bucket List items, but I will be able to do some of them, and it is very important to me that I do so. I want to have lunches and brunches with my friends, to go to events (though I might not go to all of them). But I am going to need some projects to keep me busy, beyond going to all these darn doctors appointments! Anyone need a coach???

After dealing with the initial shock, @suzlyfe is finding her peace with her injury #runchat #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

But I will heal, this will pass, and I have the most amazing people (you all are definitely included!) in my life to keep me on the straight and narrow. So thank you in advance!

Tell me about your weekend! Did you do anything festive?

For those of you who have spent significant time on crutches, how did you handle things like groceries, laundry, and getting lunch at work?

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