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Summer Starts + Possible Changes (Friday Catch Up 5/18)

Friday Catch Up time! Discussing some possible changes, yumminess, and the official start of summer–it’s about time!

Hey guys! Miss me? I know, I know, I didn’t post yesterday. If you missed me, I am flattered, but I just didn’t have anything for you–no energy, no time, and nothing to say, not really. Well, let’s get into the Friday Catch Up, and I will explain.

Friday Catch Up 5/18

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Ok, so let’s chat.

1) I am thinking about making some changes to my posting schedule. I’ve discussed this a few times over the past year, starting when I was training full time. I love posting everyday, but I’m starting to have some difficulty doing so. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are my busiest days: I am pretty much working straight through the day, with breaks only to change, commute, eat, and take care of Ridley. When I get home, I want to spend my time with Alex. 

That fact, plus the fact that my Tuesday posts are often more thought-focused means that those posts kind of steal the thunder from the Thursday posts, and if I do another type of “thinking out loud” post, then that post might steal the thunder of the Friday post. Between time, brain power, and pure and simple content, I will still be consistently posting Monday/Wednesday/Friday, but I might not post every Tuesday or Thursday. Just wanted to give a heads up.

2) Yesterday (Thursday) was freaking gorgeous (really, the whole week has been!). It was windy as all get out, but it was beautiful. Feels like summer is arriving! To make it official, Alex and I had our first dinner outside! I made us a giant chicken sweet potato quesadilla and chicken and spinach salad to share. Plus, Multigrain Scoops. SO GOOD. 

Oh, and Alex opened a jar of salsa (hiding behind the giant jalapeno jar) earlier that day. We finished it at the table. 

3) Best Halo Top Flavor yet.

The most PERFECT texture and consistency, and the best color. But didn’t really taste like pistachio. Was just yummy. I had it after our al fresco dinner while we hung outside a little bit longer.

4) Speaking of al fresco dinners, Ellen and I attempted to have our Roti dinner al fresco but it was so windy that our salads were getting blow about. Also, this was the first time that neither of us took pictures of our food because this time they tossed them. 

Here’s a picture of a flower that I am obsessed with

So did we even eat? I guess you’ll never know (Obviously we did, and obviously, we left nothing. Though the pita bread wasn’t as good as previously). Still, Roti was amazeballs and dinner with my girl (only a few left!) was a treat as always.

5) I tasted some seriously awesome things this week, though no, I don’t have too many pictures. A few notables: Chili Lime Chex Mix, Pineapple Mango Slurpee, S’mores chocolate bar, dark chocolate with crystallized ginger (from Ellen for my bday), that Pistachio Halo Top, THE BIGGEST BLUEBERRIES EVER, Cinnamon Sugar Energy Bites from Ello Good, just good stuff. Happy Happy tastebuds. 

And speaking of tastebuds and ice creamish things: they closed the Yogurtland by our apartment. I KNOW. But they have replaced it with a place that has froyo AND bulk candy. 

I am in trouble.

Possible blog changes, yumminess, and TROUBLE--check out the Friday Catch Up! @halotopcreamery #sweatpink Click To Tweet

This weekend we are traveling to DC for a wedding and to see Alex’s family! I still haven’t packed…. ooops.

Bulk candy or froyo with toppings? WHAT IF  YOU COULD HAVE BOTH??

What has the weather been like this week for you?

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