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Plot Twist! No More NOLA

Well, this weekend resulted in quite a plot twist and change of plans. So now, we are going to make the most of them!

Change of plans = No more New Orleans. 

To explain: Saturday I had a bit of a medical emergency (I’m ok, but we have to lay low for a bit to make sure), and the doctors didn’t want me traveling in case something else happened. Again, I am ok, we are just being cautious. My body has been through a lot in the past few months, and with my preexisting conditions, travel was just not a good idea. 

I wish it had chosen a different week to happen, though. 

Saturday was a bit of an exercise in exhaustion. I woke up, took care of Ridley, and then went to Team Challenge, where I realized that something was going wrong. Luckily, I was right next to the hospital, so I went in and was taken care of by my doctors, who are open throughout the weekend as well, and Alex was working so he was able to be there as well. Everything ended up being ok, but I’m very glad that we went in as a precaution. 

Since Alex wouldn’t be super long with the team (they just needed to round), I set up shop in his OLD office (that feels so weird to say!). I raided the candy stash (for the road) and I finally got my donut (for then). It had sat overnight and was a little bit stale, but it was the last one in the Dunkin box, so I feel like someone was saving it for me. Vanilla frosted with sprinkles. He went to a good home. At first I cut him in half, but then I felt bad leaving that last half there all by itself, so I took care of him, too.

After us both doing some work for a few hours, I met Alex for lunch at one of our haunts, West Egg. We were both a bit zombie like after the huge emotions of the morning and the adrenaline let down, so we were glad for something comforting but also healthy and quick. Then we went home, feeling exhausted, but then felt too wired to nap for a bit until I passed out for a few hours.

For dinner, we went to Hopcat, and I took care of some other friends, aka Crack Fries. These were COATED in the seasoning. It was awesome.

Crack fries make everything better.

We watched UVA baseball for a bit and then Doctor Strange (good, but crazy), and then passed back out.

Sunday was another day to stay low key and make sure everything was copacetic. Ridley and I went to the dog park, Alex worked, then I changed out my clothes and later we went to the grocery store. 

Fortunately, I had already rehomed my shifts for the next few days, so I don’t have to worry about that, though I had to call out in emergency from my shifts this weekend. When we told them what I did (server), the doctor (it was an on-call from the same practice) was like… yeah… we can write you a note but I wouldn’t play around with it.

Sunday night, I made turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and a quick corn salsa and we feasted on the patio. If I gotta stay home… I ain’t going down without a fight!

So, change of plans: we are going to get started on our summer cleaning, switching out our winter and summer things, and maybe take a daycation to Milwaukee or something. We’ll make the most of it–the whole point was for us to have some time together, so we will get that, no matter what city we are in. 

Oh, and if anyone wants to book our bed and breakfast in NOLA and help us get our refund… that would be great. We had the good sense to book our flights with Southwest. 

C’est la vie. You win some, you lose some, but health isn’t something that you can play with. It is disappointing, but we will move on!

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Last time you had to yell PLOT TWIST and move on?

Fun things to do in Milwaukee?

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