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Playdates For All (27 Weeks + Friday Catch Up 8/3)

This week was jam packed with playdates for both Emmie and me! We both had a blast, and I can’t wait to tell you about it in the Friday Catch Up!

Did you catch my Weekend Catch Up from Monday? It has news about my MRI results and my weekend with my friend!

Friday Catch Up 8/3

1) Emmie and I had several playdates this week, which was awesome as I still am staying quiet to protect my hip and aid recovery (and thus am not going to Stroller Strides yet). Courtney and I hung out with her Monday morning, and then Tuesday she and I took the bus up to Wrigley Field to meet up with friends from Fit4Mom at the kids movie. The original plan had been to go to the free Wiggleworms music concert before the movie (this is something that Wrigley does in its new park area every Tuesday morning), but someone got up hella early and needed an early nap and didn’t wake up until 10, so we just headed up for playgroup and to meet with Holly and Max (who had watched Emmie during my MRI!).

There were so many people there! It was a sea of black strollers and nannies and moms and kids EVERYWHERE. We sat on blankets on the grass in the sun, and I fed Em some butternut squash for her lunch. She took no notice of the movie, and it was way too bright out for her to lay on her back, but it was a good sitting up opportunity, and I can’t wait until she can crawl around! She also got a lot of kicking in the grass, which she loves. 

Erica met me there, and we went to lunch at Dutch and Doc’s, a new restaurant right across from the ballpark. We actually tried to go to Big Star taco, which is a super popular restaurant and just opened an outpost next to Wrigley, but apparently nearly everything on the menu (even the salsa!) has soy in it, so we moved on. I got a huge “salad bar salad,” which was delicious, and Erica got avocado toast. I liked the touch of reusable straws!

Yes, she is that cute.

I really loved catching up with Erica, who finally got to see Emmie up and out of her carseat! 

Wednesday was another lunch and play day! This time, Emmie and I met up with Ali and Ryan (who were coming from Stroller Strides)! Ali is another friend from Fit4Mom, and she was actuall the one who introduced me to Sarah, our sitter! Ryan is a little over a month younger than Emmie. We met for lunch at Yolk, where we set up camp with our carseats and strollers, haha. After a nice long lunch, we took the girls to the park and set up under a tree.


OMG it was so cute watching the girls watch each other! They were staring at each other and smiling like fools, Emmie was waving her hands, and they were tummy timing like champs. It was beyond cute. I had been telling Ali about all of the fun things I did with Emmie through Pearachute, and so she signed up, and we are going to the Bubbles Academy Core Development Pre Crawlers class together next week after my triumphant return to Fit4Mom

And now Emmie gets a full weekend of playdates because my mom is coming to visit! More on that in a moment.

2) Ok, other happenings in Emmie’s world. The big development this week has been the continuing introduction of sippy cups, which has gone very well. She loves water and will take milk from me when I use the sippy cup. Still not tons of milk at a time, and she often ends up wearing it because she forgets to keep her mouth closed or gets distracted, but that will come. 

I introduced her to a bunch of new foods and new textures of old foods with varying degrees of success. Her dislikes? Formula, of course, peas, Gerber chicken, and her multivitamin. I can’t fault her, though, each of those things are vile. Oh, and the Gerber chicken made the dog lose her sh**. I thought she was going to get on top of the table or into the high chair with Emmie. I literally had to crate her.

Emmie eats everything else with aplomb and is even taking chunkier textures of banana and avocado! I also introduced her to fortified oatmeal for babies, which was a success!

I’ve really changed up her eating habits this week. She’s eating more solids (but still keeping it to the recommended 1-2 meals a day of solid foods for her), and I’m making a point to give her at least a half a meal in her sippy cup. This is a huge shift for her, but she is doing great.

Her sleep has also changed this week. Since her teeth have starting coming, she has really needed a Wubbs when she goes to sleep. She will wake up completely almost as soon as I pull her off nursing. This is affecting her in the middle of the night as well–she is requiring comfort upon waking, and that means that I am spending more time awake because she won’t go back to sleep. That said, I’ve watched her self soothe herself to sleep, so her refusal to self soothe has been a little frustrating.

So now that we have the first tooth out of the way (and the second one coming in) and that we’ve been home and on a regular routine, I’m going to get a bit into legit sleep training territory. We’ve been in the area of sleep training before, but then she slept fine and was self soothing fine, so we left it alone. But she is 6 months old, and it is time for her to get her ish together, lol.

Oh, and that’s right, tooth number 2 is coming in!

As I said on FB/IG, I am just trying to savor this last month of bedtime nursing. But my bones and her teeth say no. 😀

3) Speaking of bones and Stroller Strides and getting around, what is going on with my body?

I will be the first to admit that I’ve been bad and haven’t touched my crutches since Courtney left. I’m still not walking major distances or even reaching the vibration on my Fitbit (set to 7500 a day), and I’m slowly slowly adding to the amount each day. I also took the bus to/from Wrigley on Tuesday and even took the dog and Emmie to the dog park and back in Ubers on Monday. My first trip around the pond was Wednesday, and my first venture to the store was yesterday. So far, everything feels fine, so I am proceeding with caution.

This weekend, Alex and I are going to a wedding, and with it feeling so well, I will go without the crutches.Next week, I am going to go to Stroller Barre on Tuesday, and if all feels well, I will go to Stroller Strides on Friday! We are not going to do the Donut 5k, though, and I am sad about that. So if you want 2 bibs to it…

I got back to doing my exercises, but a truncated version. I need to get my mojo back with that!

Emmie is made of mojo

4) Because this has been a heck of a post, I’ll wrap it up here. Emmie and I are going today to try again to do the Big Muscles for Little Babies class. Mom comes today for the weekend and especially to watch Emmie while Alex and I go to a wedding. Thus why I’ve been working so hard to get Emmie to take milk! Alex is actually off this weekend, and we have plans for margaritas with Mom tonight at Tarascas. 

Oh, and my brother is getting a Black Lab puppy! I’m so excited for him!

Alrighty friends, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I just realized I have no clue what to wear to this weekend. I should probably go figure that out…

I just realized that I ate an entire box of Puffins in 3ish days.

First weekend of August, what are you up to?

Oh, and because I forgot to post this last post…

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