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Plans are for Breaking, Apparently (Food Poisoning Sucks, FYI)

Another great Suzlyfe plot twist thanks to the venerable force that is food poisoning.

Hey friends! I didn’t intend to get a blog post up today (if you saw my IG you are not expecting one today but instead tomorrow), but then I had anxiety dreams all night, woke up in sweat at 3:30 and decided to just stay awake. 


As happens at least once a month in the Suzlyfe household and, I’m quite sure, in most of your households, unforeseen events transpired leading to plans being broken, smashed, mutilated. And with me on the couch, which seems to be the trend (though likely not the trend in your household. Me being on the couch. Otherwise that would REALLY be a plot twist. Anyhoo).

Friday was a workfilled day, and mybreak between shifts was surprisingly uneventful when a running consult that I had scheduled was canceled last minute and then I had a lovely case of writers block for a piece I’m writing for another website. Ah well, I can just work on it over the weekend, right? WRONG.

I even got home in fairly good time from the restaurant (before midnight) AND Alex didn’t have to go into the hospital (he was on call AGAIN) after 11:30, so Saturday was looking up! 

In true Saturday fashion, I woke up with my body just needing more, so I took a series of naps until I felt humanoid enough to run around 10:30. The run with Alex went fabulously, actually, and we finished up at Erica’s apartment, where we caught up and scooped up a bunch of fun goodies from her exploits at Expo East.

Home for lunch and another nap. When I woke up after a solid hour of sleeping, Alex and I started going through the nursery closet (which has been a catch all for us) and rearranging things to make room for all the fun deliveries that had come! You see, after our moms had gone gangebusters on the major nursery purchases, by this weekend EVERYTHING they had ordered had arrived. And we didn’t really have the space for it yet! So we moved things around, threw things out, etc until we seemed to have the answer. But not enough time to a) build the crib or b) go through the attic floor storage. So I left Alex to.. something (I don’t remember what, maybe taking the recycling?) and I opened up my new wheels.


I knew that we would need a serious jogging stroller, so we went with the Britax + BOB Revolution Flex. It is an investment piece, sure, but as we are only getting one stroller for all purposes, I am comfortable with the price and I know that it will be a good friend for Yoshi, Alex and I! 

Oh, and we are calling it Rob, or Robbie, not BOB. Just to be difficult.

With the final recycling taken out, showers undergone, and fresh clothes donned, Alex and I headed across town to a joint that we had amazing memories of and knew that the food would be delicious. And it was! We had a fantastic time, a delicious dinner, and Alex had a great brown ale called Moose Drool (so good he got 2! BTW it is by Big Sky Brewing). We left full and happy.

And dinner was the gift that kept giving. 

Alex was fine, but I was not. by 8:30, I was feeling like I couldn’t breathe and had a lump in my throat (remember my morning sickness? Very similar, but more sinister. Not something that could be solved by sneezing). I decided to go to bed, and Alex was a sweetheart and ceded watching the Clemson game to come and keep me company. I was a sad puppy, but I hoped that I could sleep it off. 


I woke up about 10:30 and still felt icky, so I moved to the couch for a more upright position and so as not to disturb Alex. 

(Skip next paragraph if you don’t like things getting REAL)

Then all hell broke loose. And if you’ve had projectile food poisoning, you know that I mean “broke loose.” Luckily, I kept it in until I got to the bathroom, but it was everywhere (fun). I woke Alex up (in between spurts), and he was a champion not just then but throughout the night, as the same thing happened just about hourly (except for it turned to the dry heaving variety) until about 4:30. He even cleaned up all the mess. Except for the mess on me–a shower was the only option. Even Zofran (a powerful anti nausea) couldn’t curb the enthusiasm. But I was lucky that it only lasted a few hours, unlike the extravaganzas that my mom and I used to be privy to when I was a kid (we were awesome and always got food issues together. GO TEAM).

Ok, I’ll stop talking about that. 

I got some sleep (couch again), woke up around 8 and tried to eat and drink something (English Muffin+ Perfect Bar mini THANKS ERICA) and took the dog out, but didn’t get very far before turning around and coming home to lay down and not feel great. Over the course of the morning, I slept and Alex took the dog out, played with the dog, ran for an hour, and did the laundry. I did my best Rose Dewitt Buccater couch impression drooled and likely snored and just tried to recuperate. 

Another huge thank you to Erica, who basically fed me yesterday: I had a Vigilant Eats Rosemary Thyme Sweet Potato Superfood Cereal with a little extra maple syrup and cinnamon and then some yogurt, then needed to sleep again because I was feeling weird. When I woke up after another major nap, I needed to do something, but I couldn’t really move. 

So I went through my closet and pulled out all the things that didn’t fit. So now we have more things that won’t fit into storage. Meanwhile, Alex started wrestling with the crib.


I love my husband, he is BEYOND awesome; he is cool under pressure, he doesn’t get riled easily, and he is the clutch player you’ve always wanted.

BUT HE CANNOT HANDLE BUILDING THINGS. It is slightly alarming, sligthly adorable. 

I take my mom’s approach and just give over to the chaos. Alex frets and tries to do things in exactly the right order, only to get really angry when the directions aren’t great or don’t make sense. It is just one of his Alex-isms that makes just imperfect enough to be a real human being. 

But with a little input from me at the right time, we pulled through, and now we have a MONSTROUS crib (I’m putting the drawers together later) and basically all the nursery furniture done! We got a dresser as well, but there isn’t enough room, so we are sending it back. Thank goodness we cleaned out that little closet!

Dinner was kimchi fries (my appetite was for carbs, obviously, so more Erica goodies, and later, a few more Erica goodies while we watched Up and football. 

How it feels to be hungry again after being sick

Then it was sweaty dreams and a middle of the night shower, coffee, English muffin, and blogging, but at least I feel more like me!

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I’m going to take it easy again today–just walk the dog, maybe walk to work if I’m feeling spunky. Then work and home and trying to get back on some sort of schedule. 

HUGE congratulations to all the marathon finishesrs this weekend: runners and labor and delivery survivors! I personally know 6 people who had babies this weekend, lol. And all of them boys, with one exception! I’d say it was New Years, but half were fertility drugs and the other half were early, so I think it was just the weekend for it. 

To all, runners and new mommies and newborns alike: rest up, rest easy, refuel, and the most heartfelt congratulations.

This week I have the 24 week OB appointment, and I’d say what other plans were, but good grief, like it will matter!

How was your weekend?! Please tell me there was no food poisoning…

Is there something that you or your significant other just CANNOT handle (which you would think they would be great at)?

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