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I wanted the Giant Pink Lawn Flamingo #MIMM

Quick Happy Birthday to my dear Grandfather. I have missed you so much since you left us physically, but you are always with me.

And let’s talk about Marvelous things!

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

If you’re wondering why I wish I had a giant pink lawn flamingo, then I am sorry, but we can’t be friends. Wanting a giant pink lawn flamingo is a natural American birthright.

Quick digression–I love anything idiot (obviously) and silly (also obviously) but I have the restraint to not purchase such things. My mother, on the other hand, is helpless to the pull of things absurd, themed, and or kitchy. Thus why I have, throughout the years, received stuffed turkey wine glass base holders (basically, an attached coaster) and, also memorably, a metal garden flamingo. I immediately unloaded the “gobblers” on Alex and his roommate and told the boys to abuse the things (we all went to UVA and mercilessly made fun of and badmouthed the “gobblers/Chokies” aka the Virginia Tech Hokies (Turkeys, basically). I thought it was appropriate). The metal garden flamingo, however, stood the test of time, received the name of Ralph, and migrated apartment to apartment until I left for grad school. I also “rescued” 2 drink flamingoes (put in Buddha drinks, classy, I know, at a hibachi place in Cville that Alex and I went to with friends to celebrate his bday), the first of which was named Scarlett and the second was MMMMMMaaaahhhhtin (in an overly affected Brit accent), and lived in our cars. WE KNOW we are special.

Not a giant pink lawn flamingo, but similar idea as Ralph. Only Ralph "flew" on a stake.

Not a giant pink lawn flamingo, but similar idea as Ralph. Only Ralph “flew” on a stake.

I miss PGH and my Twin (who also has PF)

Ok, long digression. For a full explanation of the intricacies of the giant lawn flamingo, please see Saturday’s post. For what followed, let’s discuss. And to make sure that you at the very least scroll through the entirety of the post, announcement(s) at the bottom!!

We are going to Tarantino this post like Saturday’s as well–to keep you wanting more–and go in reverse order:

Monday (Today) — Alex is off and we plan on being boring. The weather is supposed to suck. A workout will be involved. So what else is new.

Pretty much.

Pretty much.

Saturday PM/Sunday–Alex’s parents came to town this weekend, so after I got my nails did (I had to remove the chipped polish before the Sproing event, another fail of the day), I met up with Alex (post nap) and his parents for a chat at Panera, then I took them to Coco Pazzo, and after we went to visit my sister in law’s twin sister at her apartment. I came home, ice creamed, and crashed. Sunday morning I got an exciting email (!), worked out on the step mill (ermigerd) for 20 mins and did triceps (couldn’t lift my arms after). Then this happened:

west egg berry pancakes Collage

Chyeah. And if you are wondering why you get a pic of half eaten pancakes, it was to show the massive cherries and blueberries inside. I wish you could tell better but there is granola sprinkled throughout the batter as well. ERMIGERD.

Saturday AM: lots and lots of blog work. If you are new to the Suzlyfe, hi hello! and welcome. Please troll about and click on things (shoot me an email if something doesn’t work, pleaseandthankyou). I have updated a lot of the links and pages at the top of the screen, so there should be better navigation for you all. Still a work in progress though.

NOWWWW, Pink Flamingo Day (Friday): I worked out, I contemplated with a woman calling an animal rescue group when we found a dog tied up outside a McDonalds, but the dog was picked up soon after (we presume by the owner, we were inside trying to figure out what to do), I had an awesome lunch, the sun was shiny shiny, I had my doctor’s appointment re: foot, I went to Whole Foods, then got a slurpee (suck on that WFM), then went and sat outside at a Starbucks and worked on this post. Then someone literally SWIPED MY PHONE FROM MY TABLE IN FRONT OF ME and bolted.

unimpressed meme

Someone (ahem) rightly asked how the phone could be stolen as I watched. Lest you think I am blind as well as a ninny, let me explain: I was sitting at a table outside of a Sbux with my laptop, backpack and phone. Phone and laptop on table. Person came up behind me, swiped it, and dashed. I stood up, and in .5 s opted against tearing after them (I did yell though).  I a) am hurt, and b) am not about to leave my laptop and backpack (with my wallet) to save a phone that was going to be replaced before too long and that I back up all the time (hello blogger). Also, passcode protected. And insured. So I picked up my stuff and headed to the ATT store (HI LISETTE YOU ARE AWESOME), and now I have the brand new HTC One M8, which is taking some getting used to, but I think will be a truly amazing device. I will review it in about a week or so, but so far, I am really really impressed.

I came home (was ravenous), had a snack, then I walked Alex to the hospital and went to maybe one of my absolute favorite areas of the city (Old Town) and to an event that I thought I would stay at for, eh, maybe 30 minutes? Yeah, I was the last one to leave–I had so much fun talking to the owners Paul, Susan, and Ingrid, and one of the trainers, John, that I literally couldn’t leave. If you missed my tweet, get excited for a review to come on the new Sproing Studio–this is going to be big, people. At is MOST basic, it is a contraption (I would liken it to a Pilates reformer for runners.


Action shot

Also similar in that it looks CRAZY but is totally easy to use and can accommodate a nearly unlimited number of exercises) that takes the impact out of running. Imagine being a toddler on a kid leash, running against your parents (walking you like a dog), but running on a camping mattress that reads your cadence, speed, distance, etc, and that you can adjust. And then using the proprioceptive properties of the air + Pose method running to strengthen you kinetic chain and work you out. And then turning around and doing lunges and stuff, TRX style. That is it in a nutshell, but know that as soon as I have the ok from the doc, I am there like….a fast thing, but one coming off an injury so give me some buffer time JIC.plum market heaven Collage

Then, I went to Plum Market (obsessed), got hold/cold bar and some other goodies (you guys, they have the mecca of nut butter and popcorn. ::ANGELS::), and then froyo on the way home (first time in forever). And then my Spaghetti Squash Protein Pancakes with Sunflower butter.

squash protein pancakes2 suz

It. was. a. Day. Even longer than that recap, which was exhausting for all of us (anyone want a drink after that?).


A) Holllla to all my b*tches who owned their races and runs this weekend! Ange, Mama Salt, Cassie (who is a fellow Sigma Kappa (DOVE LOVE)), Pickster (shout out to Caitlin for the nickname), and ALL THE PEOPLE (Erica, Meghan crap my brain just went blank–leave me a comment if I forgot you!!) who ran the Country Music Marathon. And if you ran, just to run, d@mn you. JK, I hope it was awesome and fantastical and perfect.

B) I am now a proud member of Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Team STELLAR. I may have not gotten a pink flamingo, but I got a pink badge!

ggs logo I have had my eye on GGS for a while now, and I think that it is going to be another great facet of the Suzlyfe. Between Ramblen (Travel, Fit in the City), Swirlgear (apparel and community), I’m Fit Possible (inspiration, knowledge, and community), Chicago Blogger Network (local blogging), and now Girls Gone Sporty (inspiration, innovation, education, and business), I think that the blog is really going places. And more growing to come.

C) Something that I am adamant about returning to is my initial purpose of broaching the aspects of life that can be tough to deal with in every day life and to speak about in a public forum. I am bring back the Tough Talk series, as I discussed last week, and I invite you to go to the Tough Talk page (use the menu up above) and maybe catch up a little bit. If there are particular topics that you would like to see discussed, please email me, tweet/DM or carrier pigeon (but know I have a cat. But it’s Zoe so should be fine). I have Crohn’s, specifically, but I think that much of what I learned is as applicable to another IBD/IBS/UC patient as to someone who has just gotten some not-so-great news. I also have clinical anxiety/depression, have dealt with obsessive eating behaviors, dysfunctional hormones, and I run–lots of avenues to connect through. I am not an expert, I don’t pretend to be. Take my words as you will, take what you will, but I only hope to help.

D) And because this is last, and likely you all fell asleep long ago, I will be mentioning this again, but my lovely fellow Southern Belle and I have decided that we have a ton of running shhhhtuff that we don’t use/need to pare down, but is too nice/not used enough to toss/donate. We are thinking running blogger garage sale. Interested? Let us know (email that upppp).


Mental high five, you’re done for now.

Do you like random bits of lawn/house paraphenalia, or do you prefer ascetic surroundings?

Would you rather I did multiple posts a day, rather than 1 long one? 

Reminder for discussion as well: New readers? Racers I didn’t mention (I promise I love you!)? Tough talk topics? Running garage sale/clothing swap? ANYONE ELSE FROM TEAM STELLAR OUT THERE?


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