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Photo Shoot In Chicago with Jennifer Claire Photography


Thank you Healther and Nicole!

Last Saturday, I got to have a little fun. Not only did I get to wear real clothes, blow dry my hair, and wear heels, but someone even documented it 😉

But seriously.

Last weekend, I got to indulge in a little modeling photo shoot in Chicago with the fabulous Jennifer of Jennifer Claire Photography. So many of you have had such nice things to say about the few pictures that I have shown already (and check out her Instagram!), and I so, so appreciate your kind words! I think all of us, in one form or another, have a fantasy of being a model, and for a few reasons: a) we like looking good! b) we are always curious as to how other people see us, and c) we have an innate desire to feel beautiful, and to have that beauty be accessible to those that see us. It isn’t enough to be pretty–anyone can be pretty. But isn’t it a simple truth that the best pictures of us are the ones when there is just that innate glow about us–we we are truly beaming from the inside out, rather than just “smiling.”

Chelsea Patricia Photography

Chelsea Patricia Photography

Yup. “Smizing” really is a thing. Because when you are truly engaged, your whole face reflects your emotion. Or you are thinking about chocolate.

Sidenote: Alex doesn’t understand models at all, and every time that we walk by a model advertisement, he just laughs and makes some comment. It’s very interesting–print doesn’t compute to him unless he knows the background. There are pictures that he loves, of course, but more so because they are tied to a particular emotion or person. I see a bit of both–I see the aesthetics as well as the emotional story. Might be my background in both architecture as well as history. Who knows.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too deep on you all on a Friday, so we are going to go to some pics!

And because I know that you all will be curious 😀

Jacket: Target

Scarf: Burberry

Top: C Wonder

Necklace: Francesca’s Collection

Jeans: 7 for all Mankind

Boots: Miss Sixty

Bag: Target

and compression socks obviously.

I think she did a great job capturing me–I’m a polished mess 😀

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Do you consider yourself photogenic? Why or why not?

What would you wear for a photoshoot? What would you try to capture?

Now, the big question: What do I do with these! Next time, we are going to do a more purpose-focused shoot, but this time, I had no idea, lol.

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