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Your Personal Ambition and BlogFest 2015: Thinking Out Loud


Greetings from BlogFest and the City of Angels! I haven’t even been here longer than 6 hours as I’m writing this, and truth be told I’m actually typing this sitting from a pretty freaking awesome chair in a pretty freaking awesome hotel room. Obviously, LA rolled out the red carpet.

No, literally, they did.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Ok, well, fine, the Espys were last night, so they probably were expecting someone a little bit taller and more dressed up, but whatever. PS. AMAZING outfits were seen. Some appropriate, others notsomuch.  And with the IDEAworld convention going on, it was a pretty hilarious mix of people in custom tuxes and dresses that cost more than my car and then the rest of us in our fitness gear. But you know me, I made my presence known. Even with my husky voice.

Duck face and shades because #la

Duck face and shades because #la

Speaking (har har) of, the voice is coming back, but I still sound a bit like I swallowed something unfortunate. The laryngitis retreated pretty quickly, but the cold stayed, so I’m still coughing on/off. But now my nose just sounds more broken than anything. But I can talk and network again at least! I mean, there are just a few people here that I would like to meet, after all! To say that I am meeting a lot of people is to say that I have ice cream every once and a while. UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. 

Suz and Beth go to Blogfest

The meeting started right off! Unbeknownst to me, Beth had already gotten in touch with Heather of Life in Leggings (who I was already planning to meet at some point this weekend), and they had made plans to grab lunch!

Heather Beth and Suz at IDEAworld Blogfest in LA

So I crashed that party pretty quickly. Next up we ran into the Sweat Pink and Fit Approach Ladies Liz, Dapinder, Jamie, and Alyse, and then Katy Widrick! And photo ops as much as possible, obv.

Sweat Pink and Fit Approach with Suz at Blogfest

BTW, in case you missed the announcement on my Instagram, I am dusting off my Snapchat account in honor of BlogFest! Be sure to friend @suzlyfe to stay up to date on all the good stuff 😀

Suzlyfe Snapchat

And then for dinner, we are going to be meeting up with Debbie, Jill, Tiffany, Stephanie, Lisa, and Jessica Joy to meet Amy Neighbors, the founder of a new brand of which I am a founding ambassador!

Brick Betty Dinner at Blogfest

I am so excited to tell you all about it, but that will be a post for another day. But this is something that I think that we will ALL be super excited aboutà exceedingly high quality, exceedingly cute, and exceeding well fitting workout clothes, anyone? Pictures from this weekend will show the clothes! But if you want to get a head start on check out the togs, go to

Jen and Ange will be getting in late tonight—crazy Canadians with their silly travel plans. I have no idea how I’m going to be awake for that. I will likely be ensconced in that lovely bed…. Particularly after waking up so early, and knowing that it will be another early morning tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after 😀

It is a lovely mix of people, though—some are fervent fitness bloggers with thousands of followers from every social media platform imaginable. And some, like myself, are here because we love what we do—we blog, we do fitnessy things, and we are just excited to meet others who share the same passion and language that we do. That said, it is, as I mentioned before, pretty overwhelming. Kind of like meeting every friend you’ve ever had all at once. Awesome, but how the hell are you supposed to talk to everyone? There is definitely a part of me that wishes I was able to just kind of retreat for a bit, but I am determined not to give into that side of me. This is (likely, at least for me) a once in a lifetime opportunity—I will be damned if I spoil it!

Mizuno Wave Enigma Fibish Line is more about the Start

Because, let’s face it, for as much as I put myself out there as this outgoing personality, and I definitely can be, I am still rather an introvert, or should I say, I have a tendency to withdraw. I’ve spoken of my social anxieties before. In such a setting as this, where you are around people who have thousands of hits a day on their websites—please, do you think that many people want to hear me spout off?—or people that have fitness empires (local or national), people who have started from the ground up and made something incredible, people with so much ambition…. You better believe that it is intimidating. It is so easy to get inside your own head and say that you don’t need to do this, or reach out like that,  because who are you kidding, you will never be that level (and you may not even want to be)! But that doesn’t mean that you should retreat. Part of the magic of being in a setting like this lies in the fact that even if you are fine being a fish in an ocean instead of a shark in a pond (or off the coast of the Carolinas, it seems), you can still take away a lesson from the sharks that will make you the best freaking fish you can be.

Minion Meme Awesome not Perfect

What I am trying to say is this: there is a difference between wanting the most out of your life and ambition towards immortality. And there is a difference between stopping at a certain level and settling. I know that I will never be an elite runner. My fast pace is EASY to them. That is a freaking off day. But my easy pace is fast to someone else. I, myself, am determined to be the best runner I can possibly be at my pace. Sometimes? That pace is a little bit slower than others—I will be happy with a 3:45 at Chicago. Does that mean I’m settling? HELL NO. It means that my race has changed. MY gold medal comes from something different.

.@Suzlyfe pursues her own personal ambitions at @ideafit #Blogfest #sweatpink #fitfam Click To Tweet

So, if anything, I encourage you to approach your weekend, your long runs, your cooking attempts, hell, your Netflix watching, with that in mind: What is your personal gold medal?

Ok. Work for it. Get it. And let it be YOURS.

Tell me what is on your mind as you read this! What are your thoughts and reactions?

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