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Permission, Purchases, Presents (Labor Day Weekend Recap)

Looking back over my weekend alone and your response to my post on feeling like I’ve been overindulgent. Spoil alert… I did some things for me this weekend! When Alex is away…!

Happy Labor Day to all Americans! As a Chicagoan, you are welcome. Did you know that Labor Day is the result of a Chicago labor strike?

Ironically, I will be working, lol. Fortunately, I was able to get a friend to switch types of shifts with me, so I will get off earlier than usual, right around the time that Alex gets home from his NYC trip! I’m so excited to hear all about his trip–both about our friends but also his adventures: they got to spend the day at the US Open and got to see Venus play! Also, you know how much I love NYC!

Friday and Saturday

Basically, Friday and Saturday were a bit weird… Both involved a lot of work, a lot of time on my feet, and very little good sleep. I slept pretty well up until Thursday night… and then quality sleep was AWOL until Saturday night. Basically, I lived in a world of anxiety dreams. Repeatedly. On a 90 min REM loop. Wake up soaked in sweat. Repeat. 

Self-Care Sunday

Finally, Saturday night (well, Sunday morning because of work), I finally slept well and peacefully and soundly (for 5 hours). Then I woke up, ate breakfast and had my (decaf) coffee, then took nap #1. Then I got up, took Ridley for a walk and play time, then came home for tea and nap #2. Then it was time to CLEAN!!!!!

I vacuumed and swiffered and pick things up and opened packages (I will get back to that) and put our balcony back together. I still have things to do (things to rehome and throw out).. also I didn’t end up cleaning the comforter that the cat threw up on… but we are doing laundry tomorrow. 

Pizza for lunch. I didn’t know what to have + we didn’t have much in the fridge so frozen pizza it was! And it was delicious and enjoyed on the newly put-back-together balcony. Happiness. 

Then I may or may not (I did) take nap #3. With Ridley all curled up with me. 

When I woke up, Ridley made it known that she wanted to go and do things, so we went for a lovely long walk down some new streets. I just wanted as much sunshine and chill time as possible. And this fit the bill. 

Upon getting home, I decided that I should probably do at least part of what I had originally planned on doing (groceries and laundry). But that didn’t mean that I couldn’t made a pit stop at Sbux on the way for a (free) frappuccino!!! Yum yum yum. I got some basics at TJ’s (peaches, tomato, chicken, tortillas, cucumber, carrots, and chocolate) and then came home to chill and put my feet up.

I have made an interesting connection with regards to my swollen feet, but I want to test my theory first. I will get back to you!

Dinner was zoodles with a super fun mish mash sauce and cereal before I turned on the TV for the first time since Alex left (!!) to check up on Venus (and see if I could see Alex, lol).

Today (Labor Day) I actually have a pre-work meeting at work, then work, then Alex comes home, and you better believe we are going to have dinner al fresco. Because I am going to soak this up while I still can! 

Permission, Purchases, Presents

Thank you all so much for your various responses to my post on Friday. As always, read my mom’s comment, because she knows things. I realized not just from reading those but also from talking to Alex and just some inner reflection that I needed to get over myself and buy some clothes. 

I had a realization (that I’ve had before, but apparently forgot) that another reason for waiting to buy maternity clothes is that I might jinx everything, clothes were poking the anxiety bear, I think. Also, I have no clue what size I am now. I don’t know how fast I will grow (ass, bump, or boobs), so I don’t know what season to buy. But Julie’s post reminded me that this weekend would be Labor Day aka sales, so I decided why not? If things come, I can send or take them back. I ended up with a bunch of things from Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, and H & M (a tip off from IG). 

So working that Saturday was an exercise in frustration (it was a weird night), but it paid for my clothes (well, that and a bit of Friday’s earnings). 

I also had a GREAT mail day. I received some great items from some cool companies (ps two HUGE giveaways this week!) that I am PUMPED about, plus a present from Amanda at Run Intended (we met when we were getting our RRCA certifications!) that is just so freaking perfect (and something that I already wanted).


And this Suzicorn pillow from my mommy. (No lie, I saw one when we were in Aspen and told Alex that I wanted it!) #ESP

The weekend was another weekend of working hard (and yes, dealing with hormones and maybe even some tears). I missed Alex, I didn’t always feel my best, but Sunday was the day that I needed to feel back on my (slightly puffy) feet.

  • My purchases Friday and Saturday forced me to move past my anxiety, my insecurities, and to reaffirm my faith in this pregnancy. That freed me to just enjoy Sunday.
  • I got real sleep (multiple times).
  • I ate a balanced diet of fresh veggies and yes, some convenience foods, but here was no ridiculous bingeing on fries and cornbread and chips like I do when I work late at work. My body was so much happier for it!
  • I got to spend time with Ridley that was just so pleasant (read, she wasn’t being INSANE from lack of off leash time).
  • Presents from friends reminded me that sure, I am loved, but most importantly, to stay excited of things to come, proud of who I am now, and proud of my past. 

This is a big week for Alex and I. I have a psych appointment Tuesday (I had to postpone them when we switched insurance until we got approval), and I want to discuss these sleep issues as well as how to better manage my moods and hormones at work during pregnancy. Thursday is a BIG day for us–we have our full anatomy scans and will discover if Yoshi is a Yo-she or a Yos-he. We will be happy with whatever the little one is–truly! And no, there will be no pomp and circumstance gender reveal. To each their own, but we want to know and share that with our families in a low key way.

I hope you all have a lovely day and a lovely week!

Plans for today? How are you bringing summer to a close?

Do you deal with anxiety dreams? HOW?

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