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Penguin Holiday Gift Guide


I decided that we need the Perfect Penguin Holiday Gift Guide.

I hate that this season that should be associated with happiness, peace, and love is being marred again and again by violence and terrorism, so I thought that I would of happiness to the world in the form of penguins. Because, really? You are never too old to smile and giggle like a little kid.

Brief update: my MRI went smoothly yesterday morning, and now we are waiting on the result to be read by the radiologist and then to put those findings into action by my Physical Medicine doctor and my chiro therapist. We are cutting it close to the weekend, but I’m hoping that I’ll get my answers today! Thank you so much to everyone who reached out and wished me luck, and also to all of you for continuing on this journey with me. 

Now, on to cuteness! And thank you to Heather for some Friday Favorites!

Spread the Antarctic happiness and love with the perfect penguin holiday gift! You can't help but smile. Get the Guide at! @suzlyfe

Penguin Holiday Gift Guide

I am an Amazon Affiliate, I will get a little kickback from Amazon if you buy from the links!

Penguin Infinity Scarf

How adorable is this scarf! I like the gray because it makes it a bit more upscale 😀 Even though it is covered in penguins. Which just makes it awesome!

Penguin Monopoly aka Penguin-opoly

Do you have a husband that insists you play Monopoly, and you just can’t get into it? Believe me, you will be the one asking to play with this set!

Penguin Corkscrew

Because as long as there is wine, the holidays will be fine. And if there are penguins and wine, well, you are good to go.

Penguin Ceramic Mug

Even Mondays will be a breeze if you are drinking from a penguin mug! Coffee, hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, Fireball, gingerbread tea… 

tea and bourbon

Penguin Humidifier aka Puffington

Puffington, or Puff, as he is affectionately known in my house, is a true member of our family. Seriously, he is a daily and necessary presence due to how dry the air gets once the heaters turn on in our apartment building. 

Fuzzy Penguin Slipper Socks

These Old Navy Penguin Cozy Slipper Socks are one of my picks for my penguin Holiday Gift Guide! Get the full list at @suzlyfe

I love these socks. Every time I look down, there is a penguin looking back up at me. Plus they keep my poorly circulated feet warm!

Penguin Onesie

In case the socks aren’t enough, how about a Penguin Onesie? Toasty warm.

Now, go forth and spread some happiness to the world!

They say money can't buy happiness, but you can find the perfect penguin holiday gift to make your loved ones happy! Find the list at @suzlyfe. Love this Penguin meme!

Brianna is crushing my dreams and telling me that they bite, though. But that is neither here nor there.

I'm spreading #happiness with the perfect #penguin holiday gifts! #giftguide #holidays Click To Tweet

What is another of your favorite exotic animals? I’m a big fan of otters, polar bears, dolphins, and unicorns. I HATE MONKEYS.

Do you own a onesie? Would you own a onesie?

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