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Past, Present, Future : A Quick Tribute

Today is going to be a quick tribute to my past, present, and future. 

I wasn’t going to post today (I was working on my book instead!) but upon realizing what day today was, I knew that I had to say something.

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Eight years ago, Alex and I became “official.” We had had our first official date 3 weeks before, and in the interim, I had traveled to a horse show, gotten very ill, visited my dying grandfather (who I found out was dying the day before I went out there and he died the day after I left, and the horse that I had shown and leased for over a year had gotten significantly injured at horse show finals (that day). Three weeks after our first date, Alex and I had dinner with my mom (visiting for horse show finals). And, as has become an inside joke in our family, I got three scallops for $30 for my dinner entree that night. I also got something in my eye and had to go flush it out in the bathroom, and when Alex and I went to visit my horse later that night, the horse tried to bite him (he was in pain and asleep.  Also, crotchety at the best of times). 

Alex and I at the Barrat just before the traditional Hindu ceremony. Loved my sari! @suzlyfe

Yet, Alex didn’t take all of those things as harbingers of doom (as he should have). Instead, the idiot started dating me, and after a crazy crazy first year, he still didn’t cut and run. I’ve put that boy through his paces, and I continue to do so.

Not everyone gets to meet their soulmate. I’m lucky to have two. I’ve done tributes to my mom, but rarely to Alex, who is my rock (and my hard place, lol). I kind of like to think that I do tributes to him throughout the year. 

There aren’t words to say what he means to me. I wouldn’t have gotten through the past eight years without him. I couldn’t go through what I am currently contending with (the anxiety, the fertility treatments, and more) without him.

Three year wedding anniversary! We celebratated at Drum Bar in Streeterville.

Don’t ask me how I feel about the beard. It is for a mustache thing. Last night at our anniversary do!

Now, as he gets ready to take medical boards this Friday and then start interviews for fellowship next weekend, I just want him to know that I support him. That I couldn’t be more proud of him. And that I don’t want to go through the challenges of the future without him. 

winter-weather-valentines-day-body-heat-funny-ecard-Ow2 i put up with you

Today’s post is short, sweet, and heartfelt. Thank you for the most incredible 8 years, Alex. I can’t wait to see where we go from here!

If you have a significant other: do you still celebrate your date-iversary?

How long before your significant other met your parents?

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