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Passion and My Blogging Mission Statement


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I took a little blogging intermission yesterday morning (for those of you who may or may not have noticed). I just needed to let myself be Tuesday afternoon and not push anything. I had my little anxiety moment Monday and then Tuesday just needed to be.

So instead of blogging I went and laid in the sun, did a little workout, and then played gin rummy with Alex and then my dad and brother before going to dinner, where we definitely did NOT stick by our “we are going to eat more sensibly” goals. 

But when there is Blue Crab and Corn dip with hot bread and some of the best fish and chips you’ve had, well, you aren’t going to say no, right? Thought so. #whywearefriends

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Coming back from Blogfest hasn’t necessarily been smooth sailing for me. Same thing happened to me in a slightly different fashion after I came back from the Phoenix Marathon and a few other times. I just seem to be in search of this balance that feels like it is slipping through my fingers every time I grasp it. And every time I grasp it, I get confused as to what I’m even balancing. 

What are my passions? 

Okay, but what really are my passions? What drives me to get up out of bed each morning? What do I wake up excited about? Other than my breakfast and coffee.

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This isn’t to say that every morning I wake up wanting to do all of these things, but it is to say that at some point each day there is a moment where I find myself organically driven to engage with one of those pursuits in a meaningful way. And that if I abstain from one of them for a certain amount of time, I find myself missing them in a manner that is greater than just habit. 

Play your HIGH CARDS Gabby Reece Blogfest Inspiration

One of the greatest things about being a coach is that I have the chance to take in the big picture and help my clients work towards them in smaller increments. Right now, I need to coach myself. Part of my lack of balance lies in easing the tension between the now and the future: the what I need to do now versus the what I want in the future. The big plans–how do I make them happen? But how do I keep myself sane and happy in the meantime? 

You Can Beginning of Story Dealing With Anxiety Suzlyfe

Yesterday, The Lovely Lindsay Crazy Cotter wrote a post that literally knocked me off my feet. Well. Literally/figuratively. I know that she is dealing with much the same issue that I am: finding a new balance in her new identity after Kiwi’s triathlons and in this ever changing and highly competitive world that demands so much out of us every.single.solitary.second. So Lindsay decided to create a Mission Statement for her blog and her life. That immediately got me to thinking about my own mission statement. Who do I want to be for myself, for you, for my family, for the world? What am I setting out to accomplish? What am I hoping to accomplish for my blog? And so I worked on that yesterday.

The Suzlyfe Mission Statement

The Suzlyfe is a health, wellness, food, and life blog that strives to illustrate that one can write their own story, regardless of the stipulations and criteria given them by others. I will never tell you how to live your life, I just hope that by demonstrating how I live mine I might inspire you to live your own life beyond expectations. And to do so with humor, grace, and elan.

Well, grace is relative

Well, grace is relative

Regardless of what comes to pass in the coming months as a result of changes in life and the blog, I never want to stray from that core mission. 

Susie’s Personal Mission Statement. 

My mission as the writer of Suzlyfe is create a place where people of all ages, conditions, and athletic abilities and pursuits feel welcome and able to interact with each other as well as with me. That means engendering an atmosphere where people can relax and feel at ease, but also know that the information they are receiving is up to date, accurate, and of high quality: never overstep my bounds and to adhere to my expertise. Authenticity is a characteristic that is absolutely necessary to my blog and readership, and transparency as necessary to maintain said authenticity. But within the bounds of professionalism.That means staying true to myself and never posting something that would compromise my integrity or something simply to gain a buck or notoriety. Wait for the campaign that has been waiting for you. 

I Know I keep posting this, but I am truly inspired by this thought right now!

I Know I keep posting this, but I am truly inspired by this thought right now!

As a person, my mission first and foremost is to be a positive addition to this world. My roles, purpose, and form may change, but I hope always to be remembered as someone who both left and found a positive. 

As a wife, my mission is to always be someone that my husband looks forward to coming home to. That doesn’t mean being a pushover (he wouldn’t like that anyway), but it does mean checking my attitude at the door when necessary and getting over myself. And learning some patience. LIKE NOW.

As a running coach and fitness professional, my mission is to listen to my clients and then treat them as if they are my ONLY clients for the amount of time that they are on my mind. My goal as a trainer is to educate my clients so that they can become their own self-sufficient entities of health, but that they return to me because they WANT to. It is also my mission and my duty to continue to educate myself to provide them the best service.

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As a patient, my mission is to take care of myself, dammit. And to drink the damn colonoscopy prep even though it gives me heart palpitations. Because it is my duty to myself and my family.

As a writer in general, my mission is to be accessible, but professional. To temper the serious moments with humor but also to know when to let them stand. I want to write words and put forth feelings that people want to read. And to do so in such a way that induces them to want to read them. 

What is your mission statement? @Suzlyfe is working on hers #thinkingoutloud #sweatpink #fitfluential Click To Tweet

This is just the start, there are so many other mission statements that I feel I should write for my life, but we all have to start somewhere.

Thank you to Amanda for this chance to Think Out Loud.

What are the great passions of your life?

What missions statements would you write?

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