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Parental Visits, Happy Places, and New Eats (Weekend Recap)


This weekend Alex’s parents visited us and we filled our time with #allthefood, lots and lots of puppy snuggles, and a pretty substantial amount of walking, napping, and did I mention eating? You know I love to take people to all the delicious places!

Friday night, I had a late consult, but it was actually a blessing in disguise because it helped me to not eat my hand due to a later dinner (Alex’s parents’ flight was a bit on the later side). And thank goodness we did wait, because dinner was fantastic and followed by froyo (now that I have discovered a place that does cookie dough and biscuit cookie flavors, I’m in trouble). Then it was back to the apartment to let the grandparents meet the grandpup! 

Ridley was a little unsure at first (she doesn’t get many visitors into the apartment), but she quickly warmed up and by the next day was laying on top of them napping.

Saturday morning was my personal real treat: a perfect morning for 5 fantastic miles with Alex. I think the last time that we were able to run together was in Georgia around Christmas! My hamstring felt fine overall, maybe a little twingey, and I could feel it a little bit the rest of the day, but the next morning it felt totally normal again. We managed to pick it up a little bit with each mile, there was little wind, just the right amount of people, and the miles felt like they should. 

My happy place.

I had to do a little work on a freelance piece, but then I met Alex and his parents for lunch at one of our local faves, Frances’ Deli (OMG go there if you are nearby). They have amazing blackened chicken, btw. Among everything else there that is delicious. 

The Lou By the Lake sandwich is turkey, muenster, and cranberry on challah. YEAH

We opted for a pretty chill afternoon, rather than going to a museum, of playing with the dog, having a predinner drink, and then going up to Evanston for dinner with one of Alex’s cousins. We went to Campagnola, an Italian restaurant that was FABULOUS. Absolutely. Delicious. If you live around the area, this is one to put on your list. Intimate, cozy, but sophisticated. A very well curated wine list and a well curated menu. I didn’t take pictures because the lighting wasn’t great for pictures (though it was perfect for dinner), but I got the beef carpaccio and Alex got a really fabulous orichiette with rapini pesto. A lemon tarte and vanilla caramel bread pudding finished off the meal! 

The next morning, Alex and I fit in a gym and grocery session before brunch. This time, the lighting was in my favor!

We went to Hutch, and it was another on.point. pick (I did pretty well with my food picks this weekend, if I do say so myself!). They have a blood orange margarita that was fanfreakingtabulous, and you know I am a margarita snob in a big way. Alex got the Chilaquilles

and I got the Lakeview Scramble (not as much a looker, but filled with grille chicken, spinach, and tomato, with an English muffin).

We will definitely be back to Hutch, and this is another spot that I highly recommend! Make reservations, though… it was PACKED, and that seemed to be standard operating procedure in there.

But brunch wasn’t fantastic just because of the food–we got to meet an old friend of Alex’s mom, and she and her husband were hilarious and delightful! 

Because we were so close, we walked up to Wrigley Field and then started the walk home. It was windy, but the air was crisp and the skies clear, and we just felt so spoiled. And tipsy. Or was that just me?

I needed a nap–I didn’t get much sleep the night before–and afterward, I woke up in a bit of a stupor (you know how those weekend naps will get you). I was a bit of a curmudgeon as we went off in search of a place to watch the UVA game. We had to switch venues, and for some reason, that little bit of problem solving (I found us the new place) seemed to jolt me out of it!

We ended up at a Barn and Co BBQ, and though the service was… interesting… their brisket, pulled chicken, and sweet potato fries are awesome. I’m always a fan of a place with various BBQ sauce options, and their mustard sauce was my favorite of the offerings. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the citrus pepper one, but it did remind me of my time in the Caribbean. 

I am basically banned from watching UVA basketball play–every time I watch, we lose. And in double overtime. Longest. Game. Ever. But we had a good time, we left stuffed to the gills, and I was ready for a brief walk home and a snuggle with the puppy and the hubs! Ridley watched Planet Earth with Alex for a bit before the latter’s bedtime. It was actually adorable because she totally responded to the animals on the screen!

Another scrumptious weekend! Drooling over Suz's eats! #weekend #brunchsohard Click To Tweet

This week is my last before I start back on stimulation meds, and Alex is actually taking it off, so who knows what is going to go down! I am fixing Valentine’s Day dinner for us tomorrow, we are going to dinner with my clients/our friends downtown on Thursday. My plan is to enjoy this week, enjoy my week and a half of running and working out, and keep working on my eBooks and freelance articles, while I have the drive and desire!

Found any good new-to-you restaurants recently? 

Who brunched so hard this weekend?

Do you have superstitions regarding sports?

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