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Times Like These: Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving 2017

There really are no substitutes for times like these. Days just devoted to your favorite people, who also juuuust so happen to be your relatives. Once again, our Thanksgiving trip to Palmetto Bluff did NOT disappoint!

You know the statistic about how much weight the average American puts on over the course of Thanksgiving/the holidays? I think I beat that, lol. a) I fed Yoshi well over the past few days and b) Yoshi has hit a HUGE growth spurt! Pants that fit before I left for South Carolina don’t fit the belly anymore! I officially look super preg. And I couldn’t be happier 😀

Last I checked in, I had just been released from the crutches full time. Of course, I overdid it a little bit the first day–not from walking too much at one time, but just cummulative use–so I tried to keep my walking to a minimum on Wednesday, and I crutched around the airport Thursday.

I’m super paranoid about it–I can feel my hip when I am at rest, but generally not while moving, which is just really annoying from the stand point of knowing what is going on in there. Thus, the crutches went with me for the majority of activities, especially those that took me more than 5 minutes to walk to. By Saturday, I was feeling more comfortable and secure in how my hip was feeling, so I gave myself a little more leeway to walk around for our maternity pictures and dinner. I could feel it a bit more when I woke up Sunday, but that could also very well be ligament stuff in there. I’m just going to continue to be careful!

Thursday (Travel Day)

Thursday was a looooooonnnng day–about 12 hours total of travel! We found out the day before that American had canceled our flight and moved us to a later flight, so we got to sleep in a little bit, but we still left for the airport at 6:30. The airport was smooth sailing… even though of course we had the farthest possible gate, and McDonalds left out the egg, ham, etc, from my Egg McMuffin. As in, I got just the English Muffin. We discovered this at the gate (again, farthest possible) so Alex had to be a champ and retrieve the rest of my sandwich for me. TYPICAL

My brother picked us up from the airport, and we headed out east to meet my mom and go to the farm to see my horse Brian. I talked a bit about this on Instagram, but I got Brian right around my birthday when I was 13 (he was 13 as well), and if you remember, I was diagnosed that fall with Crohn’s Disease. Let’s just say that Bri and I have been through A LOT together. We will both be 30 next year–he is basically an octogenarian by horse standards–and I can’t wait to introduce him to my daughter. 

Here’s a picture of him in his heyday. Or hay day? WINK

Sara (the other grey), was my grandfather’s last broodmare, and she is the last living piece of him that I have. I lost him during the same weeks I started dating Alex. Seeing them together gave my heart so much joy.

Then it was off to South Carolina after a brief stop to drop off a car at our lake house (now where my parents live full time). And get a snack, of course. Pregnant lady here!

4-5 hours later we arrived in Palmetto Bluff and in the arms of a great many Lemmers and a great Thanksgiving feast! Everyone had already eaten and had dessert, so we kind of had free run of the place lol. AND FREE REIN I DID TAKE.

Explain this pecan pie thing to me

I set the tone for the next few days and ate to the point of discomfort 😀 I joked that Yoshi was pressed up against my stomach like you see in cartoons when someone gets slammed up against a wall and then slides down it. 

She got hers back, though, by making it difficult for me to breath in general and have opinions about just about everything (including my sleep patterns) throughout the weekend. Wonder who she gets that from?


Friday was the Turkey Trot! Alex did GREAT– he ran just the pace that he had been aiming for, and he even got 3rd in his age group! Though not a deep field, he was in by far the most competitive bracket, so hurrah for him! 

Also, proud coach moment, he told me afterwards that he had to remind himself to “run his own race” when our cousin Dan surged ahead at the start (there had been discussion of them running together). And Alex ended up passing him at the end and beating him! Tortoise vs the hare!

We met Mom and Chris for lunch and to hang out with them for a while before naps and the infamous Lemmer pig roast that afternoon.

First of 3 or 4 plates that Alex and I shared.

We arrived at the house at 3 and stayed until 11(?) and, again, ate ourselves to discomfort. And with no remorse, lol. Alex’s family is just so much fun, so full of love, and so friendly. I couldn’t ask for a better extended crew!

Julie and I had planned to meet up, but with an hour seperating us and giant families pulling us in multiple directions, we just couldn’t make it work. ONE DAY though. ONE DAY


I got up earlier than anyone (no surprise there) and surprisingly hungry (after everything I had eaten the night before, I’m honestly not sure how….) so I got breakfast #1 downstairs. Alex came down later for a run, and unfortunately, after a fabulous start to his run, he tweaked his calf and had to walk back. SADFACE. Seriously, you can’t take us anywhere.

We met up with Mom and Chris for brunch, and Alex and I decided that nap was in order after, but we picked a new location–the hammock by the treehouse! I LOVE HAMMOCKS

I had a nail appointment at 1:45 (first legit manicure that I’ve had since Cara’s wedding last year!) and then we eagerly awaited the arrival of my old running buddy Allison, who is doing a clinical year in Charleston for her PhD (NERD :D), and who was doing our maternity pics! 

We had such a good time with her, and though we have only some prelim shots, Alex and I are so happy with what she took. She had great ideas, gave great direction, and I was just so impressed! Here’s a sneak peak!

I love this picture so much

At 5 was the lighting of the inn (for xmas), and Allison hung around for that (and a few cookies… which were amazing) before heading back. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALLISON! Having pictures taken was awesome, but to be able to combine that with catching up with an old friend? #priceless.

We stayed at the celebration for a little bit (I needed a s’more) before heading to dinner with Alex’s immediate/nuclear family. 

Ginger spice marshmallow. YES.

Dinner was a fabulous finale to the trip with the Lemmers–we went back to Buffalo’s, per tradition (also, I did a masterful parallel parking job, thank you). The food was delicious, we stuffed ourselves (again), and we signed off the trip with a bow. 


Let’s just say that Yoshi had some opinions about the amount of sleep that I should get. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a more sleepless night since I was a teenager. Not because of comfort, but just the inability to sleep! 

We had an early departure, so it wasn’t as big a deal (especially once the coffee was put out in the main area). After breakfast, we got back in the car and started the journey back to Atlanta via the lake house to drop off Mom and switch cars. 

Lunch at Subway, a straightforward flight home, Burrito Beach and Frontera tortas, and a cluster f*** Of a time getting a car home from the airport and we were home to Zoe and lots of litter on the floor and hidden vomit. #homesweethome 

Ridley returns this morning, and I’m Instacarting for what I hope is the last time. I need to do laundry as well, thus the need to have groceries delivered rather than risk overdoing my hip. 

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This week is a mixed bag! I have my 32 week appointment at the OB, another PT appointment, and I and Landon are preparing for a shopping party as well as the Windy City Bloggers holiday party next week. 

SPEAKING OF: the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale at Landon Lacey Jewelry continues (and then will end) today! Long necklaces, November birthstone jewelry, and especially those personalized necklaces are all 25% off, no code necessary. The perfect gift for the holiday season! 

I’ll admit, I did some Black Friday shopping–specifically for a rug for Yoshi’s room and my fave Eyes on the Fries tank.

I know this has been a long post, so thank you so much for sticking with me! I just don’t want to lose the memories, and during weekends like this, even the fact that we had to stop for a snack at the lake (leading to me grabbing to cold pieces of slightly (ok fine, quite) stale bread, spreading butter on them, and them shoving them into my mouth? Totally part of the legend of the weekend (also, maybe Alex’s new fave preggo Suz moment).

I hope you had as lovely a Thanksgiving or regular weekend as I did! Can you believe that in 2 months, Yoshi will be here?

Oh, and it also happened to be my 4th blogiversary… I should probably celebrate that, huh?

Tell me a favorite moment from this weekend (Thanksgiving or otherwise)!

Spill it–did you shop?

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