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Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 was, simply put, unreal. I should have taken more pictures, but I was having too much fun! Also, every time that I thought about taking pictures of the scenery, I literally had the thought that I could never full capture how gorgeous the area was, how lovely it was to be surrounded by really fabulous people, and just how unbelievable the setting was. A look back at my Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving!

Thank you Katie and Erin for the Weekend Recap linkups!

 As I’ve talked about in the past (I know, I know, I’m a broken record!), Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday and one that is somewhat sacred to me–I always spend it with my mom (except for one Thanksgiving, I believe!). And over the past few years (some of my first blog posts were about my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner myself!), I’ve discovered how much I like hosting Thanksgiving.

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This Thanksgiving broke with that tradition by introducing us to a new (to us) tradition: his extended family’s Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving! Alex’s dad is one of five brothers (that poor mother, lol), and they are all quite close. One of Alex’s uncles has a vacation home in Palmetto Bluff, SC (close to Hilton Head, but on the river side, rather than the beach side), and each year the extended family is invited to a massive Thanksgiving weekend.


Spoiler alert, I had an amazing time. I embellished the heck out of my life. I found balance in the midst of all of the unknowns, and I relinquished the control necessary to have a great time myself and for others to have a great time as well. 

I won’t take you into every nitty gritty detail, but I want to at least go over the days for my own future memories!

Wednesday: Travel Day!

I woke up bright and early Wednesday to power through some miles on the treadmill. I knew that if I didn’t, I would, simply put, be a miserable human being both myself as well as to deal with if we then had to deal with the airport and travel and then being in the car to get to the destination. We got into PB around 7 and headed straight to one of the brother’s rental houses for dinner (we cleaned up the left overs, lol) and then to our rental house (Alex and I, his parents, and his brother + wife + son) to drop off bags.

Nigel the cat that we found at Thanksgiving 2016

We made a new friend while we were there! Apparently, this big guy wandered in through an open door while we were unloading. I saw him and yelled up to Alex (upstairs) if we were supposed to have a giant cat in the house… and he didn’t believe me!

I named him Nigel, and we looked out for Nigel the rest of the trip!

Thursday: Thanksgiving done the Right Way!

Thanksgiving morning, I gave thanks one of the best ways that I know how: A perfect long run. I loaded up my phone with some podcasts and headed out for a run through this ridiculously scenic community in ridiculous spot on weather. It was one of those runs that I never wanted to end!

This place is really tragic.

This place is really tragic.

But I knew that I needed to end it, so I did, begrudgingly, and then took a shower in the incredible bathroom of our rental house before meeting up with Alex and his parents (playing tennis) for lunch.

Detox Salad Buffalo's Palmetto Bluff

Knowing what was to come, we all loaded up on salads! If only I’d known how many Brussels sprouts I would be eating later, lol.

Before long, it was time for the big Thanksgiving dinner. And boy. What a dinner it was. Let’s just say that I got my turkey and Brussels sprouts in. I seriously couldn’t stop. Of course, I got a little bit of everything, but I really focused on those sprouts and turkey! 

My second round was just sprouts and turkey

My second round was just sprouts and turkey

But it wasn’t just about the sprouts and turkey, though. Over the course of the weekend, I got some really great quality time with just about everyone that was there. I was also quasi adopted by one of Alex’s littlest cousins (a 6 year old, her brother (who is 10) adopted Alex, lol), and I will be thanking my lucky stars that I am blessed with a good sense of direction. Aka, driving at night in a dark area in a golf cart with a 6 year old with an 8 year old’s maturity = a recipe for disaster without an internal compass and observational skills!

Thanksgiving 2016 dessert selection

Also, pie. Nuff said.

Friday: Turkeys and Pigs!

And I’m not just talking about us! Friday morning was the Palmetto Bluff Turkey Trot, and even with slightly tired legs from my big run, Alex and I managed a steady negative split and finished at 8:15 avg pace right around 26 minutes and first of his family! Everyone participated, and it was the perfect way to get moving after Thursday’s gluttony. 

Palmetto Turkey Trot 2016

I had some Coach Suz Training business to tend to, so after we all disperse after the race and post race party, I pulled out my laptop and did work on the porch in the gorgeous weather. Exercise, food, family, perfect weather, gorgeous setting…. the weekend was tragic. SO TRAGIC.

Mom and Chris arrived just in time for the next big event of the weekend, the pig roast! 

Not. Joking.

Not. Joking.

Yet again, I ate my bodyweight in Brussels sprouts. And Cracker Jack. This family knows how to throw down, but they also know how to open their arms to any and all: my mom and brother with brought right into the fold and treated like direct blood relatives, not just extended family!

We stayed there the rest of the night, with plans to see everyone once more the following night.

Saturday: Savannah and Sayonara

I got up for another morning run on Saturday (I flip-flopped my usual long run and Thursday run). I went in the opposite direction for this run, and there was still plenty to see. And yes, it was another glorious morning to run). Seriously, each run was done in sleeveless and shorts (except I could have used some arm warmers for this one and Sunday). I just couldn’t get over the natural beauty of this area: the live oaks, pines, and Spanish moss were spell binding! 

Veggie Egg White Omelet

I met Mom and Chris for breakfast at the inn (where they were staying) and I got a loaded veggie egg white omelet (surprise surprise). It was lovely to get some time just with them before we went and picked up Alex to head into Savannah, which was only about 45 minutes away!

I lived in Georgia for 18 years, and I never went to Savannah. I NEEDED to remedy that! I also realized when we got down there that one of Alex’s best friends from med school lives in the area. We haven’t seen them since our wedding (3.5 years ago exactly), so I encouraged him to get in touch, and they were able to meet us for lunch!

My brother, Mom, Myself, and Alex in Savannah!

Mom, Chris, Alex and I wandered around a bit (and found some really cool shops) and basically decided that we loved the city, and then we headed to the Olde Pink House for lunch. If you go to Savannah, put this place on your list. The food is delicious, but the real draw is the setting–the mansion is from 1771, and is drop. dead. gorgeous!

We were at lunch for nearly 2 hours, talking, eating, and just having a great time, and finally, we had to call it and head back to PB. It was just so lovely to see them, and I would love to come back to Savannah and explore more!

We had a relaxed dinner just Alex’s immediate family before heading over to the uncle’s house one last time for dinner, basketball, and finally, goodbyes. 

Sunday: Travel Day

I knew that I needed to get some movement in first thing, if it was going to happen, so I did a light workout before we left for the airport, saying goodbye to my family on our way out. We got to the airport in time for a sit down lunch and then some work before an easy peasy flight (and some serious in-flight naps). 

Tortilla Soup at the airport.

Though I had been thinking about Ridley and Zoe and how much I missed my furry kids the whole time we were gone, I was glad that we had some solo Zoe time when we got home. She was, as ever, desperate for attention upon our return after being gone, and not having Ridley there while we did errands and such was, honestly, helpful.

But you better know that I am going to throw myself at my pupster as hard as possible. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER!!

Talk about an epic Thanksgiving! Suz went big by not going home! #thanksgiving #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Thanksgiving was, in a word, EPIC. I hope you had as awesome a holiday as I did, or, at the very least, a really really fantastic weekend. And… gulp… it is almost December????

How is Thanksgiving over? ANSWER ME!!

Who else has to get in physical activity in order to be a tolerable human being?

Tell me something awesome from your past few days!

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