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Subtitled: Suzlyfe and the Oyster of the Phoenix

Thank you Katie and Erin for hosting the weekend linkups!

Last week to join in on the Giveaway Blog Hop and win an absurd amount of prizes! Check out my Fitness Swag Box!

Another round of congrats to go around! Congrats to Joe and Caitlin on BUYING A FREAKING HOUSE!!! Happy Birthday to Erica! And Congrats to Carson (Ms. Running Southern) on becoming a marathoner! And major fist bumpage to all the Santa Hustle/Jingle 5k etc’rs out there–a tip of the hat to you for dressing up in costume. The only costume that I wore this weekend was PJ’s at 7:00 PM on Saturday night.

Hey, Alex gets to wear scrubs aka pj’s to work this week, he starts work at 7 PM, thus I am just acting in solidarity.

So, this past weekend, I did something a bit crazy. And I’m not just talking about my long run in 15 mph headwinds.

I’m cool with my mental status. The voices in my head tell me that I am perfectly normal.

Anyway, I decided to give Erica the best birthday present a girl could possibly ask for, and I invited myself along for a little race at the end of February. Nothing major, just the opportunity to travel with/room with/run with me at

phoenix marathon

The Phoenix Marathon

Before you all go rolling your eyes and writing me off for good, hear me out (I’ll keep it brief):

  1. I am still rocking and rolling in my run love
  2. If I am going to run through a Chicago winter, it better be for a reason, dammit
  3. I have been trying to figure out which one to do, this one will allow me to just pick up where I currently am, without extending training too much
  4. This is a reasonably priced marathon, good course support, good reviews, a BQ course in a fun locations (ie not Chicago in the winter)
  5. Between Erica, Smitha, Helly, and Carlee, I have some amazing friends who will be there, both experienced and newer to marathons, but we will all be able to respect the task at hand. I realized that if I did Shamrock with Caitlin and all of the other girls, I put pressure on myself to want to be up all through the night etc and gab with them. Plus, Shamrock is, and always has been, in my mind, Caitlin’s race. She will tell me I’m an idiot for thinking so, but I mentally need her to do it first, before I do! I know it is weird, but again, the voices in my head say that I am perfectly justified in this thinking.
  6. The timeline seems to be right on. I did a good long run yesterday, I will work on speed this week (and not worry about a long run while we are visiting Alex’s parents, maybe during the week following), and then our next vacation is in February right at the beginning of my taper-weeks, so I can have a final long run then travel to celebrate a certain someone’s bridal shower and whatever else we plan on! Also, and this is a big also, I am in the real estate field. I am getting my leasing license, and I cannot afford to be away from the city (with the exception of Caitlin’s wedding, which I wouldn’t miss for anything. Even Zoe on fire) during the height of the leasing season, which starts mid February but will really be hot for me during March–on. Thus, the reason to choose this one.

I have Alex’s full blessing to do this, and that was the final deal-sealer. If he had given me that “look” (we all know it), I would have put it off. But we discussed it, and if I am going to do this this spring, this is my best option.

So, here we go again!

Remember, Justin Bobby = Running.

Remember, Justin Bobby = Running.

A few other things about the weekend:

First off, thank goodness for Oyster. It (like Netflix) is simply enabling my addiction, but what can you do. In fact, Oyster is like Netflix for books. You pay $10 a month and can read as many books as you want (that they have in their library, obvs). I am trying it out, and if you use this referral link, you can get $15 off your subscription (And I will, too!–win-win!). This is going to be so great during my winter treadmill runs… But according to Ange, it doesn’t work in Canada, though I can’t imagine why. But you can get it on your handheld devices, so check it out!

Friday ended with us getting Thai food (and a killer idea for an upcoming recipe!) and then watching American Hustle. Hello, Amy Adams and Christian Bale were AMAZING in that. Saturday was super low key other than abusing my legs (omg the run back after running straight into the wind was hilarious. After my pyramid treadmill workout on Thursday and then that, my legs were jelloid). We did laundry, went to West Egg, where I got my Carl’s Creation and Alex tried out (and approved) of their corned beef skillet, I grocery shopped while he finished laundry and watched UVA, I read, I food prepped (PS easiest food prep maybe ever–TJ’s Meatloaf, green beans, sweet potato, onion, and saffron rice), I read and had an allergy attack (my eyes were on fire), then Alex went to work and I had whatever wasn’t used from his food prep and got all nice and caught up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Gotta keep my mind sharp, after all.

Oh, and Ange brought this to my attention.#bucketlist #goingtojapan.


Also, in Japan, there is a little penguin that wears a backpack that goes shopping. I forget its name, but it is on YouTube and will blow your mind. Caitlin and I are already plotting.

Sunday was another low key day–reading (thank goodness for Oyster) and chilling but I was fortunate to be able to begin to make up some sorely backlogged-phone chat time with two of my besties, then met up with another fwend for my first Pure Barre class!

This week is going to be the week of not being at home while still living there. Social calls every night but Tuesday, then off to VA on Friday.

And I’m hoping that I will get a chance to go by the newly opened Dylan’s Candy Bar on Michigan and re-up my fueling options 😉

What is your fave Real Housewives Franchise? Fave Bravo series? I’m pretty partial to the Bev Hills ladies, but the first 2 seasons of New York were INCREDIBLE. The Real Housewives of Melbourne is like the worst show ever. I love the Ladies of London show. Fave series would be between Top Chef, Flipping out, Below Deck, and My Life on the D List. Also, I love What What Happens Live.

Have you been to a Dylan’s Candy Bar? I went a few times in NYC. Obviously, any bulk candy situation is dangerous for me….

I have issues with sugar.

I have issues with sugar.

Have you heard about Oyster Books?

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