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Overcoming Limits


I sometimes feel that my life is a study of overcoming limits. But who’s life isn’t? How have I learned to see limits as expectations, ones that I can overcome, live beyond, and nudge ever higher?

Today’s post is a special post over at the Spyder blog. I talk about overcoming limits in my life–how I went from a kid who never thought about limits and “just did it” to a kid with limits actively placed upon me thanks to a severe chronic illness. 

Did I let those limitations stop me? Yes, for a time.

What helped me see that those limits were merely expectations, and not set in stone?
How did I learn to game the system, to push that ceiling ever higher?

You are going to have to read to find out. Click the image.

What do you know about Overcoming Limits in your life? Is it possible to live Limitless? Find out in this guest post from @suzlyfe at

In a world of limitations, discover the secret to living #limitless @spyder #motivation Click To Tweet

What are some limitations that you perceive in your life?

How do you live limitless?

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