Overcoming Limits

I sometimes feel that my life is a study of overcoming limits. But who’s life isn’t? How have I learned to see limits as expectations, ones that I can overcome, live beyond, and nudge ever higher?

Today’s post is a special post over at the Spyder blog. I talk about overcoming limits in my life–how I went from a kid who never thought about limits and “just did it” to a kid with limits actively placed upon me thanks to a severe chronic illness. 

Did I let those limitations stop me? Yes, for a time.

What helped me see that those limits were merely expectations, and not set in stone?
How did I learn to game the system, to push that ceiling ever higher?

You are going to have to read to find out. Click the image.

What do you know about Overcoming Limits in your life? Is it possible to live Limitless? Find out in this guest post from @suzlyfe at http://www.spyder.com/Overcoming_Limits

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What are some limitations that you perceive in your life?

How do you live limitless?

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  1. There are no limits in my life. I might be hesitant about taking on challenges at times, but I still GO FOR IT because there is no sense in not trying. If you don’t try then you will NEVER know what your true potential was. And honestly, you NEVER KNOW – you could realize that you kick ass at whatever you set out to accomplish!

  2. Outstanding, Susie, just outstanding!

    I am so proud of you–for spelling out exactly how you have viewed your “limitations” –not as road blocks, but as a big obstacles on your road that have to be carefully climbed over. Sometimes you have to go around the obstacles or through them, sometimes it takes a village, or at least a hamlet, or a wonderful horse to get you over them. You don’t see a limitation in your path– you see a really big jump to get over!

    When I look back at that Boston Marathon race, it was a huge goal. You’d qualified for it, and you so wanted to run it. but you finally realized that your injured body would be harmed much more by running it than by letting that dream go.
    You set your sights on a goal, but at times, you’ve had to figure out if that goal is really worth the risks required to achieve it. That doesn’t stop you from setting goals, it doesn’t limit you, but it makes you set your priorities in order and decide just how important a certain priority might be.

    Long ago, you saw a magnificent royal purple horse show ribbon–it was a beautiful color and a huge big deal class at a big deal horse show. When you went into that class of over 50 entries, you might have wanted to win it, but frankly you were thrilled just to make it into the finals. No, you didn’t win the class, but that wasn’t really your goal–you wanted to qualify for the class. Then you made the final cut– and you won that big royal purple ribbon!
    Of ALL the ribbons that you’ve won, that is still my favorite–that gave you the biggest smile.

    Limits?–no, just really big jumps!

  3. Yay for this post! In the past few years there have been so many instances that I’ve been afraid of things, like traveling for a long time or going away from my family for a while. But God really enabled me to overcome those fears though it was admittedly really hard.

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