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Being Food Drunk and the Ultimate Wine Life Hack


Who all saw the Red Velvet Oreos??

red velvet oreos

ERMIGERD. And they are apparently good. Feb 2nd, I am waiting for you you mean nothing to me because there is no way I will find these until like March or something. I never did get to try the cookie dough ones. Though they do have mini Reese’s Oreos….

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

So I refuse to give up my favorite pair of jeans. I still wear them, even though they have an awesome thigh hole. I am not sure how that hole got there, to be honest. #ghettofab

Continuing with the ghetto fab and because I am nice and like to share the glories of my world with all of you, even if you aren’t a) following me on instagram or b) friends with me on FB, is this not the most glorious life hack that you have ever seen?

string cheese cork wine stopper suzlufe

Yes, that would be string cheese serving as a wine stopper. #alwaysprepared #healthfoodsintervention


Oh, and even better? That would be taken at my place of work. I’m not sure if it is a healthy lifestyle intervention, a wine stopper, or a way to always be prepared for a wine and cheese party. Either way, #basicbitch awesome.

Speaking of Food and Drinking/Food Drunk.

Alex and I got food (and wine) drunk again, you guys. But when the wine is free (ps the granache we had was magical), and you are at Seasons 52, what are you going to do? And you are stuffed, and then they bring out this….

seasons 52 dessert flight

Yup. Being food drunk is very much a thing. The wine helped, but wine is made of grapes, which is a fruit, thus wine=food, and thus I am food drunk. I’m pretty sure that it is also approved by Whole 30 as a fruit, you know…. (yes, I know this is a lie. But the same principle also applies to chocolate and pizza being vegetables)

Confession: Tuesday night Windy City Bloggers had a Pizza and Pinot shindig at Blaze, which you know I have a certain, um, affinity for (cough), and when Sara told me that she was going by for a bit (she had gotten a spot, but had class, and they had sold out the event by the time that I knew she was going), I decided that I would go by. And then Alex was going to get out early enough to meet me for dinner, so I was just going to go and say hi and wait for him. I get a text that he should be there by 635, so I hang with Sara, she bails, I get my pizza, sit down, and well, gotta eat it while its hot, right?

blaze pizza close up

From my instagram #pizzalad

Yeah, Alex got there at 6:50. My pizza was long gone. And I basically looked like a heinous b*atch for sitting by myself, eating my pizza, not talking to anyone because I thought that he would come in at any minute. So I exacted my revenge by picking all the good things off his pizza. That’ll teach him. Except for he keeps stealing all of my freaking ice cream. So I just start buying flavors that he doesn’t like. HA SUCKER.

Speaking of, I found my Slow Churned Coffee and Cookies again this past week. Was too expensive. Bought it anyway. Worth it.

Multimedia and Distraction:

Netflix update, because obviously. I have moved over to Nashville, per a few of y’alls suggestion, and Except I don’t love the fact that Hulu only has the first 6 episodes and then it is all Hulu Plus. GAR.

The Jason Derulo station on Pandora is a bit too much fun. You know that you are in for a bucket of fantastical magic when the first song is “Talk Dirty” and the second is “Yeah,” and that is followed by “Airplanes” and “Replay.” College, I am BACK.

Oh, and here is another fun song for you:

Alex is now obsessed with it. I might just have to start doing a song of the week, honestly.

The craziest thing that I’ve seen used as a wine stopper is…..

Last time you were food drunk. It seems to happen to us quite a bit.

What type of music did you listen to in college?

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