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Holding on to One Hand (10.5 Months + Week Catch Up 12/17)

I was surprised to discover just how busy we have been this past week! Between playdates and naptime regressions, Emmie has been keeping me on my toes. I’ll tell you about it in the Week Catch Up!

Last time we chatted, we discussed these items. And then I forgot to blog last Thursday. Again… #oops

. And then I forgot to blog last Thursday. Again… #oops

Week Catch Up 12/17

1). Holy crap, a year ago was my/Emmie’s/our baby shower. That was one of the best few hours of my life, made even better by having one of my oldest friends with me all weekend. I also wrenched the bananas out of my ankle, but such is (suz)lyfe.

You know what that means, right? We are 5.5 weeks away from Emmie’s first birthday!! I should probably get my hair cut (or hell, just wash it) again. But we have already packed that week with various other things (doctors for us both), so it might have to wait until Alex’s vacay in March. 

You know what Emmie’s birthday also means, right? Her version of Armaggedon, aka we get reeeeeeaaallll serious about weaning.  (Also, if there are glaring typos in this section, it is because I am laying on our bed while the kid sleeps and Zoe is headbutting me and I can’t see (or breathe, actually). 

Typical Zoe headbutting

And why not leave it as is? Probably as accurate as my normal typing, what with the broken keys and the fact that now I am actually thinking about each word, rather than just typing. 

Zoe is now licking my nose and eyes and following that up with a headbutt to make sure that her hair is nice and in there. And yup, that is a paw (and claw) to the face. And what is with the purring? I am not touching you otherwise.  Oh Zoe.

ANYWAY. Back to Emmie being close to a year old. HOLY BALLS.

I finally sent out the majority of the invites on Friday. It will be on the smaller size (because of where we are having it) and just close friends and family and kiddos. Presents-wise, we are asking for gift certificates to Pearachute (so that I can keep taking her to things), Fit4Mom (so that I can keep up my and her social life and also workout), and Amazon or Target (so that we can buy diapers and toys as she grows). College fund (should out to Ali for the idea) is also appreciated. I feel like that is a good way to do it, what with her not really knowing what is going on, and the fact that we live in a small AF apartment.  Obviously, anything would be appreciated, but I needed to offer some directives and alternatives.


2) So what is Emmie up to as she nears her 11th month? We are starting to really focus on walking and standing, rather than just letting it be something that we dabble in. She has even now walked the entirety of the long apartment building hall just holding on to one of my hands (with a few twists and such here and there). She stood by herself for a few seconds midweek, but she isn’t so enthused with standing yet. Confidence is a big factor for her, as I know that it is for all kids, but she just isn’t invincible like some kids seem to be (or at least to think that they are). 

We’ve been in a nap regression all week, so naps have been few and far between, and when she wakes up from her afternoon nap (a hearty 30 minutes), she has been inconsolable for about 30 minutes and whimpery for another hourish after. She has had spells of this before, so it seems to be purely behavioral. Thank goodness Alex has been able to come home early this week to take over while I take the dog out and get some peace. Otherwise, I’m not really getting any time to myself. 

That said, she has had some seriously AWESOME days in there: happy and super fun, even though she has been super opinionated about what she will and won’t eat or drink, for that matter). The weaning that will come in a little over a month is giong to be tough. We will likely have to wait until thien because putting her onto a formula for a month seems silly, and she still can’t do dairy (and hates the allergy free stuff, as we know). 

Remember Skippy?!

We are starting to move into 12 month clothes, starting with pajamas, but soon to be followed by the rest of her wardrobe. Just as well, because she has worn the others well enough!

This week, she has been quite the chatterbox–lots and lots of babbling (along with her little meltdowns when she is tired/hungry). She is getting close to saying “Ma” and having it actually mean something (aka calling for me). She is getting better at mimicking my noises at times, as well. 

The excitement of the week, for her, has really been stuffed animals. She is ALL about them right now. 

An excitement of the week, for me, was getting my first real (deliberate) hug!

I finally made her pancakes that she seems to really like (dairy free!) Recipe in a moment. her favorite food right now is super ripe avocado or her garden tomato flavor crunchers. 

3) In useless information about my life and things that I accomplished this week:

  • I got our holiday cards out this weekend!
  • I sourced and created a huge address document as well, so hopefully I can stop asking people for their addresses on a seasonal basis.
  • We FINALLY did the questions and such for our wills/living wills, which is only 4 years in the making.
  • I  replaced our longtime humidfying friend, Sir Puffinton, with Sergeant Peppermint the polar bear. Peppermint’s tank is not as big as Puff’s but we are glad to have him.
No, I don’t know why wordpress is insisting that I haven’t rotated this image. It is very annoying.
  • I babyproofed the media console by using a sheet of plexiglass and velcro over front. Basically a $30 fix! and if you windex it, you will never know that it is there. 
Same thing here. I don’t understand it.
  • I made her pancakes that she seems to like:

Avocado + Banana + Apple Pancakes [1 1/2 cups whole wheat pastry flour + 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder + 1 teaspoon cinnamon + dash of salt] + [1/2 an avocado + 1/2 banana, mashed together + 1 egg + 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce (mix all of those)] + 1/2 cup-1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (start low and add as needed after adding wet ingredients to dry). Makes 16-18 small pancakes

  • I put up weather stripping in between the sliding glass doors to help with the drafts.
  • I managed to take the kids for a run (during which Emmie had a total meltdown, had a big nurse, and then passed out), allowing me to do laundry + do the holiday cards. Then we did groceries, took the dog for a walk (meltdown #2 of the day), and then made Alex’s meals. We didn’t do a bath (which she very much needed, but whatever) but everyone got to bed at a proper bedtime. #BOOM
  • I changed up Alex’s lunches for the week, this time doing:

Slow Cooker Mango Salsa Chicken and Veggies  [2 jars Newmans Own Mango Salsa + 3.25 lbs chicken breast + 2 green bell peppers + 4 larger red potatoes + 1 medium white onion] on high for 4 hours and low for 2, portion out the veggies, and then shred the chicken in the sauce. Makes 7 meals. 

4) We didn’t get to Strides until later in the week because of Emmie’s cold; instead, we had a few play dates and meals with Ali and Ryan (Ryan gave Emmie the cold, so we figured it was fine). Emmie was so confused by someone else playing with her toys, lol. We don’t usually have people over to the apartment because Ridley isn’t the best with other people’s kids (I put her up while Ryan was over).

But the girls had so much fun, and I love it when Emmie gets to play with others one on one. Plus they are a hoot together.

5) And then we had the weekend of just us Lemmer girls because Alex was working his LAST EVER GENERAL GI CALL YAAAAAAAAS.  These are the weekends where I see him in the morning before he leaves (at 6 AM) and we don’t see him until he gets home at some point Sunday night (and sometimes I don’t see him until Monday morning). He is working interventional next weekend, which is a bummer because it means he gets no days off until we leave New Years Eve weekend to go to Virginia!

The fortunate aspect of him being on interventional next weekend is that it is a lighter call schedule with a lighter workload, so we will be able to do Christmas type stuff (like have family dinner and open some little presents for Emmie and stockings from my parents, but no more Christmas movie theater tradition!).

The best part of it all? After we get back from Virginia, aka after the end of 2018, he will have a SMOOTH SAILING schedule with the exception of moonlighting shifts!! The calendar year of 2018 has not been kind to him, workload-wise, and I am so happy that he will be done with that after these next few weeks!

>> We did get to see Alex briefly on Sunday on our way to his fellowship’s Secret Santa party. I found out about it by accident on Sunday morning (Alex hadn’t told me about the party) and was invited, so Emmie and I decided to go. So we took Alex food, picked up the present for his Secret Santa, let him cuddle with Em for about 5 minutes, and then headed over to the party. We had a FANTASTIC time, and Emmie had so much fun playing with other/new toys and other babies, but it took over an hour for us to get home. When we did, it was time for Ridley to go out and eat (way overdue) and then bath and bed for Emmie. 

This week to come, we have a few classes scheduled + Strides and a Holiday craft on Friday. Alex has a heavier work load/longer day for this next rotation, so we will just have to do our best!

Have a great week, everyone!

How much dry shampoo is too much dry shampoo? Asking for a friend…

Holiday cards or no? How many do you send, if you do them?

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