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One Crazy Bananas Day in the Life #WIAW

Even though I tend to give you all excruciating detail of my weekends, I don’t usually give you glimpses into my everyday life.

So I thought that I would give you all a look at just why I’ve been such a hot mess recently (and why it took me a minute to get my stride this past weekend) with a day in the life from Monday.

Now, keep in mind that this is NOT my everyday life! I am NOT this cool or important or whatever, but from last Wednesday through this coming weekend, this is essentially my life!

A Crazy Bananas Day in the Life of Suz

Linking up with Jenn, Arman, and Laura for WIAW

(no puppy this morning because we hadn’t picked her up from the vet!)

5:00 AM Alarm Goes Off. I NEVER sleep late enough to hit my alarm a) because we have a puppy b) because I am that person. But this morning is different: I slept really poorly–asleep but tossing and turning and sweating and dreaming about what the world would be like if a certain candidate won. Dreaming about having your insurance taken away from you while you have a chronic illness and are trying to get pregnant via IVF? NOT FUN.

Takes me about 5 minutes to get my bearings. Usually I just get up and at ’em.

5:05-5:10 AM Go out, pour our my coffee into my thermos and start to nuke it. I have a system of how I do it. Meanwhile, I go back and change into my running clothes for the morning. I’m a vision of clashing colors because I will be running early and am not sure how light it will be but also because I am the aforementioned hot mess. 

5:15-6:05 AM Eat a mini breakfast of rice cake, jam, nut butter, and carrots with my coffee because I plan on running a little bit earlier than usual. One go of my half caff coffee isn’t enough, so I make a half thermos. I explode it. Because that is my life right now. Clean it up, doctor it, reheat it more carefully.

Sit on the floor with my lacrosse ball under my legs while petting the cat and work on getting my blog linked up, commenting on other’s blogs, and doing general things. At 6:00, I realize I’m already running behind, and that is because I am not out running yet! 

6:10-6:25 AM Grab my things and scoot to the gym, where I park my car and plan my running so that I don’t hold up my first client of the day. Literally hit the ground running and .5 miles in, realize that I don’t have my headphones, but it is a gorgeous twilight moment so I am actually totally ok with it.

6:25-7:20 AM 6 miles on the Lakefront Trail. This run did more for me than my 24 oz of half caff coffee. I needed this run, every bit of it. 

Nothing like a perfect sunrise run! Better than a morning coffee.

7:30-9:30 AM Train Clients. One of my clients was running late, so I have a Pumpkin Spice RXBAR.

Love the pumpkin spice RXBAR! Delicious, clean ingredients, and great for refueling from a workout!

9:30-10:00 AM Anxiously drive through traffic to get to the vets to pick up Ridley. I missed my dog. I needed my dog. I was going to try to fit in picking her up later, but I just couldn’t wait any longer.

10-10:20 AM Drive home through traffic while trying a) not to run stop signs and b) wanting just to play with my dog.

10:20-10:30 AM Take the dog out, run her for about .25 miles, and then return her to the apartment and sadly, to her crate. I wish I had the pen set up, but there is no time. Give her a rawhide, she starts to whine, so I give her a pb Kong.

10:35-10:45-11:00 AM Jet downtown, park, and go to the hospital where I grab lunch from the best salad bar ever, and then head up for my Remicade infusion. DEAD on time. #boom

Massive salad bar haul + Buddha Bowl Popcorn

11:15 AM- 1:45 PM Eat lunch (best salad bar ever + Buddha Bowl Classic Cheddar popcorn) as soon as my IV is started and then read a little bit and do a little bit of commenting on blogs from my iPad. My plan is to do work, but around 12:15, I just get so freaking tired and sleepy that I know it isn’t going to happen. Fall asleep only to fall instantly into REM and have rather terrible dreams that I can’t seem to fight my way out of–I seem as much asleep as I am awake, and I can’t either a) stay awake or b) stay asleep. Finally, around 1:15, I am able to get awake and stay awake. I don’t have tons of time, but I start writing this post.

1:45-3 PM Head downstairs and meet a friend who is visiting from Pittsburgh and ran the marathon for coffee. We just go over to Corner Bakery for a bit. It was great to see her, but before long, I have to run so that I can get home to let Ridley out and try to get some of her energy out (she is full of it today!).

3:15-3:45 PM Take Ridley out and run her around as best I can without letting her get away with too many bad habits while on the leash. We find some sticks that I throw for her, and she finds a stick that is basically a branch but she thinks is acceptable for fetch. Wrangle her home, set her crate and food back up, feed her, re-kennel her, and head out the door. Grab a Luna Protein Chocolate Almond Coconut bar and follow that up with a Wilde Maple Blueberry Turkey bar. (Pictured is the Thai Sweet Basil)

3:45-4:25 PM Make ridiculously and unexpectedly great time getting back to the gym and find myself with some time to work on this post in the car. 

4:30-6 PM Train clients

6-6:30 PM Head downtown. House a bag of Skinny Pop on the way.

6:30-8 PM Team Challenge Kickoff Party for the next half marathon training season (to finish at RnR New Orleans during Super Bowl weekend). Excited to work with our new group! They are so much fun and so nice! I’m missing the first official run this weekend, so I wanted to make sure I got to the kickoff. We had it at Pizano’s downtown, and I helped myself to a huge amount of salad and several squares of thin crust pizza.

Remember how we thought my debit card didn’t work because of the travel? TURNS OUT IT WAS EXPIRED. So after leaving, I had to go back to the restaurant (where the team still was) and beg cash from one of the trainees and Venmo her. I AM A HOT MESS.

8:15-8:25 PM Head home and take the puppster out. She’s insane. But that is to be expected after being gone. She loves her new bed though!

8:30-10 PM Finish this post, organize my sessions for my clients the following day (about double the number of clients for the following day). Alex is getting home late from a class for his Masters that he is getting in addition to being Chief Resident because he is insane. Eat another “snack” aka meal–double portion of cottage cheese + Froot Loops (thank you, hotel buffet) + the rest of a Kitchfix Paleo Granola sample from the Whole30 party. Finish it off with some Decaf Lotus green tea. I usually don’t leave so much heavy eating until so late in the day, but I had such a light early part of the day that I had to play some catch up.

Froot Loops and cottage cheese is a great #balance

9:15-30 PM Brush my teeth and continue to wait for Alex. We are both exhausted when he gets home, which takes longer than usual because his class gets out late and he missed the bus.

Unknown time not long thereafter: Alex wakes me up and we move to the actual bed. He is a champ and takes Ridley out for her final potty break of the night, and then puts her in her crate.

What a freaking day! No wonder Suz is a hot mess! #dayinthelife #sweatpink #personaltrainer Click To Tweet

As of press time, who knows how she is going to do–we are expecting her to revert a little with this first night home. I’m sure I’ll have to take her out in the middle of the night. Today will likely start even earlier thanks to her, so I’ll probably be up and at it at 4 AM and trying to workout before clients from 7:30-11:30, then pick the dog up for a coffee meet and puppy play time, then back home for Ridley and another round of clients for me, then back by home to pick up the dog and the husband for puppy class, then back home. 

I swear, my days are normally not this out of control, so don’t get TOO impressed, but now you know why I’ve been a bit of a catastrophe of late!

Who else is finding October to be a bit more than they bargained for already?

Do you ever get “stuck” half asleep and half awake?

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