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On the Move (20 Months + Catch Up 10/7)

We have been on the move this week! It has been an exciting on over here, and I will fill you in! Catch up time.

Did you read my last catch up? Emmie has been so much fun!

Catch Up 10/7

1). We will start with Emmie’s brain explosions

Emmie has had a few major separation anxiety moments at night during the past week. After Daddy came home last Sunday, she seemed fine during dinner and after while playing. But when time came for her to go to bed, she #lostit. I’ll spare all of the details, but it took a full hour and a half to get her back to bed and to sleep. The same thing happened Friday night! This time, it took a little under an hour of Mommy going back in, and at least this time it didn’t involve as much sobbing.

I just think that her brain is quite exploding at the moment! She is learning so much at all times that she cannot quiet her brain down.

Her vocabulary continues to explode, and her deliberate usage of words as well. Something that she has really been working on is a new way of holding her spoon–she is trying to hold it like Mommy! Unfortunately, it means that she holds it at the end of the spoon shaft, and then sometimes the cottage cheese or yogurt goes straight off or into her chin, haha.

She is really just a sheer joy right now. Except when she can’t get to sleep.

2) Girlfriend got some more frequent flier miles this week!

We had a short midweek trip to Atlanta (Alex is interviewing at a hospital there, so we jumped at the chance to go see my parents!). Emmie was a champ on both flights (even though I flew solo with her DURING her naptime). She was a handful, but a good girl, and she kept everyone in the terminal entertained with her running around and pointing out the “BIG PEEEEEENNNNS!”

On the plane, we took advantage of the flight monitors and watched some The Secret Life of Pets 2 (“Big doggies!! Woof woof!”) and played games on the Kindle. She never gets screen time, so it held her attention pretty well, even without sound.

We won’t talk about the hilarious car and taxi rides we had. Good lord.

3) Our trip was so much fun! We had a great dinner with my family the night we arrived, and then the next day, Mom and Dad took Emmie so that I could interview preschools and do some delving into real estate. How much fun would it be to end up back in Atlanta!

I got to see my cousin for lunch and discuss schools and neighborhoods with her in between my appointments. Plus, it was a picture perfect day, so I got to enjoy being out in the southern sun and then driving around some of my favorite neighborhoods. Such a great day, and it ended with an outstanding dinner with Alex’s potential future crew!

The last morning I toured my own former preschool as a potential place for Emmie before meeting Mom and Emmie back at the hotel. Emmie and I ran around the lobby for a bit after Mom left before making our way to the airport, where we ran around and had French fries for lunch!

4) Friday, Emmie and I went to Strides after picking up the dog, and then Daddy came home early! We went to Coalfire Pizza again, and while we thoroughly enjoyed our pizza, Emmie wasn’t too sure about her own. No matter, more for us!

We enjoyed Daddy’s first Saturday off in a long, long time by going for walks and to the park and playground. Lots of swinging and running and all sorts. We thought we might take her to the Nature Museum, but it was too beautiful outside to go inside. That afternoon, however, she was having too much fun playing with her toy house, and she told us outright that she didn’t want to leave. So we just enjoyed the afternoon (and the weather got sour, so we were lucky!).

Sunday was a gorgeous day, and perfect for Alex’s run (I was so jealous). We had swim with Ali, Ryan, and Justin before doing our usual routine of groceries and brunch. It felt like so long since we have had a normal Sunday! After a hectic week, it was nice to have some usual moments.

Oh, and Emmie is now tall enough to push the Ground Floor button on the elevator, and she even walked down a few stairs all by herself!

The annual GI Fellows BBQ finished out the weekend.

5) This week will have some usual moments as well as some special ones! We are having family Taco Tuesday with Ali, Ryan, and Justin, Emmie and I are going to lunch with a friend at the end of the week, playtime with Rachel, Dario, and Leena on Thursday, and Alex’s parents are coming at the end of the week. Then the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, so Emmie and will have to set up our cheering station!

A great week, and another one on the way.

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