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Olympic Sweet Potato Nachos #Strangebutgood #RecipeFriday

Thanks Heather!

Thanks Heather!

This week, for Friday Favorites, I bring you my Favorite Creation of the past few days:

Yes, I know that the Olympics are over. But really, shouldn’t we be perpetuating the Olympic Spirit of world unity and such alllll the time? I think yes.

I could’ve called them Irish Nachos, but that seemed silly, as a) seriously, sweet potato=Irish? b) I used Gochujang; c) and Sauerkraut, d) and Guacamole; and e) bell peppers. So yeah, not so Irish. And “International Nachos” didn’t sound as good. So deal.

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Thanks Laura, Kierston, and Heather!

Olympic/International Harmony Nachos

olympic nachos2 editedAs always, there are a few different ways to accomplish the end result. I am going to take you through my version, and offer other ideas at the end.


  • Chips
    • Sweet Potato–sliced thin (I used a mandoline **watch your fingers** and found that setting 2 was preferable because it gave the chips more structure. If you just want chips to munch on, the thinnest setting works well)
    • Cooking Spray, parchment paper, salt
  • Toppings (Cooked)
    • Ground turkey or other protein
      • Gochujang–Korean BBQ Sauce–a little sweet, nice and spicy, and a unique flavor
        • We just used this and sliced garlic and salt/pepper. Other
        • Other ideas for seasonings: S&P (dur), garlic (fresh, minced, or powdered), paprika, cilantro (will work with majority of flavors), red pepper flake
    • Onion of choice–sliced thin (take advantage of the mandoline)
    • Mini Bell Peppers–sliced thin
    • Jalapenos (optional)
    • Jicama (optional, can be pan sauteed or raw)
    • Cheese–grated, we used medium cheddar
  • Toppings (to finish)
    • Gochujang or salsa
    • Lettuce–chiffonaded (Strips)
    • Tomato–chopped
    • Sauerkraut
    • Guacamole or avocado
    • Greek yogurt (optional)


  • Chips
    • This step can be as easy as just opening a bag, lol. Or you can make your own!
    • Cover a microwave safe plate with parchment or wax paper, lightly spray with cooking oil/spray, dust with salt.
    • Using mandoline or just MAD SKILLZ, slice sweet potato to desired thickness (I liked the medium to thick setting best for these purposes)
    • Lay slices on a paper towel and blot, then spread across lined plate (little overlap of slices), dust with salt
    • Microwave for 3-5 minutes on 9 (this will create little breaks in the heating cycle, rather than just heating straight through). Start to watch around 3-4 minutes for burning. The ones in the center will burn first. Flip and move around if desired after this point. Continue to cook at 30s intervals until you reach stiffness but not crispiness–they will seize up after you remove them.
      • Don’t worry, this will take some play.
    • Transfer to bowl or plate and repeat process until done.
  • Toppings
    • While chips are cooking, assemble everything else. This will go fast once you start.
    • Heat saute pan on med–spray when heated and add onions and peppers. (also add Jalapenos/Jicama/whatever else you want to cook for the toppings). Season. Cook to browned and beginning to be translucent. (Unless you want them floppy). Transfer to a bowl (not with the chips)
    • Return pan to heat, increase to a 6 out of 10 heatwise. Respray or add oil to pan, when warmed, add protein and cook according to desire.
    • If you are planning on using the broiler to melt the cheese atop the nachos, turn on now (or whenever you are 5ish minutes out.
    • Add protein to heated pan–season as desired (but don’t add sauce yet).
      • As it browns and gets a crust, break it up like you would for taco or pasta meat.
      • When mostly cooked through (but well browned), decrease heat to about a 4 and add desired amount of sauce.
        • **NOTE** The Gochujang I was using was a bit thick. Next time I would thin it out a little bit ahead of time with either a little oil, water, or rice vinegar/worchestershire
        • Also, remember that if you are using a spicy sauce, more quantity=more spice! So use as much as you think you might be able to handle. If you find the flavor too much, add in some ketchup–the sweetness will abate the spice.
      • Add cooked veg to pan (if desired)
      • Heat protein in the sauce for a minute or two, then turn off heat (so as not to overcook, but will still allow sauce to soak in).
      • Transfer to bowl with veggies (if haven’t already mixed them in) and toss.
  • Assembly
    • Pile:
      • Lay out chips either on microwave safe plate or on tin foil (for oven)
      • Put meat and veggies over top
      • Cover with cheese
    • Melt by broiling in oven–check after a min **will burn if not careful! or microwaving at 30s intervals on high
    • Finish assembly:
      • Add fresh/raw ingredients as desired
      • Finish with a new drizzle of sauce and sauerkraut (don’t be afraid–works amazingly with the Gochujang–trust).

Other Ideas and Suggestions:

  • Incorporate your favorite cuisines:
    • Black beans–Mexican, Cuban seasoned; corn
    • Use marinara instead of salsa or BBQ!–Finish with parm or mozz!
    • Carrots would be great in there too!
    • Use red or purple potatoes
    • Waterchestnuts would be fun, especially with a spicy peanut sauce
    • Fresh spring peas!! (I meant to add these, totally forgot)
    • Use jicama as the base (not cooked in microwave) with roasted sweet potatoes on top
    • Dippy Egg
    • TVP instead of meat protein, or strips of protein rather than ground (basically, fajita style nachos)
  • Basically, the options are endless–have fun and don’t be afraid. Season along the way and you will have a fantastic result with flavor throughout.
  • This is a recipe that will take you longer than you think the first time, while you play with it. But the next time, you will zip through it.
  • If you don’t have a mandoline and don’t mind waiting a little bit longer–roast potato slices in the oven.

I hope you give it a try and enjoy! It was a great mashup of fun flavors, and it can be tailored directly to your diet.

What would you add to your multi-cultural nachos?

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