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It’s Official: We Are Getting Old (Weekend Recap)

You want to know how you know that you are getting older and looking older?

Three people come up to you before noon to offer a “Happy Father’s Day.” To be fair, Alex was kind of dressed like a dad and getting groceries and cat food with his wife on Sunday morning, but still, how hilarious is that? I will say that I totally wanted to ask the people who told him Happy Father’s Day where the hell they thought the kids were… but I wasn’t with him for the first two, so that could explain that. And the one I was with him for was offered by a totally crazy woman who was saying things to every person who passed by. 

Another way that you know you are getting old? You and your husband wake up at 6 and 7, respectively, on a Sunday and then spend the morning taking the dog out for a long walk, working out, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, and doing laundry. 

Oh, and you are still tired from being up at 1 the night before, so you (me) take 2 naps…. one early and one before lunch. Also, I would like to make it known that I do not remember finishing my snack and falling asleep on the couch last night after work. But that is where I woke up this morning!

Next up in the “we are old” checklist? We joined a CSA and got our first box this weekend! 

We received: lettuce, pac choi (aka bok choi), pea shoots, radishes, kale, cilantro, green onion, and garlic scapes (omg they are so strong).

I’ve already tried the pac/bok choi sauteed and roasted, made kale chips, made awesome salads from the lettuces… 

The only fly in the ointment is the fact that Aunt Peggy is here this week, and we are going to be going out a lot, so I’m hoping that the veggies will keep. Anyone have any tips for making the lettuces last? 

Speaking of food, I never updated you all on the Boka dinner. It. Was. One of the best meals I’ve had, from start to finish. Nearly every bite (with one exception) was perfect. Here’s a run down of what we had (lighting was dim, so no pictures, really):

  • Sabayon with daikon radish and crab roe served in an egg shell (Amuse Bouche) basically delicious liquid butter with delicious things inside
  • Honey wheat roll and pretzel roll with salted butter OMG amazing bread but a bit out of place with what was served and the atmosphere. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t eat every crumb
  • Cured Fluke beautiful and fresh and delicate
  • Heirloom rainbow carrots peanut and yogurt sauces with peanut crumble that will change your life

  • Ricotta Gnudi light as a cloud and light in flavor, the big moment was the sweet onion broth at the bottom
  • Charcoal Grilled Beets one of the most surprising first bites I’ve ever had. The gentle smoke, crunchy buckwheat crumble, yogurt, and sauce were amazing. I could eat this for the rest of my life.
  • Aged Short Rib you guys, I can’t even. The best short rib I have ever ever ever had. Tender, juicy, and the most amazing flavor
  • Warm Chocolate Cake with ice cream and infused fruit the cake was great, but I was obsessed with the fruit!
  • Dark Milk Chocolate This was so amazing, and I ate every bite: earl grey ice cream atop Japanese citrus with a milk chocolate mouse spiral that wound around the ice cream. One of the best deserts I’ve ever had.
  • Parting treat: coconut cream chocolate truffle + pineapple cake bite. the best part of these were honestly the cacao nibs that they sat atop!

There was hardly a bite left from any of our plates after the courses (Alex and I  shared, he got 4 courses, I got 3). Something that I was so impressed by was the portion sizing–it was the perfect amount for a complete meal that built on itself, but rather than going bonkers with portions, they actually used restraint. I was happy with each bite, and ready for the next course, but not tired of the current course. A spectacular meal, and I heartily recommend Boka if you have a special occasion!

This week I am continuing to cut back on hours at the gym, but I have quite a few shifts at the restaurant (so that I could get time off in a few weeks when my family visits), so it will still be busy, especially with Peggy here the first half of the week. But it will also definitely be fun and delicious!

Here are two pics from our first dinner together!

Have a great week, everyone!

Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there!

Update me on life! Fathers Day things? Plans for the week?

Last “best meal” you had?

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