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OBX Beach Vacation 2019 (Catch Up 7/2)


We are back and recovered from our weeklong OBX beach vacation! It was such a great trip with our friends, but it all kind of crashed down around me at the end. I’m better now, though! I’ll fill you in.

Right before we left, I wrote about Father’s Day weekend and more!

OBX Beach Vacation 2019

First of all, I have to give Emmie mad props for her travel day. She was a STAR even though she took a header and bit her lip in security (she wasn’t fully stable standing when I let go of her). Poor little boo. But otherwise she was amazing and only got squirmy and a bit fussy the last 20-30 minutes of each leg of our trip!

We made a last minute decision not to bring the crutches, and it was, honestly, the right one. There is NO WAY we could have managed all of the stuff with just Alex in charge of things. Of course, though, everything was as far apart as possible. So we just tried to break it up as best we could.

We picked up our rental car, which was a gorgeous Chrysler Pacifica, and I think I might be in favor of the minivan as our ultimate family car. I grew up with vans, and if we have another kid, it will definitely be in consideration! This car was SO NICE.

I rode in the back with Emmie and the two Alex’s (Alex and one of his oldest friends, who we met at the airport) rode up front.

When we got to the house, two of our other friends and their son (who is 2 weeks older than Em) were already there, so we unlocked the house, got settled, and then unleashed the kiddos to play while Alex went to the grocery store. The rest of our crew arrived a few hours later! It was so great to have everyone around us again.

Emmie did the best she could the next few days, but to be honest, I was getting frustrated with her. I wasn’t mad at her, but I was frustrated with her behavior. She was very clingy, fussy, and not very Emmie-like, so I knew that she was either having issues adjusting or didn’t feel well (she was also having some interesting diapers). The truth came out Monday night when she poosploded at the dinner table and then she woke up Tuesday with a weird (post-viral) rash and a completely new attitude! I got my lovely kiddo back!

beach wet hair and rompers

We mostly played around the pool and tried to get her in when she was interested. She really like the hose, though, so we just let her spin with that. She was SO MAD at us for putting her hat on, but she got over it the last few days. I also think she might have realized that she couldn’t see anything.

We finally took her out to the beach in the evening on Tuesday or Wednesday, and she was ok with it… to a point. She really really didn’t like the way the sand pulls out from under your feet whent he waves recede, and I pulled her up assymmetrically when a big wave came in, and that upset her. We were okish until then. After that, we had to be held. The next morning went waaaay worse. She pretty much fussed from the moment she got out there, and we took her back after about 20 minutes. She hated every part of it. Alex tried again on Friday (I will explain why I wasn’t there in a minute) but that was also highly unsuccessful. Ah well. Good ting we had the house with the pool and areas to explore!

She learned and developed so much during our vacation, and all thanks to Avery, our friend’s son. He is 2 weeks older than Emmie, but thanks to his exposure from daycare, parenting by his parents, and his natural inclination, he is FAR more advanced than any other 18 month old I know, particularly in language.

But what made him so great to be around, other than his sunny disposition, is that he wasn’t overwhelming to Emmie, like some boys can be. A lot of toddler boys are very grabby and touchy, which Emmie is NOT about. Avery interacted and played with her, but he let her do her. So she obseved, but also started to act and try things.

By Thursday, she started to spontaneously try new words, like “bubbles” “purple” “please” and others. She would say “Daddy” when Alex came up the stairs, and said “mommy”‘ to me a few times. She tried new animal noises, too (she really got into the lion roar that we had been working on–she really liked doing it to people in the grocery store, haha).

She wore mouse and bunny ears and thought they were funny, rather than something to immediately be pulled off. She “cleaned” the floors with Avery (using the broom and dust pan). She immediately solved a peg puzzle for ocean animals on the first try (she has kind of tried these types of puzzle before, but not really been intereseted). The times after weren’t always as successful, but she knew that she could do it.

A really cool moment for me was went she followed a semi-complex command that I gave her–I had covered my eyes with my hands and I told her to come to me and to pull my hands off of my eyes. It took a little repeating, but she figured it out. She has done this before, but not while in the middle of playing the game another way. So she is processing in a whole new manner!

She took over the majority of her own eating this past wee as well. I’m trying to hand feed her as much, particularly with her breakfast. Of course, I will help her if she needs it (oatmeal can be tricky, especially as you get to the bottom), but I’m letting her do it. One morning, though, I was making beans and she decided she was hungry. Avery joined in and together they ate nearly an entire can of beans! That time I was spooning it out, but they were eating directly from the pot! Or almost directly from the pot, I made sure the beans were cool first 😀

We didn’t leave the house much other than for groceries, to go to the llittle gym that was down the way (I lifted!) and one day we went to Nags Head to the pier and then to have lunch with an old friend who happened to be in Duck (another part of the Outer Banks). Emmie had a blast on the pier, but not because she was looking at fish or water or whatever. No, she decided that she would push the stroller the entire length of the pier and do laps at the end. She was a hot and sweaty mess by the end!

We had a great time with dinners at the house–everyone took a night and cooked for the crew. Alex and I did burgers on the grill (we also greatly utilized the grill!), and they were excellent, if I do say so myself. We had pizza the very first night because it was later and the last night because we had eaten all the leftovers we could, and one night in the middle we got takeout. Oh and one morning we had donuts (SO GOOD). But otherwise we operated out of the house.

Now, I say we had pizza the last night, but I should say that they had pizza. I didn’t have dinner. I got really really sick Thursday night with a terrible migraine that either caused or coincided with a terrible digestive illness and I was down for the count nearly all of Friday and unable to eat because of nausea. I took my meds Thursday night, but that migraine was horrific and Alex had to do a major rally Friday morning to take care of Emmie and also go to the store and get me pain meds.

The pain meds made me functional for a few hours, but I had no desire or really any ability to eat. I did what I could, but an RXbar at 2 PM was the last thing I ate until I toasted a hamburger bun (wheat bread was insurmountable) Saturday morning. I still had the headache Saturday morning with a great deal of photosensitivity, but at least I could play with Emmie and help pack thanks to the pain meds.

Emmie overall did great on the way home, and thank goodness for that. We actually left a little early to see if we might be ablet o make the earlier flight home, but it turns out the power went out to a 30 mile stretch of OBX and that + all of the other people going home meant that we couldn’t make that flight. Emmie was a little fussy in her carseat, but not screaming like she did when we came back from Georgia. More just wanting to be entertained.

Emmie and I shared a kids meal for lunch (she ate as much as I did), and it was all I could do to get it down.

When we got to the airport, we were a few hours early, but we knew there as an atrium to play around in, and that occupied Em for a good 45 minutes. Then we went through security and did the same on the other side. Emmie ate as much of my chicken sandwich as I did plus the majority of a sabra avocado toast packet!

On the plane on the way back we were the very last seat of a small plane but that was fine. She demanded that Mommy hold her for nearly all of it, which was both adorable but also exhausting because I was both exhausted and felt terrible. Alex was having micronaps sitting up, so I knew he wasn’t much better. But little miss didn’t cry, she just kept Wubbs in (we had hoped she would nap, but no such lucky) and played. We finally got into the Uber at 840ish and she fell asleep within about 10 minutes and was instantly asleep once we got her in her crib. Same could be said for Alex and me.

I think that is more than enought for today, I will fill you in on Sunday through the rest of this week on Friday!

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