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If you still haven’t entered my Spartan Race and Quest Bar Giveaway yet, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) I still cannot say how amazing the response to Tuesday’s post Marathon Weight and Why I’m Proud of Mine has been. The comments and replies keep coming! I hope you all will understand if it takes me a bit longer to respond to all of them than usual. In a way, I feel like if I start responding to them, it will start to stunt the conversation. I don’t know if it is what I would call my “best” post, but I feel it might be among my most important, if only for the reason that it has encouraged so much dialogue and interaction. Thank you all for sharing a piece of yourselves with me and with each other.

What you should be saying to yourselves right now.

What you should be saying to yourselves right now.

1b) On the vein of my post and Tina’s post, it seems I wasn’t the only one that wanted to talk about the runner’s body and weight issue. Be sure to check Hannah McGoldrick’s, aka Runner’s World Zelle, article “What a Real Runner Looks Like.” I love being in good company, but these ladies are another league above me.

2) In order to try to get the running chatter out of the way for the non-runners, I want to go ahead and say good luck to all the runners going out for the New York City Marathon this weekend. Even though I spent far less time in NYC than any of the other places I have lived, and I was so ready to leave by the time I left (more so than anything to get my life with Alex started), I truly do think of it as a home and remember it so fondly. One day I will get to run my little legs through Central Park again, follow it up with lunch at Popover Cafe, walk through SoHo (and check on the buildings that I wrote about in my thesis), go to Chelsea Market, get the best Cuban food ever at Amor Cubano at the base of East Harlem, froyo at 16 Handles and a walk through the Union Square Green Market the next morning.  Not that I have places marked out or anything. And just walk walk walk everywhere. And that is only Manhattan. Brooklyn Flea, I’m coming for you. And Queens (Sarah, you are in charge there).

3) You all were cracking me up over the eggplant parm grilled cheese yesterday.

eggplant parmesan grilled cheese

I’m glad my whims and whimsy make you all happy πŸ˜€ It is a fine line between genius and insanity, they say, and I like to think that I weave it appropriately. If you don’t agree, tell it to the voice in my head that is currently not talking to me. We are in a fight.

4) Yesterday was National Cat Day, National Chocolate Day, and National Oatmeal Day. Well, Zoe woke Alex and me up by attacking the wall and clawing the sh** out of it at 4 in the morning, and then vomited twice after I woke up. I retaliated with oatmeal made with raspberries (so cheap right now!), chocolate (chopped up), and PB. And followed up with chocolate covered ginger. I WIN, ZOE.


Good thing you are adorable.

5) Monday night I went to an event hosted by Sara at Sproing Fitness. For a review (and full explanation) check out Sara’s review here. I was introduced to Sproing the day that my phone was stolen in April (back when my foot was hurt), but this was my first class.

sproing sport

And it was great! It is definitely one of those things that you need to give it 2 tries: the first gives you a feel for the structure of the class and how hard you can push yourself. I definitely think that it is a great workout if you really push yourself and stay active and mindful in engaging the muscles that they want you to. I really had a great time talking to everyone after the class, especially since I didn’t get the chance to do so beforehand. Why?

story time

I was late. Did I leave late or forget? No. I went to run up to the studio and got stuck on the Lake Front Trail, then, when I turned south along Lincoln Park, I was greeted by a police barricade and motorcade and wasn’t allowed to continue down that path. Which put me in the midst of the clusterf*** that is the junction certain Lincoln Park streets. And then got all confused because I never come from the north, I am always coming from the south. So I am watching the minutes tick away closer and closer and I just start SPRINTING. And then spent an hour doing HIIT. Tuesday was a rest day, goes without saying, haha.

6) Part B of that story (other than my #fail) was the fact that I ran by this gorgeous building along Lincoln Park and remember thinking, ooooo, pretty, I wonder if they rent or if they are condos? (Hello, I work in a real estate firm). Welllll, turns out:

lincoln park condo 2550

They are condos. And the penthouse is 12,500 square feet on the market for $13m. As in, the most expensive condo in Chicago. Oh, and it is RAW (as in, unfinished, undecorated, un-improved) space. So yeah, it was a pretty building. And no, Alex and I will not be looking. Or, should I say that we will be looking and likely not touching, haha.

7) I took a test yesterday (I passed) so I attempted to call my mom, who I continue to play phone/email tag with, and went to Target. I managed to quasi-restrain myself, and made out only $50 poorer. And I got Annie’s Bunny Friends and this candle for my office.


I love it, especially after an afternoon with it–not too spicy, warm, or sweet, but rather right in the middle. And as I am writing this (and smelling it), I realize why I like it so much. I smells like a subtle version of the Jif Pumpkin Spice Whips. And then, when you pick it up and really smell it, it smells like a house at Thanksgiving. I really want to light it, but I am afraid of setting off the sprinklers in my building. Because you totally know that would happen to me. Bottom Line: if you need a candle to transition you through fall, get this one. Then break out the mulled spices and evergreen ones in a month.

8) The leaves, they are a fallin.

From the Chi Signature Instagram Page

From the Chi Signature Instagram Page

They changed, were gorgeous, and the that good ole Chicago head wind came and took them all away. A$$hat. Especially since I had to run straight into it (at all times. This is the only place that I have ever been where you literally have headwind at.all.times. and any.direction. ::shakeofthefist::)

9) My new favorite squash is Golden Acorn Squash. Seriously. Get it, roast it, and taste something that defies categories. It is my favorite. HUNT IT DOWN. And while we are talking about it, hunt down dark chocolate covered ginger. Just enough ginger, so good.

10) I have a blissfully clear (as far as I know, I am sure that I am wrong) weekend ahead of me. I should fill it with something. I’m thinking a Bravo TV marathon. Yup. Sounds good to me.

What is your favorite candle scent?

Are you one of those people who hates being late but keeps finding yourself being late? I am totally one of those people, at least recently. I never mean to be! I always think that I have plenty of time, but I find myself literally sprinting to wherever I am going. Either that, or am 15-30 minutes early. It is just silly.

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