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Pick the Best Protein Bars for Post Workout (Coaches Corner)


The NuGo Slim protein bars have fueled me for years, and in my opinion are the best protein bars on the market for post workout or post run recovery. Find out why and join the Running Coaches Corner link up! 

Continuing the marathon training nutrition discussion from last week and the week before, today I want to delve in to what is , in my opinion, one of the best post workout protein bars, NuGo Slim. 

This post is sponsored by NuGo Slim, all opinions are my own! And yes, I have been eating these for YEARS!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach, but I am not a Registered Dietitian. My information is based on my own preferences and experiences of what works best for my body. Please always consult an RD with for specific nutrition information. 

How to Pick the Best Protein Bar for Post Workout

The NuGo Slim protein bars have fueled @suzlyfe for years, and in my opinion are the best protein bars on the market for post workout or post run recovery. Find out why and join the Running Coaches Corner link up! #ad

When I am looking at nutrition labels, I have a few markers that I am looking for. Now, let it be known that I talking specifically about the 30-45 minutes post workout (including hard runs)! Depending on the nature of your workout, you may need to eat more in the hours after, but these are what I look for immediately following a run or workout.

My Post Workout Protein Bar Nutrition Facts Must Haves:

  • 15-20g of protein for optimal muscle protein synthesis and recovery. 
  • 5-15g of fat. I have no problem with fats! In fact, they are necessary for recovery! I give this sliding scale because nut based bars will likely have a greater fat count. I look for monosaturated fats over polysaturated, and I try to keep both of those low.
  • <10g of sugar and <5g of sugar alcohols. I will stretch the amount of sugar but always must be fewer grams of sugar than grams of protein. And sugar alcohols hurt my tummy, so the fewer the better.
    • An additional note: if this is after a long run, I will have been taking in fuel, which is often straight carbs and sugars, so having fewer sugars is important for me. A little sugar? Totally fine, but I don’t want to go nuts if I’ve just had lots of sugar on the run.
  • 3g < Fiber < 9g. Fiber helps keep me full, but I don’t understand bars that have 15-17g of fiber per serving! What is your body supposed to do with that?!
  • 180-230 calories. This is appropriate for a post run snack, but that does not mean that you stop fueling here! Check back to this post on marathon training nutrition to figure out why, as well as why I don’t go nuts with calories right after I finish my run
  • As many real ingredients as I can accomplish within those constraints.

Other things I often look for? Chocolate 😀 and great taste of course.

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NuGo Slim Protein Bars

I have been eating NuGo Slim protein bars for years–actually, for my entire running career! I first found them in the grocery stores when I lived in NYC, living the grad school life (aka on the move, in the library, and broke), training for my first half marathon (Spring 2012), and living with a chronic condition that demanded I take fantastic care of myself. 

And 5ish years later, I may not be living the grad school life, but I am living a life that demands high quality nutrition on the go to support a job that always has me on my feet + my fitness pursuits as well as still living in a body that demands de-luxe service. 

Wait, that is just about all of us, right? Aren’t we all harried and away from home the majority of the day as we pursue our career and fitness goals? Convenience and quality go a long way, amiright?

Oh, and I forgot one other little factor to add into all of this: WE HUNGRY. WE HANGRY. WE RUNGRY.

NuGo Slim protein bars have been in my arsenal for years, as I mentioned, and with the expansion of their flavors, they continue to have a spot in my cupboards and my bag. They are not a meal replacement, but they are perfect for second breakfast, mid-PM snack, and definitely perfect for post run or post lift before your shower or as you jet to your next activity.

Remember those criteria? Here’s how the NuGo Slim protein bars stack up:

NuGo Slim Protein Bar Nutrition Facts

  • 16-18 g Protein (Including vegan protein!)
  • Around 5 g Fat and 2-3g Saturated Fat, no Trans Fats
  • 2-3 g Sugar with NO Maltitol or Artificial Sweeteners
  • 5-8 g Fiber from Chicory Root
  • 170-190 Calories

Additional NuGo Slim Protein Bar Benefits:

  • 7 flavors
    • Non Vegan: Raspberry Truffle, Roasted Peanut, and Brownie Crunch
    • Vegan: Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Espresso, Toasted Coconut, and Chocolate Mint
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Dipped in REAL dark chocolate
  • Low Glycemic Index (24-29)
  • Low Net Carbs
  • Non-GMO

The NuGo Slim protein bars have fueled @suzlyfe for years, and in my opinion are the best protein bars on the market for post workout or post run recovery. Find out why and join the Running Coaches Corner link up! #ad

NuGo’s Dedication to Real Ingredients

I take my chocolate seriously, and so does NuGo.

NuGo is the only company to make REAL Dark Chocolate coated protein bars for many lifestyles. NuGo’s REAL Dark Chocolate melts in your mouth, releasing a luscious flavor. Other ‘dark chocolate’ protein bars substitute unhealthy palm kernel oil for the natural cocoa butter, raising the melt point above body temp, making it waxy and too sweet.

Read and sign the petition created on by NuGo Nutrition to create a FDA standard for dark chocolate.

Try NuGo Slim Protein Bars Yourself with My Discount Code!

NuGo Slim low sugar protein bars are a great option for me, and I think they might be for you as well! Want to give them a try? Use the code SUZLYFE for 15% off your purchase now through October 31, 2017 aka through the remainder of marathon training season! You better believe that I am going to go NUTS with that code!

Love @nugonutrition Slim bars? Use code SUZLYFE for 15% off at! #yum #vegan #glutenfree #ad Click To Tweet

What do you look for in a post workout snack?

Have you tried NuGo Slim bars? What is your favorite flavor?

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