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Hola, amigos! A huge thanks to everyone for their comments and contributions to yesterday’s post on dealing with diagnosis. If you are new to the blog and joining us from Peas and Crayons land, welcome! I invite you to pop back a day and check out my post from yesterday. It truly is one of the pieces of writing that I am most proud to stand behind (in a public forum), and I would love to continue to bring people into the discussion. And after you read a somewhat serious post, return right here for my usual nonsense and some food blurbs to get you going.

A few other spots of business: I am once again trying to get myself out there on Facebook, so I would greatly appreciate you “liking” the Suzlyfe! There should be a little widget mabob to the right, and up top, but if you don’t see it, please let me know. Also, did you know that I was the #272,877 th FB user? Talk about back in the DAY. Also, if you are on Google+, so am I! I”m still figuring that one out (for realz) but now you can stay connected to my biznez πŸ˜€

A huge thanks to Jenn, our ever-gracious hostess, for bringing us all to this overflowing and oversized table πŸ˜€


And now, let’s eat!


I’m gonna start off this post with something completely unrelated to the majority of the post, but I have to share because it is awesome. This:

sable chick wafflesedited

Chicken and Waffles from Sable Kitchen and Bar in Chicago. You know we love Sable (OMG and Gina Neely was on the Today Show last week, and GIRL SERIOUSLY NEEDS A NEW WEAVE. #proof), and this Sunday, Alex was fortunate to get an extra day off, so we were able to enjoy brunch with some friends. The food was great, as usual, but this was the standout (available on all menus throughout the week, and in a half or full portion). And homeskillets, I am from Atlanta, home of Gladys Knights’ Chicken and Waffles, so YOU BETTER TRUST that I know my some GOOOOOOOD chicken and waffles. These….dare I say it? Might be the best I have ever. had. WHOA.

I had to mention them. Now back to regular programming.


Before a big run, many people fret and freak out over their fueling during the week before, the night before, the morning of, during, and, for some, after the race/run/event. I went through a period where I absolutely did, but I was fortunate to figure out what works for me rather quickly.

Please remember that I am not a personal trainer (yet πŸ˜› hoping to take the test soon!), Registered Dietician, nutritionist, or medical professional. I am only a person who has done a ton of research and has been largely successful with my eats. Please remember that all of our bodies are different and unique–you have to DO YOU

With the run this past weekend being my longest run in a good long time, I opted to treat it like a race dress rehearsal, and to prep the day before as I would for any race or long run (this is the prep I typically follow for runs >half marathon, or if I am doing a particular workout that might cause GI distress). For my marathon, I spread this out a bit more into the week, but you will also know if you read my recap, that things didn’t necessarily go as planned, haha. I can tell you that I have done a few runs without this prep, and I SUFFERED the consequences. In OHSOMANYWAYS. So now, I”m a good girl. For more information about my fuel strategies, also please refer back to this post, which I wrote about long-run prep while working as a waitress.

I didn’t take pics, largely because I felt god-awful from lack of sleep (lots of pingbacks in the post, huh? Oh well, go and explore the Suzlyfe! It’s a fun place to be!

A few tips to cover, before we go to food details:

  • Take notes of what and when you eat. I keep them in a desk calendar (where I also long miles and training notes) so that I can see beneficial or negative practices and how they affected me. For example, I will never forget that working until midnight with poor fueling and dehydration the night before a 16 miler will lead to hit the wall as hard as possible and searching in desperation for a bathroom at mile 9. Because I wrote it down. Oh and it was scarring and I still remember the experience vividly.
  • Try to make the foods that you know work for you ones that are readily available or that are portable. When I went to DC for the marathon, I packed my Annie’s White Cheddar Mac and Cheese packet, my Cinnamon Raisin bagel thin, a travel packet of nut butter, a no-drain packet of low sodium chunk light tuna, a tabasco sauce condiment packet, my clif z bar, a travel bowl of Special K, my ginger chews and FRS, a packet of propel, and decaf and regular tea, so that I could make my breakfast (I assumed that bananas would be available). When I am home, I still eat these foods the nights/mornings of races because it gives me and my body a sense of comfort and also the mental preparation.
  • We all know the oldies but goodies–nothing new, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Waiiiitt……
  • Hydration is key.

So what do I eat the day before/morning of?

  • Typical breakfast (egg white ACV oats with nut butter and other snacks, half-caff coffee and water) (7:00)

oats 4 10edited

  • Protein filled mid morning snack (greek yogurt and cereal) (10:00ish)
  • Typical lunch (veggie filled salad, protein, carbs, dairy protein, hot tea)

kale tuna4edited

roast beef salad3 suz.


  • But there are a few changes to my typical standards:
    • I usually eat this a little bit later (1-2:00)
    • Portions are bigger (more veggies, more protein, a full yogurt)
    • The carbs can differ a little bit (I pick ones with less fiber (so bread instead of an extra fiber English Muffin; Goldfish instead of fibery cereal (I have both bread and snacky things at lunch)

*This is where things become ritual. What I have before this (ie lunch) might change, but mid afternoon–bed is the same.

  • Propel/G2 (at any time lunch-snack time)
  • A lighter afternoon snack (cottage cheese) (4:00)
  • Early dinner (5:30-6:00)

As a good friend once said, Insert Picture Here.

  • Annie’s White cheddar mac and cheese (in the microwave what whatttt)
  • Mixed with some veggies for texture (a little bit of green beans, some mushrooms), and herbs and seasoning)
  • Protein–this time I had eggs because I really didn’t feel great, but often this is poultry, tuna, or TVP
  • Ice Cream O’clock πŸ˜€ (7-7:30)
After the fact, it was highly appropriate for the weekend (Easter)

After the fact, it was highly appropriate for the weekend (Easter)


  • The usual fixings–1 full cup of slow churned + serving of nut butter + sprinkles + crunch of salt + low fiber carb (Annie’s bunnies this time :D)
  • Water
  • Final food of the night (8:30-9:00): Lower fiber, less nut-filled protein bar (Luna, NuGo, Clif MoJo)
  • Final tea of the night (if desired)–but only a half mug

I try to get all of my food in before 9:30 latest, and same with my fluids, but if I am thirsty, so be it. Please also remember that this meal plan of sorts does not detail all of the grabs here and there (remember I work at home) and the candy that I consume. I also have to wean myself off of carrots and the like by the end of the day as they are my weakness. If lunches are away, I will get a salad and sandwich, a quinoa bowl with marinara and chicken, or something of the like.

Even though I felt awful, and was wavering between light headedness, sleepiness, and hyperness, it was really great to have these eats here to remind me of some of the best experiences of my life. And Saturday was a peach!

Plus, Alex and I enjoyed this that night πŸ˜€

howells duo Collage

YES. Details to come.

Do you have a go-to pre- long run/race/event ritual? Or do you just wing it?

What is the craziest food that you have eaten the night before a big activity where everything somehow worked out okay?


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