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Remember: Nothing Lasts Forever


Nothing lasts forever. Not even Brangelina.

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Remember: Nothing lasts forever. When was the last time you had to remind yourself to have perspective?

Nothing Lasts Forever

Last week, you met Ridley, the newest addition to the Lemmer household. Ridley was a sweetie pie–rather chill, but with a bit of a peppy side. She didn’t chew on everything, and she was already learning to listen to us and our commands.

Ridley being a good girl at the vet!

Nothing lasts forever. 

Ridley officially hit PUPPPAAAY mode this weekend (on Sunday, actually), and now she is all mouth and sass and teenage angst. Oh, and she somehow got out of her pen without opening it (???!!!) during the Shape Meet and Tweet on Wednesday!

Ridley has started making puppy messes!

A few days, even hours, ago, I felt like my brain was breaking. Like I couldn’t keep up, that I couldn’t keep living like this, that I deserved more.

Nothing lasts forever.

I called my husband, cried my heart out, hugged my rapscallion of a puppy, emailed my psychiatrist, and went to train my clients, who left me feeling maybe not 100% but a solid 80% (from about a 30%).  Then I made dinner (sweet potato noodles with chipotle mustard sauce) and sat with Alex.

Boston Marathon Registration Acceptance

A year ago yesterday, I received my confirmation that I was into the 2016 Boston Marathon. So excited, so ready for the challenge, for the training, and in the midst of training for the Chicago Marathon. I felt so strong, so capable.

Nothing lasts forever.

A month later, my body broke.

Nothing lasts forever.

Five months later, I ran again. 

First continuous 2 mile run since my sacral stress fracture on my birthday and in the SNOW. Thanks, Chicago winter! @suzlyfe

A few months ago, I took a Flywheel class and I came out of it discouraged and feeling like I would never have my legs back underneath me. My legs couldn’t turn over; I couldn’t push myself.

Nothing lasts forever

On Wednesday, I joined the group for a pre Shape Meet and Tweet event and had one of the best classes of my life (thanks to Shape Fitness Editor Jaclyn Emerick, who led the class!). I was 2nd in the class and got a score I haven’t seen in a very long time. I pushed myself, I felt like I had my legs underneath me, and, quite simply, I killed it. I felt like an athlete again. Or Suz the Competitive Runner.

Live Beyond Expectation, everyday. After the 2015 Chicago Marathon, when I finished my secon sub 3:30 Marathon in a year. Running coach and personal trainer services at!

Oh and Jen Widerstrom (The Biggest Loser trainer) was next to me and gave me props. That felt good 😀

Thankful Thursday. Come and share what you are thankful for and share the gratitude!

The point of this post isn’t to be  downer. It is to remind us all, perhaps a bit late (yesterday was International Gratitude Day, but today is #ThankfulThursday), that anything can change in an instant; nothing lasts forever, good or bad. 

Remember, if you are struggling, that nothing lasts forever. Sprint intervals or otherwise. 

Seize Your Day, have gratitude, and #livebeyondexpectations because nothing lasts forever #sweatpink Click To Tweet

So seize your day, be grateful for the good now and patient for the good to come, and live beyond expectation.

When was the last time you had to remind yourself that nothing lasts forever?

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