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A Somewhat Normal (and Delicious) Weekend

For once, I didn’t travel, no one visited, and we had nothing on the docket. It was glorious. No other intro needed, so let’s just dive in and get caught up!

Thank you to Katie and Erin for chances to remember the weekend!


Friday morning, I swear, I lost my mind.

My legs were sore and tired from a new workout that I’ve been doing (details to come), so I decided that I would treadmill it (don’t ask me the logic, but it makes sense to me), and thank goodness I did, because all of the sudden, about 15 mins from the end of my run, my first client appeared next to me and was like, “HI!” (all smiley, don’t worry). So it was a damn good thing that I was on the treadmill! Later on, I had another miscue when I had a client scheduled but it was the wrong week… lol. TGIF? 

But all was well, all worked out. I finished my run, saw all of the clients that I needed to, and even picked up a new one! 

That night, it was date night time. Alex and I headed to Bar Pastoral, where Mom and I went Chicago Marathon weekend after meeting up with Erica.

The Charcuterie at Bar Pastoral in Lincoln Park Lakeview is amazing! Speck and house pickles (fruits and vegetables) with the fresh baguette make this simple but a must get. More at

We started by sharing a cocktail that was meh (a little unbalanced, but not bad) and a charcuterie plate of speck (smoked prosciutto), triple cream cheese, and the house pickles (which we ordered another round of, lol. YOU KNOW I LOVE MY PICKLES). Pickled plums, red peppers, and radishes (I believe). Do yourself a favor and grab a crusty rustic baguette and layer that with pickled plum, course mustard, speck, and some creamy cheese and tell me that you are not IN HEAVEN. 

The Charcuterie at Bar Pastoral in Lincoln Park Lakeview is amazing! Speck and house pickles (fruits and vegetables) with the fresh baguette make this simple but a must get. More at

After the aforementioned second round of pickles, we got a glass of red wine (Fiction was the name of it, though I don’t remember the vineyard. It was a zinfandel blend and just rich and velvety) and the mac and cheese with bacon (like last time when I was with Mom) as well as the grilled peach salad, which was just delicious and light summertime perfection. Enjoyed al fresco on a beautiful night? Makes you remember why you love Chicago.

Summer weekends were made for froyo! @suzlyfe

And then we got froyo on the way home 😀


We knew that we didn’t have much time to run Saturday morning because of storms rolling in, but I had to do 10 miles, so I headed out first and then looped back to pick up Alex. He decided that he wanted to go a bit further than we had initially planned, so afterwards I only had to do an extra mile to complete my 10 miles. It started to sprinkle on us when I dropped of Alex, but my last mile was done in a decent pour. Which I actually didn’t mind at all.

drowned rat status! Do you like running in the rain? @suzlyfe

You know I don’t like running in rain. But I will tell you, there is a difference between good rain (aka run-able) and bad rain (aka not run-able). This was just at the cusp–soft raindrops that didn’t hurt of obstruct your run, pleasant temperature, and you ended up drowned rat status (as those of you who follow me on IG saw) but not unhappy about it. By the time that I had gotten out of the shower, though (the bathroom shower, that is) it was the bad, hard to see through, torrential downpour rain.

I had already decided that I would be making pancakes for breakfast, though, so there was no need to go out… until we realized that we didn’t have enough maple syrup. So I told Alex to take the car and go and get us some, and I proceeded to make the ENTIRE BAG of Birch Benders Protein Pancakes (courtesy of Erica) because, why not? Pancakes freeze, I was hungry, and I was on a roll!

Birch Benders Protein Pancakes are a perfect post run breakfast or brunch. Great protein and perfect for recovery! Get the review at

So now we have a freezer full of protein pancakes, which makes me very happy indeed. (Birch Benders Protein Pancakes Review: They are quite good! All you need is water, and they are kind of like a whole wheat pancake in being a little bit denser, but they taste more like a traditional pancake. Thumbs up!)

Later that day, we went back to our old stomping grounds in River North to see Star Trek Beyond (good and entertaining, but no character development. Into Darkness was better. And not just because it had Benedict Cumberbatch in it). We got a soda that was actually as big as me. #worthit

We went to Hub 51 for dinner, and I was SOOOOOOO excited to get my Del Mar Seafood Salad…. and THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT ANY MORE. I honestly thought about leaving as soon as I found out. It took me a lot of convincing myself to stay, I’m not kidding.

Hub 51 has a great passionfruit margarita!

Even though I knew I was being a pratt. I got over myself (the passionfruit margarita might have helped with that–btw, one of the best passionfruit margs I’ve had in a long time)

Asian Chopped Chicken Salad from Hib 51 in River North Chicago is delicious! Find out more at @suzlyfe

and got the Asian Chopped Chicken Salad, which was basically a lettuce wrap. Delicious, but not my seafood salad.



You all know exactly what I was doing Sunday morning: glued to the TV for the marathon. So many thoughts, but just proud of our boys, sad for Meb, but also loving his sense of humor and humility. Happy for the winner, and just thankful to be a part of this great sport. There are have been some really poor choices made by some of the top people in the sport over the years, but by and large? Seeing the tears in Kipchoge’s eyes, the brave gesture of Lilesa, and the emotion of Rupp as they finished… I feel grateful to be a runner, to be a marathoner, to be an endurance athlete.

This was an exceptional Olympics for US mid-distance and endurance athletes. So many firsts, both in terms of golds (GO GWEN JORGENSEN) and in accomplishments (Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn, Evan Jagger). A super strong Olympics for the women (ALISON FELIX I want to be you! All three American women in the top 10 of the marathon?) and though the medal counts speak for themselves, there was, there always is, just so much more to it than that. 

The #Olympics are about more than just medals--endurance athlete pride #fitfluential #Rio2016 Click To Tweet

I could go on for days, but I will leave it at that. 

I let the men in Rio do the work, and I took a rest day (physically) and opted for trying to be productive (mentally). Alex and I closed out the weekend trying to savor what summer time weather we could!

Sweet potato and zucchini noodles with Al Fresco roasted garlic chicken sausage, peas, and mustard sauce made for an amazing al fresco summer meal! Find out more at

I made a delicious sweet potato and zucchini noodle past for dinner and then, yes, we got froyo. 


This week isn’t too crazy (I don’t think? Probably should check on that…), and Alex starts interviews this weekend! 


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