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Marathon Training Life vs Non Marathon Training Life

People always talk about how marathon training takes over your life, makes you give up so much, blah blah blah. But my marathon training life and my non-marathon training life are proving to be rather similar!

First of all, you guys are magical. Thank you so, so much for all of your support and encouragement on my announcement yesterday! Yes, I was nervous to put the post out there, not because I didn’t think you all would be receptive, but because I am kind of saying that I’ve met the man that I am going to marry before I’ve got the ring. Now comes the work. I’ll update you all when I am a bit further along!

Also, you can work on building your OWN support system for your fitness ventures with my ACTIVEx Giveaway!

Now, let’s chat, how are my parallel lives quite parallel?

Marathon Training Life vs Non Marathon Training Life

1) I Still Have a Weekly Running Schedule

Picture perfect morning for a run along the Lakefront Path! Love summer running in Chicago! Movement is such a gift.

I am more comfortable with some sort of structure to my week, so I still get to have my running days, cross training days, and strength days. I need to do more strength training–which you would think would be easier, as I work at a gym!–but I’m at least able to do what I need to do in between clients.

2) I’m Still Coaching! 

I may not have to use the banana holster any more, and I may not have my CES or Team Challenge crews (though I get to see many marathon training programs while I’m out there!). Even so, I do still get to have my Saturday morning running dates, and I get to be Coach Suz to Alex. I’m having so much fun helping work on his technique, endurance, and mental strength on his runs and helping him reach new heights, like his first race and his personal distance record last week

3) I’m Still Eating All the Things

As I am working on gaining weight (I’ll have a post on that topic coming soon), I am “following” my marathon training diet, but without the marathon training. That means hitting 2500-3000 calories a day, which is a bit harder without doing the high mileage, but weekends like last weekend help, lol.

Check out this delicious veggie omelet from Cafe Vienna in Lincoln Park! A healthy brunch staple. @Suzlyfe

Here is a post of typical eats during a long run day during marathon training.

4) I’m Maintaining my 80/20 Diet

I may have to hit a high number of calories, but that doesn’t mean that I’m just going crazy on cheese and pasta and butter (even though that doesn’t sound appetizing to me at all). A) My digestive system can’t handle those things and b) I need to be getting in good, effective, and absorb-able calories that my body can really use. That means lots of healthy fats, mixture of complex and simple carbs, and high quality plan and animal proteins. And of course, hydration! Both of the “fun” and “necessary” variety.

The ginger margarita at Pump Room in Chicago is a must have! Check out a review of the restaurant at

And you better believe I’m not giving up my egg white omelets, at home or out to brunch! See what I ate this past weekend!

5) I’m Still Grandma Status at Night

9:30 is late for me, and I’m up by 5. Morning runs and workouts are where it is at for me (though I don’t start working out until about 6:30). Couch naps before bed are so necessary.

I'm totally into fitness! Fitness whole pizza in my mouth!

I miss my looong long runs and my teams, but I am relishing not needing to be as diligent about my prehab (though, come on, you know I am doing it) and certain strength things. My 8 milers are now 6 milers during the week. And I am fine with that, happy with that. If this is the new normal, I can totally take it. Though I will be glad not to have to force food down my gullet all the damn time at some point (It is harder to get in the calories when we aren’t eating out every night like during our parental visits).

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Does your life change a great deal when you are training vs not training for something?

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