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No Fools Here! The Best Fitness and Running Posts of March


To celebrate the start of April, I am looking back at the best fitness and running posts of March! There might be a few “Easter Eggs” hidden in here, regardless, so even if you read every post, you will want to read this one.

I could do something very festive and April Fools-ey, but my life is enough of a joke, and you all have better things to do with your time 😀 Though I will say, if you read this post carefully, there may or may not be a few hints at a very exciting announcement to come next week!

March Best Fitness and Running Posts from Coach Suz of Suzlyfe! Marathon Training, Muscle Activation, Pacing Strategies and more. Don't miss! @suzlyfe

Top Five Fitness and Running Posts from Coach Suz in March

Race Pacing Strategy

Objective Race Pacing Strategies and Subjective Race Pacing Strategies

I’m keeping these as a two-fer, because they are a pair, and I don’t like to split up couples. In these posts, as part of Running Coaches Corner, I delved into what I see as the 6 most universal pacing strategies: 

  • Running with a Pacer/Pacing Group
  • Running by Garmin/GPS Device
  • Pace Band and Timing at Mile Markers
  • Running by Feel
  • Heart Rate Running
  • Running by Effort

What I hope you did in reading these posts was to think about the different types of pacing strategies that you have used in the past, what has worked for you, and how you might change in the future. Also, I hope that you realized that the pacing strategies are not exclusive: as I explained in the final post, I recommend using a combination of them.

Overracing Compared to the Level of Training

Why You Should Run the Race that You Train For. Don't race beyond the level that your training has prepared you for. Find out why at @suzlyfe for Running Coaches Corner

I think my big caveat or “beware” for the month, at the end of all of this discussion on pacing and racing is that, regardless of your strategy, plan, or ability, to quite simply Run the Race You Trained For. In other words: just because you can doesn’t mean that you should. I trained for a 4 hour marathon. I was capable of and ran a 3:30 marathon. I have spent the past 5 months paying the price for that. 

This isn’t to say that you will always get hurt if you overrace. But is it worth the risk?

Salt, Sugar, and Sports Drinks for Athletes

Kelli of Hungry Hobby is here talking about how much salt athletes really need! Need to know if you are marathon training or a runner. @suzlyfe

The first of my guest posters this month, Kelli of Hungry Hobby gave you a Dietitian and Personal Trainer’s look at just how much salt, sugar, and electrolytes are necessary for us to take in based on our activity level. This knowledge is so important for us to put into practice NOW before we get to sweating season (aka summer) and race season (starting now, actually!). I know from my coaching studies that 1-3% of changes in hydration levels can make the difference between a strong race and a DNF. SO GET ON THAT.

Muscle Activation Technique for Endurance Athletes

Muscle Activation Technique for Endurance Athletes: How can you get more from your muscles beyond strength training? Find out on @suzlyfe

I think many of you were really enlightened and intrigued by Muscle Activation Technique, which my second guest poster, Martin of Strictly Muscles, explained earlier this week. In my conversations with Martin and his business partner and fellow practitioner, Scott, we discussed how MAT technicians are between medical therapists (such as occupational or physical therapists) and personal trainers and strength trainers in the athletic health professional spectrum (with surgeons and elite athletes being at the poles of that spectrum). If you are having trouble getting the results that you want, but are not ready to result to a more invasive medical intervention, give Muscle Activation Technique a consideration!

How to Get Results From Personal Training

How to Get Results from Personal Training: how to get the most from your workout and reach your goals! @suzlyfe

Let’s face it, we might be super mega awesome, but personal trainers are not magicians. In this post, I give you tips for how to actually get the most from your investment in your health, fitness, and goals. This is more than accountability; if you want to improve, you need to do the work on your own as well as in sessions, but you need to do the RIGHT work. Want results? Make the effort. SHOW UP.

And because this is Julie’s Best of the Blogs, I also wanted to include a few of my favorite posts that didn’t really have to do with physical fitness, but definitely have to do with mental fitness:

Ok, ok, so I guess I did April Fools you: there were no juicy hints to my big announcement. But follow me on Instagram this weekend to find out first what the big news is, or wait for Monday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and special shout out to client and friend Mar, who is running the April Fools’ Half this weekend, as well as hosting the Friday Five with Cynthia and Courtney! Thank you also to Heather for Friday FavoritesJulie for Best of the Blogs, and Jill for Fitness, Health, and Happiness.

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Do you do April Fools jokes? What is the best one that you’ve seen or pulled of?

Do you have any questions for me based on these posts? Any subjects you would like to see me delve into?

What is my big announcement?

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