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It’s Nice to Know that….

(A little bit of an extension of the Rituals post) I was folding laundry today and I got to thinking that it was nice that even though I am working full time and training for a marathon, and Alex is working full time (x1.5, basically), that it was nice that we were still able to get things done. Which got me thinking to the little things in life that it feels nice to count on. Feel free to read as little or as much of the list as you want. Mostly, they are reminders for me.

It’s nice to know that:

  • Even though Alex and I are both working full time as well as following athletic pursuits, we still manage to find time for each other and the necessary things in life, like doing the laundry, meal prep, and watching stupid TV.


  • That I have the extra time that Alex might not to be able to help him prep his meals, do his laundry, clean the apartment (well, to the extent that you can consider it “clean”), go grocery shopping, pay our bills, etc.
  • I genuinely enjoy doing the above (well, not the bills, and not always the cleaning), haha.

suzlyfe laundry day

  • That while we might not have scads of money, we have what we need, much of what we want, and amazing family that would help us in heartbeat if we found ourselves in a jam.
  • That I will inevitably reach the point every weekend (Sunday night), that I don’t feel like writing a blog post, that I don’t really know how much I want to be involved, but then I hit upon an idea, and 30 minutes later, I am writing and anticipating re-connecting with my friends the next day. (Like when I take time off from working out)
  • That I will get overwhelmed from time to time, but I have worked hard to surround myself with amazing people, and I really can say that the people in my life are incredible.
  • That nothing reminds me more of home than the smell of Bounce dryer sheets. It is like a warm hug that takes me back to being 5 years old.
  • That even when I eat too much, I won’t beat myself up for it the next day. Some people carry that with them, I am lucky to not be one. That doesn’t mean there isn’t some modicum of anxiety for a bit, but I never wake up with it.
  • That my body will find ways to surprise me. Good and bad.
  • That I can make Alex happy with a 5 ingredient recipe. Sometimes, even less, haha.
  • That pumpkin spice, pumpkin, and maple syrup will taste just as good today as it did a year ago.
  • That someone will always do something better, more impressively, and more efficiently than I ever will. And kudos to them for it.
  • That I will be full of big ideas. Not always follow through, but at least I have the idea.
  • That other people think my curmudgeonly self is charming (or at the very least entertaining).
  • That other people (MO) remember and loved Team Cheerios and also are all about Diet Barqs.

whm me and mo

  • That you simultaneously can have so much in common with and apart from someone and that just makes them more endearing, with absolutely no competition, just support.
  • Bravo TV will just about always suck me in. Even if I don’t like the show, I will likely end up watching it. ::shake of the fist::

french fries

  • Even when I’m not that hungry, I will eat everything if it is put in front of me.
  • It will take me about 3 days before I chip a manicure.
  • My my post long run outfit is the same as my friends and that we are both totally comfortable wearing said outfit in public. And then chilling out on chaises with our legs in the air after.
The friends that PT together stay together

The friends that PT together stay together (from Pittsburgh)

  • I will just about always have snacks on me.
Braised lamb sandwich with sweet potato fries at D4. NO FILTER NEEDED

Braised lamb sandwich with sweet potato fries at D4. NO FILTER NEEDED

  • Alex doesn’t mind when I eat off his plate, but knows that I will always hesitate a second if I think that I am running out of something that I might want later. I will nearly always say yes, but I have to run a station check first, haha.
  • (Edited to Add) Alex enjoys giving massages and will “happily” rub my feet and my tendons for me during marathon season.
  • Alex will do something at least once a day that I will think is silly and head-shake-able, (like cutting open multiple avocados, or telling me that we are nearly out of his PB, after he hasn’t used it for a few weeks, and there is quite a bit left in there). And that I will do the same for him, and it may or may not annoy the other for a minute or two (really, it is more just being perplexed than anything), but that we will let it roll, because the whole is greater than the parts. Da Vinci was a master, but even he made mistakes!

otter half

  • That we know what is important in life, and that we are thankful for it.

What is “it’s nice to know that” in your life?


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