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New Year’s 2016 + Late Christmas in DC

Welcome to the first Monday Morning of 2016! And how many cups of coffee have YOU had this morning?

Coffee Getting Pantsed meme. The Perfect Monday Morning image.

I’m kind of in love with this image. Coffee getting pants’ed. After not going into work apart from a few hours last week, I don’t really know what to do with myself this morning. I feel a bit like I’m the one getting pants’ed. 

Anyway, let’s take a little gander at the past few days and get ourselves ready for our first full week of what I hope will be a healing, prosperous, and happy year for all. Thank you to Katie for hosting Marvelous Monday!

Last week, Alex and I took a quick-as-a-blink trip to DC to visit his family for Christmas-slash-New Years. As a resident, Alex gets either Christmas or New Years off. Our first year, he was really lucky and got Christmas off as a surprise and already had New Year’s as  a scheduled day off. Last year, he had Christmas off and worked New Year’s. He also had a week of vacation right before Christmas, so we decided to head down to visit his family and then take a trip to Charlottesville for the rest of the week. 

Consequently, we did our go-out-and-have-a-day-of-fun on the 23rd, and then we celebrated Christmas in the opening-presents-sense the past few days aka the Life of a Resident. Luckily, we don’t seem to have problems with shirking certain traditions!

So…. Thursday morning, Alex and I went over to the new gym so that I could get my hand biking in and he could lift, then we headed to the airport to fly to Virginia. We made a pit stop for a while in the airport for some Bailey’s and decaf (hey, we are on mini-vacation) and an early lunch. Flying with the crutches was pretty easy, as least on the way there: our gate wasn’t ridiculously far, and I boarded early. Thankfully, the plane was only 4 seats across, so Alex and I didn’t have to juggle with someone else in our row. 

Honestly, getting off the plane and crutching around baggage claim in a large airport (of course, as far as possible) was the biggest hassle. THIS IS WHY I DON’T CHECK BAGS. But we had no choice, as we were taking presents, and we knew we would be bringing some back. 

We were greeted by Alex’s brother and dad, and then we headed over to Alex’s brother’s house to join the rest of the family! Our nephew has grown SO MUCH since we spent the week in May with them at the beach. When we saw him then (he was about a year old), he had just started walking and mumbling. Now, he is super tall (seriously, in the upper 90 percentile for his age!) and on the move!

We had dinner at the house (can I say that Costco does a bang up job on seafood?) before sharing presents–which I will tell you all about tomorrow! Let’s just say I have been given free reign to get my running NERD on. And eat a ton of chocolate. And cook super healthy dinners. So life? IS GOOD.

Borat Thumbs Up Meme

We stayed up watching TV and football (blowouts, lol) and then saw the always anticlimactic ball dropping (though it is pretty fun if you are there for the Millennium and in a roped off area and it is your first time in NYC…. but that is a story for another day :D).

My Morning Cup of Tea was accompanied this time by a sippy cup as I played auntie!

Friday morning I got up early to answer coaching emails and do some blog shenanigans before everyone got up. I “helped” my sister-in-law feed my nephew breakfast while waiting for the boys, and then they gave what promises to be the game changing present of the year: a Little Tikes Crazy Coupe car. Who DIDN’T have one of those little red and yellow cars? Seriously, my nephew is beyond obsessed with it, and it was adorable watching him get pushed around. I stayed up on the deck until we all were getting too chilled. 

We went to a fun family restaurant for lunch, and then came back to play, hang out, and spend family time together! It’s a little difficult for me, I have to admit. I noticed myself pulling away a little while this was going on–on the one hand, I need to protect my sacrum so that my stress fracture can heal, on the other hand, I am getting too comfortable, or too much in the habit, of letting things happen around me.

They Say No Man Is an Island Meme

I’ll make some comments on that later, perhaps, but it is a difficult balance to strike, particularly as I noticed myself eschewing the crutches more and more, and then still withdrawing. I definitely was on my feet too much this weekend, but I think that I’ll be better in Cabo, where we will be staying in a place that is one level (my brother-in-law’s house is a split level).

We flew back midday Friday, and this time, I got lucky with TSA PreCheck (that Alex didn’t get, weirdly). Talk about the best possible thing to happen to someone on crutches. THANK YOU TRAVEL GODS.

Just as fantastic? Alex and I got one of the best airport lunches on record. Let me just tell you: if Cava Mezze Grill existed in my neighborhood in Chicago, I would be there just about every day. Erin and I love going to Naf Naf, but this was more my style–less greasy, and amazing veggies and dips.

Cava Mezze Grill is a great stop at Reagan National Airport for a healthy lunch that will fill you up! Check out these delicious salads!

Alex and I both got salads: his is a romaine/spinach mix with braised lamb, spicy harissa, hummus, and roasted red pepper dips, a smattering of the veggie toppings, olives, and feta (we got the lemon tahini dressing on the side). I got spinach/supergreens (omg love it) mix with chicken, a little bit of the harissa, and just about all of the veggie toppings: tomato cucumber salad, pickled red onions, cabbage slaw, romaine, banana peppers, some olives, and a lemon to sprinkle across.

After two days of eating anything and everything in our paths, this was just what we needed to feel super full and sated on every level, plus get our healthy on. We made our way over to our plane just in time and hobbled right on!

We managed pretty well with distances being middling before take off, but let’s just say that after we landed, it seemed as if the travel gods were laughing at me a bit. Literally as far as possible. But I’m ornery and stubborn, so I dutifully crutched my way around. I might get some assistance for Cabo, especially with the whole Customs aspect of things. 

The rest of the weekend? I tried to stay quiet… but I will say that it is really annoying to not only have a heavy backpack of groceries but to also carry a bag of groceries while crutching. Thank goodness the store is so close. 

In conclusion? We traveled, ate, got family time in, I played auntie at least a little, and I remained my good old stubborn self. Some things will never, ever change.

Some things will never change! New Year, not so new me!

How was your first weekend of 2016?

Anyone start anything new today? And what is “some thing” that will never change?

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