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Thinking. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I don’t. But because I like to live dangerously, here are the things that are keeping me busy at the moment!

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!


  • I am so proud and honored to be a part of this community, which was formed as a way to help us all work towards our goals for the new year in a way that will engender real, positive, and hopefully permanent life changes, not just “detoxes.” How are we going to do this? Well, click on over and find out, my lovelies.


  • Check out my profile and interview here (learn more about me so I can haunt your dreams!) about my blogging, health, fitness, and life favorites! Oh, and did I mention that you can enter for the chance to win the Ultimate Fitness Giveaway worth over $750 in apparel from Activewear USA and products from some of my favorite companies! If nothing else, come by and say hi!

Click on the image!

  • In the words of my ever-so-eloquent husband: The weather sucks balls. Which I’m pretty sure is something that he picked up from me (the phrase), but luckily he retained his unique vision of the phrases delivery by singing it.
It should

It should

  • Demonstration of the suckage: I looked out our window at the lake, and realized that the waves weren’t moving. Yup, the lake is frozen. Not just the river, but the freaking lake as well!
  • Thank goodness I have a date with Mo this weekend in the burbs. Even if it is snowy where we are running, I will a) have my Yaktrax b) not be next to said freaking lake, c) might have access to bathrooms, d) be in the company of my lovely MoMo, who I haven’t seen in far, far too long! And lunch at RUB after. I should tweet them and let them know… Smoked turkey sandwich with all the sauces, here I come!
In warmer times. (From Mo's IG)

In warmer times. (From Mo’s IG)

  • Speaking of Mo and running, we have added another blogging friend to our ranks for Ragnar Chicago this June! Katie will be join Sara, Mo, and myself as we run from Madison to Chicago the second weekend of June. I’ve already asked if we can go to Chocolate Shoppe for ice cream. I’m ok with my issues. If you have any interest in joining us (we have a few spots left), please send me an email at suzlyfe (at) gmail, and we will see if we can’t abuse you for a few days! Plus, you might get to spoon with me in a van…. just saying….


  • Does anyone know of a way to make your cat not as much of a bum? Alex is getting concerned about Zoe’s physical fitness. Babe, relax, it isn’t like she is going to have to do the Shuttle Run and Sit-and-Reach for a patch. And the PULL UP/FREAKING FLEXED ARM HANG. And god forbid we run a mile. I wish that was all I did now, haha.
He is so not one to talk.

He is so not one to talk.

  • As we know, I like to watch Netflix at work. And Netflix likes to change out their films from time to time. Well, they happened to take away Brothers & Sisters this weekend. The show that I was watching at work. Which I haven’t been at much in the past few weeks. So, in an attempt to get through the last of the season, I binge-watched 5 episodes Friday night and 2 Saturday morning before my run and time with Heather. And then they took it away Sunday (I was hoping that they would leave it until Sunday Midnight). I had 6 episode left. SIX. So I have to netflix 2 DVDs, one of which I will watch less than half of. And we just got Dallas Buyers Club, which is not a movie that you just watch any old night. Streaming on Amazon will cost $1.50ish an episode. NOT HAPPENING. So yeah. FAIL.
  • In the meantime? Watching Friday Night Lights. Not sure what I think about it. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not married to it.
  • I actually got a fortune in a fortune cookie yesterday. BUT IT IS ALL LIES. LIES I TELL YOU.


crushed dreams

  • I know I keep bringing up my amateur status (now that it is out, I’m just so proud ;D) but I opened up my new light tent for my photography projects! And it has sat, because even though we had the Mahi on Monday, and I made Sizzlefish Rainbow Trout on Tuesday, hunger has been winning. I’m a work in progress, as always.

but I am at least excited about it.

but I am at least excited about it.

Ways to get a lazy cat to do things other than….be a lazy cat?

Were you able to do the full pull up or did you have to do the flexed arm hang? My very last chance I eked out 1 pull up and got the National (Red) patch. LIFE MADE.


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