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(New Hair) Triumphs and (Marathon) Trials : Weekend Recap


I had a pretty fantastic weekend, even if the next few days are going to be a bit trying (not horrific, just not great). The past few days have been filled with friends, unexpected presents, and unplanned changes! Hang in there and I’ll fill you in!

Thank you to Katie for hosting Marvelous Monday!

Before anything else, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BROTHER! You are welcome for being related to someone as awesome as myself. Just think, if Mom hadn’t fallen down the stairs, you might STILL be in there (you know it is true!). But I’m glad that you vacated the spot so that I could take it a few years later. Way to be a team player.

Cragg helping Flanagan at the end of the 2016 US Olympic Trials Marathon

Speaking of being a team player, I am going to have a post coming up this week about the incredible display of teamwork and true sportsmanship that so many of us witnessed on Saturday at the US Olympic Marathon Trials. And while on that subject, congrats to all who ran the LA Marathon, or any others!

But first, the weekend!

Friday afternoon, I was sitting on my biscuit at home and decided to do something productive. And by productive, I mean I lost 7 inches of hair! I wanted to take direct before and after pictures, but my idiot phone died on me, and I forgot to bring the charger with me to the appointment. But here is what my hair looked like after I got home! 

My new haircut! Thanks to Kathleen at Civello Salon (Aveda) on State Street, Chicago |

It was a super fun surprise for Alex, who had stopped home between his day shift and the night float that he was working. We are both so happy with it! Thank you so much to Kathleen of Civello Salon on State Street for the fantastic cut. One of these days I will update my color a little bit, but I always find a that new cut can do just the ticket. I love the cut, it is so swingy and fun! And my ponytail is hilariously short 😀

Suz's new haircut with a hilariously short ponytail! Love it!

After I met Alex at home for a little bit, I went to dinner with a former coworker, client, and friend at Seasons 52 where we proceeded to catch up for 3 hours. It was fantastic and so much fun. Delicious food, delicious wine, and great conversation. I love my girl dates!

Saturday, unfortunately the goal “race” (we stage it for the runners) for CES Winter Warriors was canceled due to the temperatures, and I decided not to try my luck at the HIIT workout that I was supposed to go to. The doctors still don’t want me to do high impact (Alter G offsets the impact, thus why I could run on it), and it was so cold (single digits) that the thought of even getting over TO the event was too much!

I convinced Alex (who had just woken up after his post nigh float nap) to watch the US Olympic Marathon Trials with me. As I said, I will have a follow up post on the power of running with a teammate and the sportsmanship exhibited by the runners (how much do you love that Meb is totally a Papa Bear?!), but even Alex saw running in a new light after watching that race. Thank you, Team USA, for being such great role models for all of us out here. So inspiring! 

I also got a new gadget (another epic mail day!) that I can’t stop playing with. TEASER but I will tell you about it soon! Let’s just say, it is a great indicator of the fact that I am getting closer to doing more “Suz-like” fitness things. 

The rest of the afternoon, we went over and watched the UVA vs Duke game with some friends, and though the game didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to, our friends did an epic job with the spread. NOMS. Probably shouldn’t have eaten all of the pico de gallo that I did (considering I’m having a colonoscopy this week) but WHATEVER WHATEVER I DO WHAT I WANT.

Epic spread while watching the Duke UVA basketball game!

Because we ate so much at the game, we had awesome dinners of pb & j, yogurt, and cereal while watching Mad Max Fury Road. It was decent, but not as aaammaaaaazzziinngg as people have been going on about.


Sunday was, in a world, CHILL. In 3 words: Netflix and Chill. Alex was still recovering a little bit from his night float “hangover,” so it was a day of movies! He watched Dude, Where’s My Car? while I went to the gym (no, I am not kidding), then we had lunch while watching Can’t Hardly Wait. We finished out with an actual film The Aviator, which neither of us had seen all the way through.

My Valentines! Alex and ZOe chilling on the couch as we watch movies.

For dinner, I made us whole wheat pancakes from scratch, and only remembered that I had Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Protein Pancakes in my cupboard! My recipe made tons, so I have a feeling that we will have pancakes for the freezer and the days to come!

Valentine's Day Pancakes with mozzerella eggs and turkey bacon (and rose champagne). Cheers to my love!

I made Alex mozzarella eggs and we both had turkey bacon as well, and we split a bottle of rose champagne (that I had gotten for Thanksgiving). Then we went through pictures from our wedding. So crazy that it was almost 3 years ago, yet it seems like a lifetime.

The first few days of this week are going to be the days that I look forward to the least of the year, aka COLONOSCOPY PREP DAYS. We are having to do another colonoscopy so soon after my last colonoscopy because a) we didn’t get clear films as the prep didn’t clear me out and b) we took me off the Methotrexate in October in preparation for pregnancy and we need to check and make sure that everything is ok before we start fertility treatments. Because I have such difficulty with getting cleared out, the doctors are having me do TWO FULL DAYS of prep. As in, my worst nightmare. I may or may not be taking a Xanax. I’ve had so many failed preps that I get full on anxiety attacks during prep. So 48 hours of no solid foods and then clear liquids only after breakfast this morning. KILL ME. If you have to do a colonoscopy clear liquid prep, check out my post on what you can and can’t eat!

Pancakes, Haircuts, and the #olympicmarathontrials. Check out @suzlyfe's #weekendrecap! #fitfluential Click To Tweet

What was the last really significant change that you made to your hair?

Did you watch the Marathon Trials?

What did you do for Valentines day?

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