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New Faves + Status Quo (Friday Catch Up 3/16)

A Happy Friday to you! This week brought another dietary change that has since felt like status quo. But it has brought about some new fave finds that I wanted to share with you! Friday Catch Up time!

For a lead in to some of the matters at hand, check out my Weekend Catch Up from earlier this week!

Friday Catch Up 3/16

1) Emmie Update: I talked to the nurses/doctors Monday (after I posted), and we did indeed change me to a dairy free, soy free diet. Of course, soy is in so many things–especially soy lecithin and soy bean oil. Luckily, I don’t have to be strictly contamination free, so I can eat things that have been around soy/milk products, but not in the ingredient list. So my dark chocolates that I had eaten and my bagels? TTFN.

Buuuuuut that does mean I got some yummy dairy free, soy free yumminess sent my way 😀 We also started her on Gerber Soothe probiotic drops on Tuesday, and I wanted to give a full week of soy free and the soothe drops before I report on them.

As for Emmie, after her Saturyday night of peace and being chilled out, she returned to her witching hour. It is as if she has her own 6 o clock timer in her! Luckily, Alex is a champion with her. After a full day of dealing with all the problems of the hospital, he comes home and I deposit her (usually fussing) in his arms while I fix dinner. He’s gotten really good at soothing her! Well, except for when the boob is necessary, lol. 

2) I’ve been consuming Downton Abbey at a rapid rate. I have been a bit productive, though, working on taxes with it in the background and making muffins that I can actually eat. Seven ingredients and delicious! I guess I’ll mention them at the end. But it has been so fun returning to Downton after years and years away. I never even finished the second season, so I’ve had much to catch up on! 

But when Alex comes home, college basketball is on–and now the NCAA tournament. Our Virginia Cavaliers were/are placed to make a real run at the National Championship (which I care about for Alex’s sake and for pride of my school), but one of our best players broke his hand during the ACC Championship, so we shall see. But we are proud of our boys nonetheless!

3) Let’s talk some fave finds!

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Quinoa bar. Ellen first introduced me to these, and THANK GOODNESS that they are dairy and soy free!

Sunshine Daisy candle from Target. This is spring in just the right way–and not too overpowering 😀 I’ve already nearly burned it down!

Puffins! The original never gets old.

Enjoy Life Sampler Pack. TOTALLY UNSPONSORED LOVE. If you have allergies or anything like that–these snacks are amazing. One of the best snickerdoodle cookies I’ve had (soft baked), and excuse me if I eat them all. In one sitting. Same for the soft baked chocolate chip cookies! But I did really want to have them with ice cream, I won’t lie…

Live Love Pop Popcorn–espeically LIme Fresca and Salt and Vinegar. Both of those bags were gone in a day 😀 (I won them in a giveaway but seriously, I must find them in the grocery store).

Uneal Dark Chocolate PB Quinoa Cups. How many of these can I eat at once?

Nature Box Honey Dijon Turkey Jerky. I know I mentioned this on Monday, but DAMN I’m still dreaming about it! Unfortunatelly, most of the snacks I ordered had milk and/or soy in them, but this jerky did not, a quality that I am finding very hard to replicate elsewhere!

Psst: Last day to enter my giveaway!

Trader Joe’s Teeny Tiny Avocados.  As someone who really likes avocados but doesn’t want to base an entire meal around it (I like avocado toast, but I really want the egg white omelet with a little bit of avocado toast), these are the answer to my prayers–JUST the right amount of avocado!

Target Peach Honey Tea. I have at least one a day. So well balance, and I love the chamomile in it!

4) Emmie filling out her penguin suit is kind of the cutest thing ever. She has come a long way!

5) Plentiful sunshine and rebounding temps. After a weird day of snow (I know, I should hardly complain after what much of the country got!) and lower temps, it has been chilly at night but quite nice and upper 30s during the day. I can’t wait until it is legit warmer and Emmie and I can spend more time outside!

Alex is off for part of this weekend, but he is on call tonight and Sunday night. Because God forbid he have 48 hours off. I’m going to yoga tomorrow, and it is my first full flow class, so that will be hilarious…

Have a great weekend and happy drinking while wearing green day! Emmie has her shamrock bodysuit ready to go!

Any new yumminess you care to share?

Do you care about March Madness or St. Patrick’s Day?

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