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Never Give Up (Let’s Try This Again)

There are some pursuits that I will never give up on; instead, I say “Let’s try this again.” What about you?

This weekend, Alex and I finally followed through on something that we have been thinking and talking about for a long time: we bought a basil plant. 

I will never give on my dream of having a basil plant. What will you never give up on in your life?

Now, for many of you, buying a basil plant may be as “whatever” as buying a bag of carrots; but those of you who have that reaction likely haven’t killed or had sad things happen to all of the other plants that you have painstakingly nurtured. Alex and I, as conscientious and mindful as we are, are plant killers. Yes, we have black thumbs.

It wasn’t always this way. Growing up, I didn’t do to badly for myself when it came to cultivating plants. My dad is the real farmer, though. No, really, he grew up on a farm. He can grow things, and has. We used to have cucumber and tomatoes in our backyard (before the incident with the bees). I grew up with his abilities and then segued over to my mom’s tendencies in my teen years. Maybe, like with my circulation and waking tendencies, the Crohn’s Disease had something to do with it. 

But either way, I went from excellent with plants to Cruella de Ville. I was able to keep 2 orchids alive until I went on Christmas break and forgot about them… oops. I even had an azalea bush that didn’t make it (doesn’t help that Zoe upended it). But Basil (pronounced the British way, like in Austin Powers), poor Basil. I planted him in the ground and the next day someone stole him. So even the good ones have died young. Or been absconded. 

I love, love, looooove fresh herbs. I love fresh basil most of all. But I’m gun shy. Or herb/plant shy. I’ve been hurt too much in the past. 

This weekend, though, I decided that the weather was finally favorable enough to try again. And now we have Basil III (RIP Basil I. don’t ask about Basil II). He is on our balcony with lush leaves, and awaiting friends (I really want cilantro, but NO ONE had any?? WTF). Outside, Zoe can’t attack him, he will get real air (not apartment air), and good sun (but not too much). 

Of course, I am scared that Basil III won’t make it. That he, like his predecessors, will meet his maker before I am ready. But I have to try. I can’t give up on my dream of a basil plant providing fresh herbage for my zoodles, or basil margaritas. Or just eating it straight (as I have done). 

Let’s try this again. Basil III, don’t let me down. 

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On a related note, I heard from one of my clients that Whole Foods Market is selling a tomato plant-potato plant hybrid (that grows both) called Fries and Ketchup. UM WOW

What pursuit will you can you just never give up on?


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